• Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Before I start this blog post, I'd like to introduce myself a bit. I am Captain GLeen Du Grande, a Rollback in this wiki and a former member of Clash Royale wiki. I eventually lost interest in CR and left. When I was in CR wiki, I was pretty famous for my card ranking blog posts, which I stopped once I left. While I still ranked brawlers previously, I eventually got busy and stopped making blog posts. Nowadays, I rarely make blog posts, but since I found the time after the balance changes, I suppose I will make one. But after that, it'll probably take a very long time before the next.

    Anyways, now that I'm done with my introduction, I'll move on to what I think are the 10 best brawlers right now:

    Starting this list off we have Pam. Pam has b…

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  • King Raden

     Shelly woke up and felt herself sucking something. She pulled it out from her mouth and found herself staring at the barrel of her shotgun.
     She was horrified. What if she accidentally pulled the trigger in her sleep? Whatever she had eaten for breakfast was not staying in her stomach and she was sickened by the stink of her vomit.
     She tried to get up on her feet but fell down again almost immediately. Her every movement sent a wave of excruciating pain into her rib cage. I may have broken my sixth and seventh ribs, she thought. She massaged her chest until the cruel pain had slowly subsided.
     It was only when she successfully got on her feet that she wondered where she was. On her left and right, there were two walls, each at least thirty …

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  • King Raden

    Some basic information about the new Star Power:

    Once he uses his booster he gets a large area of increased movement speed, which is very strong to dominate areas, make very aggressive plays, be very defensive, and make perfect kills! Also, you don't need to team with others that much to win now with the new Star Power.


    1. At the start you need to focus on getting power cubes, and kill those who come close. It is essential so that you can charge your Super and get your booster up. A decent amount of health is needed for 8-BIT to be able to survive and still dominate without Extra Life in Showdown.
    2. 8-BIT now depends on the booster and the aggressive plays you make with it! Try to place the booster in a defensive position so it's hard to dest…
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  • King Raden
    1. Familiarize yourself with Peep's mechanics in Training Cave. It is very essential and often the key to prevent great trophy drops.
    2. Practice how to aim with Nani in friendly games. Nani has a tricky aiming mechanism and it is best to practise more before going to battle.
    3. Some people think that Nani is squishy and underestimates her. Take advantage of this and approach enemies aggressively.
    4. Before the match starts, observer the location of the Power cubes and enemy Brawlers. It can help you decide your strategy in the rest of the match. If you spawn near the corners of the map, you should play passively. If you spawn at the edge of the map, you should play aggressively.
    5. Use the Power cubes at the corner as bait to lure enemies. You can kill them…
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  • Ldr.Ojaw

    My Opinion On Teamers

    September 11, 2020 by Ldr.Ojaw

    Now, I have regularly seen people complain about randoms and how idiotic they tend to be This is something which I agree on and would like to share my thoughts on randoms in Brawl Stars.Also some tips for addressed randoms(in bold).

    Why I find them annoying

    These random guys just use any brawler for an event. Once while playing Duo Showdown, my teammate used a Tick and  we lost in like 1 minute flat. I had to tank for him using m El Primo but he didn't do anything at all. In the match end screen, I have never exited as fast as that time.Trust me I hated the guy a lot. I rarely come at 5th rank but that time was an exception. Play thoughtfully and do not use anything that comes to your mind.

    Next, these randoms just spam emotes after they got rel…

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  • Drāgøn K1ng

    Hey guys and welcome to my new series where I show pro tips and tricks on how to play with every Brawler in the game. I will try and upload this series every day 😉! So let's get started shall we.

    The first episode of the series will be on Max one of my fav brawlers in the game but first let's take a quick peek at her stats.

    Rarity: Mythic

    Health: 4480 (max level)

    Class: Support

    Movement Speed: 820 (1107 with super)

    Reload Speed: 1.3 seconds

    Attacks to charge super: 4

    Damage per bullet: 448 (max level)

    Range: 8.33

    As we can see here Max has average stats but a fast movement speed and flexibility on top of the cake. She has also a fast reload speed for an endless amount of bullets.

