"Can you beat the formidable Boss Robot?"
Boss Fight

In the Boss Fight Event, three players battle against a gigantic Boss Robot. The battle starts immediately and slowly grows harder. With each win, the difficulty will increase in the next level. The Boss robot uses a wide range of attacks and has a colossal amount of health. A timer is shown to keep track of anger levels and to compare times with others. Boss Fight is an unranked mode, so Trophies cannot be earned or lost. If you are playing with teammates, the level is set to the lowest that the members of your team have reached. Brawlers' attacks and Supers are 3 times less effective at charging Supers in this mode.

Boss Abilities

Boss Robot
  • Anger: As the fight goes on, the Boss becomes increasingly angry which increases the Boss' damage output, speed, and the difficulty of dodging his attacks. The Boss gets angry based on time, not damage taken.
  • Melee attack: The boss punches any target that gets too close, dealing 800+ damage.
  • Laser attack: The Boss fires a spread of lasers in quick succession that each deal 1200+ damage. After the furious stage, the lasers can break walls, but stop. After the enraged stage, the lasers break walls and keep going. The Boss stops using the laser attack when the Boss goes god mode.
  • Charge: The Boss dashes forward, like Bull's Super, destroying walls and damaging any targets that it hits for 1200+ damage. The Boss stops charging when the Boss goes god mode.
  • Long-range rocket: The Boss fires a rocket at the Brawler who is closest to it, dealing 2000+ damage and destroying walls. The area where the rocket will impact is highlighted so that it may be avoided, and once the rocket hits, the area is engulfed in flames which deal damage over time to any Brawler that stays in the area by 400+.
  • Robot Minions: Throughout the fight, smaller robots appear to aid the Boss. These are the same types of robots as those that are seen in Robo Rumble, though with differing health and damage. These minions are also slightly faster and have a 50 point increase to their Robo Rumble counterpart's movement speed. Mini robots only start to appear once minions start to get angry. The robot minion's strength is not dependent on the Boss's anger.
Boss Statistics Normal Angry Furious Enraged God Mode
Melee Attack 8001000120014009400
Laser Attack (per laser) Laser 1200140017002000N/A
Laser Amount 691818N/A
Charge 1200140017002000N/A
Long Ranged Rocket Rocket 20002500300035004000
Burn 400500600700800
Color Grey Purple Red Yellow White
Minion Statistics Normal Angry Furious Enraged
Melee Robot Health / Damage 3600 / 260 5100 / 470 8250 / 600 12150 / 730
Sniper Robot Health / Damage 1500 / 630 2700 / 1130 3450 / 1450 5040 / 1760
Mini Robot Health / Damage 2250 / 400 4050 / 720 5175 / 920 7560 / 1120
Color Grey Purple Red Yellow


Every time you beat the Boss, it gains more health, damage, and abilities. The last Boss that you can challenge is Insane XVI.

Level Boss Health Boss' New Abilities
Normal 250,000 Melee and laser attacks, summons robots found in Robo Rumble
Hard 300,000 Charge
Expert 350,000 Starts getting angry (1:35)
Master 400,000 Long-ranged rocket
Insane 500,000 Starts getting furious (3:15) and lasers now destroy walls after furious, drops Power Cubes along the way
Insane II 600,000 Starts getting enraged (4:55) and lasers now pierce through walls after enraged
Insane III+ 700,000+ Now goes god mode (6:35)

