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This article describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
"Defend against the robot invasion. Destroy robots and collect bolts. First team to collect 8 bolts wins the match!"
Bot Drop

Bot Drop is an Event that was introduced during the 2022 Season 12 update. In this Event, there are two teams consisting of three players each and robots. The objective is to damage the robots, which spawn from air drops. Each elimination of the robots will give the team one bolt, and the bots' health decay over time. The bots attack whoever attacked it last, so if nobody attacks it, it will stay there. The bots have significant health, and there are different types of bots. When one team reaches eight points first, they win. After twelve robots spawned without a team reaching eight points, a big robot like the one seen in Robo Rumble will spawn and drop three bolts.

Robot Statistics[]

Robot Statistics Image Health Damage
Melee Robot Melee Bot 22000 360
Sniper Robot Ranged Bot 8000 880
Mini Robot Mini Bot 11000 550
Boss Robot Boss Bot

Useful Brawlers[]

Colt: Deals tons of damage, has a long range, and can catch up with most Brawlers. With his Speedloader Gadget, Colt can deal even more damage. His Super also helps with dealing more damage.
8-Bit: 8-Bit, similarly to Colt, deals massive damage in his linear attack, and has a very long range. With his Extra Credits Gadget, 8-Bit can essentially triple his damage within one attack, allowing him to deal huge damage to robots who get in his range. His Super's Damage Booster can also drastically increase the damage of friendly Brawlers to help them as well.
Emz: Emz can deal tons of damage in a wide area, and has a lot of defensive options. She isn't much of a robot destroyer since the robots move toward her, though. Emz is very useful at defeating opponents from the enemy team, both of which she is very good at with her high damage output and area denial.
Griff: Griff can deal huge damage and can defend your teammates when they are trying to kill robots and collect bolts. His Super is effective against heavyweights like Bull, Darryl, and El Primo, and is additionally effective against other close-ranged Brawlers like Mortis and Edgar.
Pam: Pam is very powerful in this mode, being able to deal huge amounts of damage to robots with ease, stop enemies from attacking with her Scrapsucker Gadget, and also heal herself and teammates with her Super. Her long-lasting attack also means that it's likely that robots walk towards her than other Brawlers.
Colette: Colette is excellent for killing tank brawlers such as Pam and 8-Bit, although she doesn't do a lot of damage on the robots. Her Super allows her to go in with little to no risk of dying, and this could be useful to collect the last bolts and flip the match.
Crow: Crow can be a tricky brawler to play. With Crow's poison mechanic, the robots will keep resetting and target Crow. With a Crow on your team, it is hard for the enemy team to heal up when they're poisoned. With Crow's Slowing Toxin Gadget, he could slow down the enemy and let his teammates or the robot to kill them in the open.
Bo: Bo is a great brawler in Bot Drop, as he can do a lot of damage. With Bo's Super, enemies can be distracted with them, as they will try not to be damaged by them, distracting them a little.
Tara: Tara doesn't do a lot of damage, but her super is very useful for supporting your teammates. Her Super can suck in enemies that can have possessions of bolts, which she and her teammates can quickly defeat and grab the bolts. It can also be used to refrain enemies from getting near the bolts. With her Support From Beyond Gadget, the bots can be distracted with the shadows, which can deal a massive amount of damage. Both of her Star Powers are very useful in this mode; her Healing Shade Star Power can heal her and her teammates while the bot is attacking them, keeping them alive for longer, and her Black Portal Star Power can help deal damage to the bot, which can make the bot be defeated faster and a bolt.


  • Depending on your ammo and health as a team, you should choose between attacking the bot to make it follow your team's side, or letting the enemy team pull the bot and killing them when they are low on ammo or health.
  • Having two teammates attack the enemies while have one destroy the robots is a viable strategy, as it allows your team to both get bolts, and deters the enemy team from getting bolts as well.
  • When the boss robot spawns, a viable strategy is to let the enemy team take out the giant robot for you, and then steal or defeat the enemies before they can take the bolts. This allows you to take advantage of the enemy's effort, and not need to use a lot of ammo. Be wary to not be too late to steal the bolts, as the enemy may take them in time.
  • You don't have to attack the robots to collect the bolts, as long you don't attack the robots, they won't attack you. The bots decay over time even if no one is attacking it. This way you can have your full team pinching the enemy while collecting the bolts.
  • Choose Brawlers that have more burst damage, for those of the players choosing to attack the Bots.


  • On 27/04/22, Bot Drop was temporarily added to the game in Brawl Pass Season 12.
  • On 31/08/22, Bot Drop was removed from the game.