    Max loves Showdown (her second best mode) so let's see some typical bui…

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  • Mr. Maths

    Brawl Pass rewards

    September 9, 2020 by Mr. Maths
    Brawl Pass rewards
    Tier Free pass Paid Brawl pass
    0 Big Box Poco Starr skin
    1 Brawl Box

    2 10 gems Mega Box
    3 Big Box

    4 Brawl Box 100 coins
    5 Big Box

    6 50 coins Big Box
    7 Big Box

    8 Brawl Box 100 coins
    9 Big Box

    10 Mega Box Pin Pack
    11 Big Box

    12 Brawl Box 50 power points
    13 Big Box

    14 10 gems Big Box
    15 Big Box

    16 Brawl Box 100 coins
    17 Big Box

    18 50 coins Mega Box
    19 Big Box

    20 Mega Box 10 coins
    21 Brawl Box

    22 20 gems Big Box
    23 Big Box

    24 Brawl Box 100 power points
    25 Big Box

    26 50 power points Big Box
    27 Big Box

    28 Brawl Box 200 coins
    29 Big Box

    30 Mega Box Colette
    31 Big Box Colette pin
    32 100 coins Big Box
    33 Brawl Box Colette pin
    34 50 power points Mega Box
    35 Big Box

    36 10 of gems Big Box
    37 Big Box Colette pin
    38 Brawl Box 100 power points
    39 Big Box

    40 Mega Box 200 coins

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  • Anunay6827

    Starr Park

    September 7, 2020 by Anunay6827

    Some of this information is not confirmed.

    Starr Park is a Theme Park in the Brawlverse from which all the people around there have mutated into different types of brawlers due to a toxic spillage.

    It's shown as a theme park where people there can have eternal happiness, but in fact it's a creepy place where many unusual things happened.

    The Starr Park has a smiley version of the present Brawl Stars logo.

    It seemed like the manager was forcing the investor or he'll be killed if he didn't invest to the future.

    There's a website where you can see some of the images from the Starr Park .

    Gale  knew what was happening in the Starr Park moments before the toxic gases was about to be spilled, so he decided to alert everyone through the radio station ,…

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  • Mr. Maths

    Init. Trophies Season Total Change
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    550 70

    70 N/A
    600 120 70

    190 +120
    650 160 120 70

    350 +160
    700 200 160 120 70

    550 +200
    750 220 200 160 120 70

    770 +220
    800 240 220 200 160 120 70

    1010 +240
    850 260 220 200 160 120 70

    1030 +20
    900 280 240 220 200 160 120 70
    1290 +260
    950 300 260 220 200 160 120 70
    1330 +40
    1000 320 280 240 220 200 160 120 70
    1610 +280
    1050 340 280 240 220 200 160 120 70
    1630 +20
    1100 360 300 260 220 200 160 120 70
    1690 +60
    1150 380 300 260 220 200 160 120 70
    1710 +20
    1200 400 320 280 240 220 200 160 120 70 2010 +300
    1250 420 320 280 240 220 200 160 120 70 2030 +20
    1300 440 340 280 240 220 200 160 120 70 2070 +40
    1350 460 340 280 240 220 200 160 120 70 2090 +20

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  • Henry Danger Fan

    8-BIT Mini Game

    August 22, 2020 by Henry Danger Fan

    The 8-BIT Mini Game, also known by the title Project Laser is a mini game inside of Brawl Stars.

    To access it, you have to go to 8-BIT's character profile in-game and keep tapping on 8-BIT 8 times. It will show a countdown and other code of how many more taps you need. Eventually, it will take you to a secret website to start the game.

    The plot to this mini game involves 8-BIT traveling through his code, trying to fight the darkness inside him.

    In this stage, you have to joysticks. One joystick you use to move 8-BIT's craft up and down, and the other is to attack. The goal of the stage is to dodge all incoming threats, such as meteors and spaceships from enemy chickens and dogs. This becomes easier when collecting Brawl Tokens, which upgrade you…

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  • Blockyfan999

    In this blog, I'm gonna teach you the best advice I can give out on what the best times and worst times you would do if your super is charged. For people that played brawl stars often, and are good at the game, this blog might be pretty obvious. Just letting you know. 

    Note: Star powers or gadgets will not be affected by these notes, these are clear for people who don't have star powers or gadgets unlocked.

    Shelly -

    Super shells! (A big blast of shells on which you can use to make a big blast, causing lots of damage and can destroy walls/bush) 

    Best use: When you're in a bush and using it in the exact moment when you spot an enemy in there with you

    Worst use: To shoot an enemy in a far distance or to use it to break walls in your way. 

    Nita - 


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  • Mr. Maths




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  • Amargaard

    Personal blog post of mine used to collect trivia about each of the brawlers, in the hopes of the wiki admins one day allowing such info on the normal articles. 

    Game series, originally intended to be space-themed under the codename "Lazer".