Useful Brawlers

Colt: Colt has very high damage and can shoot from a long distance, so he can safely avoid the Boss's melee attack, not to mention with his Slick Boots Star Power, he can avoid the Boss’s laser attack and long-range rockets even better due to his increased movement speed. Colt's Super deals massive area damage, making it great for defeating smaller robots along with damaging the Boss. A Colt with Slick Boots should collect the Power Cubes to maximize his damage and keep him alive for the duration of the match. In the situation that Colt needs to deal more damage, his Gadget Speedloader can be used to instantly reload two ammo slots.
Max: Her high speed gives Max an excellent advantage in dodging attacks from the Boss and minions, as well as enabling her to move out of range easily when she needs to heal. Her Super is beneficial to the entire team, especially when employed while being attacked from multiple directions, or when a teammate will not otherwise be able to run away quickly enough. If she takes the Power Cubes, she can function as an even faster version of Colt while still doing sufficient damage to pass advanced challenge levels. In addition, Max can also support her teammates using her Gadget Phase Shifter's immune shield to block an incoming laser attack.
Gale: With the Boss Robot's large hitbox, Gale can hit the Boss with all of his snowball attacks, doing maximum damage. With a relatively long range and his Spring Ejector Gadget, Gale can excel at keeping distance between himself and the Boss. Gale's Super can interrupt and stop the Boss from firing his laser attack.
Pam: Pam has exceptional close-range damage and high health, allowing her to stick close to the Boss. During the earlier anger levels, her Super and Mama's Hug Star Power help the team shrug off damage from the smaller robots and focus on damaging the Boss as much as possible. She will inevitably die late-game in harder levels however due to her inability to dodge chains of missile strikes while also dealing with other attacks from the Boss and minions. Pam will still be useful late-game when she re-spawns, by helping to distract the Boss from Colt and/or Bull and doing damage to the Boss and minions when she can. She can also use her Gadget Pulse Modulator to heal teammates instantly if they are in her Super's radius.
Bull: Bull's role depends on his partners. With Pam and Colt, he's best in a support role, directing the Boss and protecting his teammates. With Pam and 8-BIT, he can play a much more aggressive role, taking the Power Cubes and focusing on the Boss to take advantage of doing more damage per second than any other Brawler. Highly skilled players can keep Bull under 40% health to make use of his Berserker Star Power and double the damage output to the Boss, when he is well-supported by his teammates.
8-BIT: 8-BIT can provide solid support to a team which is capable of doing extreme damage in the first few minutes of the Boss Fight match. If his turret is well-placed where everyone can take advantage of the damage boost, it's nearly as good as having a fourth team member. His long range and tight focus of his projectiles is especially well-suited for sniping minions before they can get close to his team members. He will die a lot starting in mid-game due to his slow movement speed, but can still provide good support when he regenerates.
Rosa: With her Super and her very high health, Rosa is able to absorb large amounts of punishment for her teammates so they can deal more damage. She can do decent damage to the Boss early on but will struggle to get close enough after that. She should save her Super for any time she's about to take a big hit which she can't avoid, and focus on maneuvering the Boss into the best position for her teammates to damage it. Boss Fight maps typically have little or no bushes at all favoring her second Star Power Thorny Gloves which she doesn't need the help of her Gadget Grow Light to use.
El Primo: Despite his short-range, El Primo can do moderate damage to the Boss, although he should back off when it uses an attack (lasers, charge, etc.). His Super can be useful for destroying hordes of bots, stopping the Boss's attacks, and running away. His Meteor Rush Star Power gives him incredible speed allowing him to escape the Boss. El Primo's Gadget Suplex Supplement is also helpful in stunning the Boss's attacks.
Rico: With his Robo Retreat Star Power, keeping Rico's health below 40% is a viable strategy. The speed boost he gains when at low health can buy time for his teammates to respawn. Rico needs to find a wall and a suitable angle to maximize the damage from his Super.


  • Respawn time is 20 seconds instead of the normal 5, so it is important to stay alive. The Boss will also get harder to defeat as time progresses, making it essential to avoid dying and keep doing damage as quickly as possible.
  • The Boss's attacks are very predictable, making them easy to dodge. Make use of the cover to avoid the lasers from the robot. Use walls wisely and try not to destroy too many.
  • The Boss will always fire its lasers in a clockwise motion, so it is advised to move counter-clockwise around the Boss if you can't avoid them entirely. It is easier to dodge the lasers entirely when you're close to the Boss, but you risk being hit by more of them if you're not completely out of their range.
  • Try to deal as much damage as possible before the Boss becomes angry. The Boss's anger level is not affected by its health level but by the timer. The attacks that the Boss can perform during his higher anger stages make it more difficult to deal damage.
  • In Insane levels, one Brawler should focus on collecting all of the Power Cubes. This should be the Brawler with the most speed and range, in order to make the most use of the cubes. Slower and short-ranged Brawlers will usually not be able to survive and get close enough to do much damage late-game. Alternatively, a highly-skilled Bull with Berserker (when partnered with Pam and 8-Bit) can make effective use of the cubes to help stay close to a constantly cornered Boss and do extreme damage. It is important that the designated player collecting the cubes not be defeated, as those cubes will then be lost.
  • The Boss will always walk toward (or charge at) the nearest Brawler. Leading the Boss in a specific direction can be used to maneuver them into the most useful position for teammates to damage them, and help prevent them from getting too close to vulnerable teammates.
  • In Master and above, the Boss will start shooting rockets that target the closest Brawlers. Have a fast Brawler to stay close to the Boss to attract and dodge rockets and deal damage to the Boss, while having 2 longer range Brawlers to destroy minions and target the Boss from far away.
  • You can know whether the Boss is going to use the laser attack or the charge attack. If the Boss makes some sounds or flashes three red lines around, it will fire the lasers. Otherwise, it will charge forward.
  • When the Boss stops to use an attack, preferably the laser attack, take the chance to attack it from the side or rear, as it's completely vulnerable to attacks.
  • When the Boss gets stunned or knocked back while it uses the lasers, it will stop shooting the lasers, making it easier for you and your teammates to survive. You can use this to your advantage by stunning or knocking back the Boss when ever it is about to shoot lasers.


  • On 21/12/18, the Boss Fight event was added to the game.
  • On 29/1/19, the message now shows when the next Boss rage stage is triggered. Added one more rage stage, and show in-game which difficulty you are playing. The respawn time was increased by 2 seconds.
  • On 27/2/19, fixed a bug that caused the Boss to get stuck in the water after charging.
  • On 15/4/19, fixed a bug that allowed Gene to pull the Boss robot so that it got stuck.
  • On 18/9/19, the Boss now targets the closest Brawler instead of the farthest Brawler with the rocket attack. Fixed a bug that caused 8-BIT's Extra Life to not work in Boss Fight if he was the last brawler alive.
  • On 29/4/20, fixed a bug that caused the Boss to get stuck. Fixed a bug which allowed Boss Fight to be played without Tickets.
  • On 20/5/20, fixed a bug that caused server error 43 when stunned or knocked back the boss while charging.
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