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Boss Drop is a community map for the Takedown event.

Flying Fantasies is an identical replica of this map for use in the Showdown game mode.


The map lacks wide openings, but contains open spaces. The center is surrounded by four lakes with launch pads outside launching Brawlers to the center of the map. On the outskirts are elongated lakes stretching towards sections where two other launch pad landing sites are located. The map is horizontally and vertically symmetrical.


  • Use the launch pads across the map wisely. Medium to long ranged Brawlers should check the bushes near the landing site before using the launch pads.
  • The areas near the launch pads contain several Power Cubes. Players can either lure Brawlers to them or grab the Power Cubes and escape.
  • Carl is a great Brawler to use in this map since the passageways are rather narrow. Carl's Super allows him to catch up to enemies that attempt to escape using the launch pads.
  • The center top and bottom of this map are great locations for heavyweights that need cover before heading into the center.
    • As long as Darryl is near a lake and have their Super charged, they do not need to worry about open spaces. This safety net weakens as the match progresses.
  • Head into the center and take position if other enemies are still in the outskirts. Penny's Super can locate nearby Brawlers and stop them from retreating.


  • On 18/09/19, Boss Drop was added to the game.
  • On 23/10/19, Boss Drop was removed from the game.