    • Brawl Stars: No Time to Explain
    • Brawl Stars: Happy Brawlidays!
    • Brawl Stars: Sakura Spike Meets Sakura!
    • Brawl Stars: Sakura Spike Blossom Ball
    • Brawl Stars: Sakura Spike - Scenic Train
    • Brawl Stars: Sakura Spike - Shopping Outbursts
    • Brawl Stars: Sakura Spike - Spring Sniffles
    • Brawl Stars: Welcome to Retropolis!
    • Brawl Stars: Bizarre Beach
    • Brawl Stars: Doom...ish Day
    • Brawl Stars: Mecha Mayhem
    • Mortis' Mortuary! Brawl-o-ween! Brawl Stars Animation
    • Brawl Stars Animation: Pirate Brawlidays!
    • FREE Brawl Stars Skin: Red Drago…

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  • SpikeTheCactus408

    Shelly: Health increase to 5320 (3800) Buff

    Colt: Bullets decrease to 420 (300) Nerf

    Bull: Gadget increase to 1800 Buff

    Tick: Increase health to 3360 (2400) Buff

    Tick: Mines decrease to 868 (620) Nerf

    Tick: His mines will wait to 1.5 seconds then explodes Nerf

    Emz: Health decrease to 4760 (3400) Nerf

    Barley decrease extra nuxious to 100 Nerf

    Rosa: Health decrease to 7000 (5000) Nerf

    Rico: Health increase to 3920 (2800) Buff

    Piper: Ambush decrease to 600 Nerf

    Frank: Decrease stunning blow to 1.8 seconds Nerf

    Bea: Decrease recharge to 2940 (2100) Nerf

    Nani: Decrease each orbs to 952 (680) Nerf

    Mortis: Health increase to 4000 (5600) Buff

    Spike: Health increase to 3640 (2600) Buff

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  • King Raden

    Dynamike: Self-destruct

    Dynamike lights himself up and explodes 5 seconds later, doing 3500 damage to enemies and reducing his health to 1. During the 5 seconds, his Movement Speed increases to 1107 (Max's Super).

    Bo: Fly, my pretty

    Bo sends his eagle flying and allows him to see 5 tiles into bushes under the eagle. When the eagle is launched, Bo’s movement joystick controls it instead. Bo cannot move or attack for 6 seconds. After 6 seconds, the eagle will disappear. The eagle gradually accelerates in speed and changing direction becomes much harder. If Bo is stunned, defeated, or knocked back while her Super is active, the eagle completely disappears.

    Tick: Ticking Clock

    Tick creates a time-stop, using him as the centre. In the time-stop, Bra…

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  • King Raden

    Shelly: Trim the Weight

    Shelly's range becomes as wide as Bibi's for 3 seconds. However, her range is shortened to 3.3 tiles, just like Bibi's.

    Nita: That's the Spirit!

    Nita's bear instantly heals 1500 health.

    Colt: Extra Dose

    Colt shoots 2 more bullets in his next attack.

    Bull: Full Hull

    Bull charges 60% of his Super. It cannot be used when his Super is fully charged. It only has two charges.

    Jessie: Across the Rainbow

    Scrappy's shots can be fired over walls for 3 seconds.

    Brock: Do Rockets Heal?

    Brock fires a rocket at his teammate, healing himself and the hit teammate 1300 health.

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  • King Dragonhoff

    Recently, a user, Jellyattack, asked me to write some tips to share in his series of Discussions posts about being a better member of the Brawl Stars wiki community. These are the tips that I shared, re-posted here so that more users can read these helpful pieces of advice for those looking to get more involved in the wiki.

    When editing, many users look no further than the Brawler pages. However, the pages that actually need the most attention are the map pages. Everyone edits the Brawler pages, and they are in good shape, but there are far more pages for maps, and many of them are rather lacking in quality content. If you want to help the wiki, start on the map pages.

    When editing tips on pages, make sure any tips actually provide new insig…

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  • Hello13world

    Brawl Stars had released several animations throughout the course of time in YouTube, Reddit and Twitter.

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  • Lucariomen

    Gem Grab: Complete

    • Hard Rock Mine
    • Deathcap Trap
    • Escape Velocity
    • Double Swoosh
    • Cell Division
    • Minecart Madness
    • Crystal Arcade
    • Stone Fort
    • Undermine
    • Deep Diner
    • Spare Space
    • Bouncing Diner
    • Spring Trap
    • Flooded Mine
    • Cross Cut
    • Stock Crash
    • Royal Flush
    • Excellent Escapade
    • Secret Surprise
    • Green Deck

    Showdown: Complete

    • Skull Creek
    • Forsaken Falls
    • Feast Or Famine
    • Dark Passage
    • Cavern Churn
    • Eggshell
    • Shadow Spirits
    • Grassy Gorge
    • Thousand Lakes
    • Eye of the Storm
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Clash Colosseum
    • Victor Valley
    • Will of the Wisp
    • Point Of View
    • Safety Center
    • Riverside Ring
    • Stocky Stockades
    • Deserted Vertex
    • Royal Runway
    • Flying Fantasies
    • Hot Point
    • Dune Drift
    • Double Trouble
    • Rockwall Brawl
    • Core Crumble

    Brawl Ball: Coming soon...

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  • Kfaslada

    Sapphire Plains

    July 4, 2020 by Kfaslada

    Sapphire Plains is an official map for Gem Grab event. This map is currently disabled. There is a Bounty version for this map.

    The map is covered in bushes except for the center. There are few walls in the bushes.

    • Bo with his star power, Circling Eagle is recommended in this map due to the large amount of bushes.
    • Heavyweights are great at this map due to the large amount of bushes causing more of melee fights.
    • Grabbing gems will be very risky, but if you suceeds it will be very easy to keep the gems.
    • Tara with her gadget, Pychic enhancer is very useful because it can cover vast amount of bushes at once.
    • Gale with his gadget, will escape very easily to the team's side to keep the gems safe.
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  • King Raden

    Chapter 2

    They made it just in time for Bo, Leon's father, to give a briefing on the details of the weekly brawl.

    "So," he announced, "the event tonight is three-legged Duo Showdown."

    Among the gathered crowd, some sighed. Some cheered. Some stared at Bo in confusion.

    "This is the first time we had this," muttered Leon, who was standing next to him.

    "The modifier is Power Drink, and there will be no toxic clouds as usual." continued Bo. "As for the rules, there are none. Just kill each other. The first defeated team will have latrine duty for one week. The winning team will receive a trophy. The brawl will start after you are all paired up!"

    At the corner of his eye, Colt spotted that Jessie was walking towards him. He heaved a sigh. "I don't th…

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  • SirSilentAvocado

    It's been a month. That's way too long. I've been busy and kind of maybe forgot about this series. :/

    Today we are going to be discussing what would happen if:

    • Gadgets had no cooldown AND unlimited uses
    • If both Star Powers could be used at the same time.

    Let's dive right in!


    Gadget: Piper could just repeatedly push back enemies into the poison clouds, making it an esy job to eliminate everyone she comes across.

    Star Powers: Pper could chain powerful Ambush shots and also use her gadget to keep people still, making it a breeze to clear enemies off the map and dominate.

    OP-O-Matic: 8.5/10


    Gadget: Pam could repeatedly spam her gadget to fully heal herself and allies over and over, making her almost unstoppable.

    Star Powers: These Star Powers a…

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  • Cristob123

    I've created this page to start ordering more easily to the brawlers, I hope you like it

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  • Cristob123


    June 30, 2020 by Cristob123

    Sharpshooters brawlers are brawlers who can do a lot of damage, have a long range, but have low health (except for 8 BITS).

    Sharpshooters brawlers have the ability to do a lot of damage, although some only in certain circumstances, such as:

    • Piper: She only does a lot of damage when her enemies are away from her, so if she is close to an enemy she won't do as much damage.
    • Colt, 8-BIT & Rico: They fire a lot of bullets, so if you only hit the enemy a few, they won't take as much damage as if they hit all the bullets.
    • Penny: Although not as necessary, Penny's bullets can do splash damage, so it is advisable to shoot enemies when they are grouped.
    • Spike: Spike's bullets divide into a fixed pattern when they reach the end, so if enemies learn it it…

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  • Flyingfryingpan6

    So I’m doing some of the common brawlers first.

    Shelly: 4/10 there is a reason she’s the starting brawler. As you progress however you learn how to use her gadget and stuff like that.

    Nita: 6/10 gadget quite hard to use in the correct situation.

    Colt: 9/10 high skill cap, hard to hit all 6 shots.

    Bull: 1/10 boom boom basic, super to rush or run away, gadget at low. Simple life.

    Jessie: 6/10 Shots move fairly fast and scrappy does all the work.

    Brock: 8/10 shots quite slow, needs precision and super goes BOOM BOOM KABOOM

    Dynamike: 10/10 shots hard to land unless you have skill, dyna jumping hard

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  • Drāgøn K1ng

    Hi guys I'm doing a better job on this table and I'm covering from worst to best brawler so let's goooo.

    Nani sucks in competitiveness, her attack is so hard to aim and she has no health. Definitely needs a buff in the forthcoming update.

    Gem Grab: Useless

    Brawl Ball: Useless

    Showdown: Meh

    Seige: Useless

    Bounty: Meh

    Heist: Useless

    Robo Rumble: Don't even consider

    Big Game: Only as Big Brawler

    Boss Fight: Useless

    Hot Zone: Useless

    I'm honestly sad to see a fan favourite so low in the ranking. Still good in showdown but we need #buffleon memes. Anyone agree?

    Gem Grab: Meh

    Showdown: Excellent

    Brawl Ball: Average

    Bounty: Useless

    Heist: Okayish

    Seige: Useless

    Boss Fight: Meh

    Robo Rumble: Useless

    Big Game: Only as big brawler

    Hot Zone: Useless

    Honestly Dynamike is out…

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  • Conde5t

    Brawlers Trios

    June 22, 2020 by Conde5t

    The brawlers have a type of grouping by theme, these consist of 3, and they have their respective environment.

    This trio is made up of Shelly,Colt and Spike , in the Desert environment. Piper and Barley are mistakenly considered in this group, since they are citizens.

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  • WongBrawl

    Ok i know tht lots of people have done this but it just seems like fun and I wanna try it out. Let's get into it!


    Gadget: He could basically be a Rosa, except that his shield is infinite.

    Star Powers: This is an OP combo. to have enemies deal 20% less damage and deal 100 more damage to enemies under half health is amazing!

    OP: 9/10


    Gadget: There could literally be 2 leons at a time. Wtf.


    OP: 8.5/10


    Gadget: Dunno about this. Could be good or average.

    Star Power: His super will literally be a EMZ with Hype,though less healing and damage

    OP: 6/10


    Gadget: Tanks would get Spike-A-Phobia and nobody could reach him, and if they do, they'll get melted by more than 5000 damage.

    Star …

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  • WongBrawl

    New Brawler Concept: Arthur!

    Health: 4760 (same as Gale)

    Movement Speed: Normal

    Rarity: Chromatic

    Class: Fighter

    Brawler Group: City (Barley and Piper)

    Attack: Sphere Blast

    Arthur fires a barrage of shots that increases damage by all bullets hit!

    Range: 7 1/2 tiles

    Reload: 1.4 seconds (Normal)

    Damage: 560-700-840

    Ammo Slots: 2

    Super: Mega Cube

    Arthur throws down a cube that will spawn a power cube every 15 seconds!

    Super Throw Range: 4 tiles

    Charge: 12 bullets

    Turret Health: 4200

    Gadget: Trapper Catch

    Arthur launches a trap on the ground that can be used by allies and enemies! It deals 1500 damage to enemies and gives allies a shield for 40% of damage for 5 seconds! Gadget Uses: 3

    Star Powers:

    Bullet Bursts: Arthur gets a speed boost for 4 seconds if all of h…

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  • StealthRaider

    Yeah this is SirSilentAvocado’s idea but just wanted to put it :). Yeah so this what happens when all mythic brawlers can spam their gadget and has no cool down and they can use both starpowers at same time. Let’s get to it.

    Tara She could see all players in bushes making them useless. When she uses her super she will have a clone that heals teammates and attacks enemies.

    Gene He could push brawlers away into the poison clouds and heal so quickly that nothing damages him He’ll do +300 damage when he has his super ready and will be a walking and attacking Pam healing station.

    Mr. P He could upgrade his porters all the time and they will be like a Brock that has less health and does less damage. His suitcases are like Brocks attack that could g…

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  • StealthRaider

    Brawler Concepts

    June 10, 2020 by StealthRaider

    Ninja, Aka Tyler

    Info: Weight: 124 pounds. Height: 5 feet and 3 inches. Eyes: Completely Blue. Base of Operations: Internet. Disappearance Date: 4/14/18. Age: 27 Years

    Type: Digital Assassin-Rarity:

    Range for main attack: 4 tiles

    Movement speed: Quick- Health: 4000

    Description: Ninja was Leon’s best friend until he disappeared when playing a game. Now he’s back to life as a hologram hurling shurikens and traveling through the digital realm to the very computer your using.

    Main attack- Digital Swarm

    He shoots 7 shurikens that are glitching and are like Leon‘s attack and it pierces through enemies, each dealing 300 damage.

    Super- Healing Hologram : All enemies attacks will now pierce through ninja dealing 0 damage and if a friend is behind him the e…

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  • Alestials

    Misty is a creature from a magical land, she has traveled with her friend Poof to the Brawl World!

    Level 10 stats!

    Rarity: Legendary

    Health: 5040 Movement Speed: Very Fast

    Attack: Magical Dust Misty throws magical dust at enemies! Ouch, must hurt! Damage: 2100 Range: Long (7 tiles, attack similar to Sandy as it starts spreading) Reload: 1.5 for each ammo bar Ammo Bars: 3

    Super: Poof! Attack! Misty summons Poof to chase enemies whilst damaging them! Range: 5 tile throw Attacks needed to charge up: 4 Auto-recharge: Fully if Poof manages to lock on an enemy.

    Poof stats: Health: 3920 Movement Speed: Fast Damage: 400 per Magic Swing Range: 5 tiles Attack Cooldown: 0.75 seconds between each Magic Swing.

    Gadget: Magical Ride Misty can hop on Poof, Poof…

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  • Galehunter59

    Kay, first dude to crack this code, gets a good prize. 


    If you're the first one to do this and folllow the encoded directions, I will say one thing on my club chat, in your honor, you choose. (Copied offa Avocado, I know)


    ​​​​​​15-11-1-25 19-15 5-22-5-18-25-15-14-5 11-14-15-23-19 9 8-1-22-5 20-23-15 ​​​zxxlfmgh.


    Ohg jung lbh zvtug abg xabj, vf,


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  • SirSilentAvocado

    Hello there, and welcome back to the second episode of Nightmares! I hope you're all well, and staying safe despite the times, and I hope you enjoy this Blog! Thank you for the feedback on the previous episode, I really appreciate it! I looked at your opinions and thought there were some valid resons in there, so I'm being a little less harsh and giving a bit more of an in-depth review for more of the bralwers. Enjoy!

    Today we are going to be discussing what would happen if:

    • Gadgets had no cooldown AND unlimited uses
    • If both Star Powers could be used at the same time.

    Let's dive right in!

    El Primo

    Gadget: El Primo could throw anyone who gets close to him, dominating in Brawl Ball and maybe even Siege and Gem Grab to make sure nobody can pick up …

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  • Drāgøn K1ng

    Yes this is my first blog post but I decided to make this but I’m not ranking ticket modes.

    6/10 Shelly is an ok brawler in general, she is really good in showdown and in brawl ball but I feel that her star powers are really underwhelming like band-aid 20 dam seconds to heal 1800 health? That should change to 10, plus she is a perfect target for teamers especially if you use star shelly.

    9/10 Nita is just op right now with the way her gadget and star power combine right now. She is average in showdown and she is a beast in heist because her bear can pump out soooo much damage.

    5/10 Colt is not the highest on my list due to the fact that he is very tricky to play as and you need a lot of skill with him. Again average in showdown but amazing in…

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  • Lucariomen

    Nightmares: Epics!

    May 31, 2020 by Lucariomen

    I know this series belongs to the @SirSilentAvocado guy but whatever, i don't wanna wait he do all the other brawler rarities for finally talking about my fave rarity! So, here i am! :)

    Piper: OP-O-Matic: 10/10

    Gadget: No one could get next to Piper, granting her a kind of invincibillity, and anyone who dared get next to her, is chained with lots of Auto Aimer and may push the poor brawler to poison clouds.

    Star Powers Together: Shots does an really high damage, while also reloads another, endless cycle combined with gadget if she wants.

    Pam: OP-O-Matic: 7/10

    Gadget: By spawning her super, she could heal herself and her teammates infinite times, though the turret could die, but let's pretend the turret heal herself too. :)

    Star Powers Together: …

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  • Kfaslada

    In beta, you could actually beat Brawl Stars. Trophies had a limitation of 8000. So, if you maxed out all of the brawlers, and you reached 8000, that means you had beaten Brawl Stars. However, in 2018, they made trophies unlimited, so you couldn't beat the game anymore.  

    Now, there are many skins, but did you know that some of the skins were upgraded. For example, Gold Rico was upgraded to Loaded Rico. It was 30 once, but now 150 worth. Next one is Pink Spike, worth of 30 gems. It changed to Sakura Spike which is worth of 80 gems. Lastly, there are two El primo skins. El Rudo, and El Rey both got upgraded. El rudo was once worth of 30, but now 80. Also, El rey was once worth of 80, but now 150. That led to so much better skins and also som…

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  • IcyFiveChameleon

    Alright, so I think these buffs will be necessary due to the latest updates and the game overall. I just feel like these things need to be addressed. Because right now, mythical brawlers suck.

    Mythical brawlers are definitely one of the worst group of brawlers. Sure, they're the second rarest to get, but all brawlers in this class feel useless, and I would rather use rare brawlers. I feel like all mythical brawlers need a huge buff to make mythical brawlers right. Max is fine for a mythic brawler. But I feel like Mr.P belongs in the super rare section, as his super is absolutely useless. Mr.P needs a big buff, or bump him down to super rare because right now, I dont think he is worth wasting my money on. And we don't even need to talk about…

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  • DrifloonDude

    Cleo All info is at Power 10.

    Rarity: Epic

    Description: Cleo is a mad supervillian who absorbed too much nuclear radiation. As a result, she cannot live without the use of her suit.

    Health: 3400

    Attack: Gamma Strike

    Cleo slashes forward with her robotic arm, dealing impressive damage. 

    Damage: 1900 per swing 

    Range: 3 tiles

    Super: Half-Life

    Cleo takes off her mask to unleash the nuclear energy within. This causes all enemies within range to decrease their health to half (of current health). 

    Damage: Depends

    Range: 5 tiles radius

    Star Power 1: Poison Secreter

    Cleo's attack now poisons the enemy, dealing 50 damage over the course of 3 seconds! 

    Star Power 2: Revitalizing Gas

    Cleo's Super also gives a temporary speed boost to Cleo and friendlies for 4 secon…

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  • SirSilentAvocado

    Today we are going to be discussing what would happen if:

    • Gadgets had no cooldown AND unlimited uses
    • If both Star Powers could be used at the same time.

    Let's dive right in!


    Gadget: Shelly could dash around the map, giving her a very fast movement speed, and quite frankly she could destroy many throwers etc

    Star Powers: Shelly's Star Powers don't mix as some others do, but she would still be able to do quite a bit of damage, with extra survivabililty.

    OP-O-Matic: 6/10


    Gadget: Nita could continously stun EVERYONE in her path, allowing her bear to be basically unstoppable. But oh my god, with the star powers...

    Star Powers: Nita could heal her Bear over and over, whilst it does a huge amount of damage. This doesn't even really NEED a gadge…

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  • DrifloonDude

    Brawler Concept

    May 26, 2020 by DrifloonDude

    Jaro All info is at Power 10.

    Rarity: Chromatic

    Description: Jaro is an alien who came into Brawltopia after his UFO crashed. His attack is shooting some rays that can pass through walls! 

    Health: 5600 

    Attack: Charge Beam

    Jaro's shoots 4 alien beams that can pass through walls! The rays' range are shortened when passing through a wall.

    Damage: 420 per ray

    Range: 8 tiles (normal) 5 tiles (through wall)

    Super: Teleport

    Jaro aims his teleporter ray and blasts it! This creates a portal where Jaro shoots! Friendlies can also walk through this portal. 

    Damage: N.A. 

    Range: 10 tiles

    Star Power 1: Heal Pulse

    Jaro's rays have a healing purpose when passing through a wall. This heals 450 health per ray! 

    Star Power 2: Mind Reader

    Jaro can see where his enemies ai…

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  • ElectricSaturn

    Mortis hasn’t been out of the cave for a while. They headed for where they started. In the woods. It wasn’t as far as he thought. It was kinda dark, but somehow, only he could see perfectly fine. When they reached the woods, he heard this ghostly laugh. “She’s here,” Mortis heard a voice say. “So, you've come.” Mortis heard from the distance. It sounded like two voices. He looked and there she, or it stood. Tara held out her hand to the side, and a portal appeared. A duplicate of herself emerged. The two stared at Mortis and laughed in unison. “So you think you can defeat me?” They both said. Mortis was terrified. “Y-yeah,” he mumbled. “Hmm,” she replied. “And how are you gonna do that?” Suddenly, Mortis wasn’t scared anymore. He raised hi…

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  • ElectricSaturn

    “W-why are you here?” asked Mortis in a shook voice. “Young Mortis,” replied the grim reaper. “I am here to warn you.” Mortis seemed confused. “About what?” “Tara… You must save her before she is completely gone,” he replied. “What do you mean completely gone?” The grim reaper just stared. “TELL ME!” Mortis shouted. “Before she is consumed, and if that happens, she will never come back.” Mortis’s heart stopped. “I have given some of my powers to you.” “The bat bite” Remembered Mortis. “Yes. You will need this.” Out of thin air, a shovel thing appeared in his hand. “A shovel? Is this a joke?” asked Mortis. “Raise it.” Mortis did as he was told. All the bats came flying out as he did. “Wow. But what does this have to do with Tara?” “Everythi…

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  • ElectricSaturn

    Mortis had a strange dream last night. There was that shadow creature with the green eye, and some sort of grim reaper like thing. “So you have come.” said the shadow creature in a hateful voice. “You are hurting people.” replied the grim reaper. “That poor girl you're putting in danger.”  “I never would listen to you for one-,”   “ENOUGH!” He yelled. The anger was boiling inside him, and somehow, Mortis could feel it. “You need to stop this!” He yelled. “That’s it.” She pounced. “YOU DID THIS TO ME! YOU MADE ME THIS HORRIBLE CREATURE THAT I AM!” The grim reaper had tears in his eyes. “I’m...Sorry.” He swung his scythe. She fell. “Why? WHY!?” The shadow creature faded away. Somehow, Mortis knew she was alive. She just left. Mortis woke up …

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  • ElectricSaturn

    Where am I? What happened? Was it a dream? Is Tara really… Gone? Those were all thoughts running through Mortis’s head. Then he opened his eyes. He was in some kinda cave. “Wh-Where am I?” Mortis yelled. “Who’s there?” He sat up. He was laying on a rock. How did he get here? And why did the rock feel so soft... “GRAAH!!!”  Mortis jumped. There were giant footsteps coming towards him. There was this giant creature holding this hammer that looked like it weighed 80 pounds. “Grumph?” Said the giant turning its head. “H-hi.” said Mortis weakly. The creature stomped away. Mortis was confused. The creature came back with a plate of food. Mortis was hungry. “Thank you, um what is your name?” Mortis asked. “Grunt”, the creature replied sadly. “Oh.…

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  • ElectricSaturn

    "So, are you sure you wanna do this Tara?" "Relax Mortis, it's fine." "Well, won't your sister get mad at us for sneaking out in the woods by ourselves?" Mortis asked as they continued. "Shelly won't be mad if she doesn't FIND OUT." replied Tara annoyed. "Well, okay then." Mortis didn’t argue "Now, what do you want to do?" Tara asked "I don't know Tara." uttered Mortis. "Well maybe we could... Hey, what's that?" By the tree were a deck of cards sitting on the side of a desk. "Weird," Tara said, confused. "Yeah" Mortis agreed. "Let's get out of here" Mortis whispered worriedly. "Come on, don't be scared. We're together." Tara said, holding his hand. She sat down in front of the desk. "Look! All of these cards have pictures of people we know…

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  • 코레일철도덕후341
    1. Teamers - Obviously, everyone doesn't like losing the solo showdown match because of teamers. Every time they spin like fidget spinners, it feels like they're mocking me, and then they make me rage quit, especially when 6 or more brawlers are remaining, you already know you're gonna lose trophies. I mean, if they were throwers, it would be great if I were Mortis, but since I DON'T HAVE HIM. So I made an idea. Every one lap you spin, you become dizzy and lose 5% of your health.
    2. People who spin to taunt - I mean, look. Everyone already feels bad when dying, especially when 6 or more brawlers are remaining, but they think it's not enough, I mean, why would they do this if we already feel bad? I don't like them, especially the ones that spin on…
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  • Jellyattack

    Hello fellow brawlers and welcome to my blog. I hope you love it just as much as Mortis loves Dynamike! Today we will be examining the 3 weakest brawlers in all of Brawl Stars, each with a dedicated explanation and mini guide explaining how to use the brawler in question.

    Soon I will be posting my views on the upcoming balance changes so remember to stay tuned for that! OK, enough chit chat, let’s dive into the juicy brawl chaos...

    Top 3 Weakest Brawlers (in no particular order)

    • Tara - Tara has many weaknesses. She is only strong in one or two game modes, has a mediocre attack, has a slow reload speed, has lackluster range and takes FOREVER to charge her Super (which is one of her only strong features). In my opinion, she is too dependent on h…
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  • Jellyattack

    Hello fellow brawlers and welcome to the treasure trove of Brawl Stars fun that is my blog! Today we will be discovering the top 3 strongest brawlers, each with a dedicated explanation and a mini guide explaining how to use the brawler in question. My next blog will look at the 3 weakest brawlers so stay tuned for that.

    Don’t forget to drop a comment below and stay tuned for more Brawl Stars madness! Let’s jump right into the action...

    Top 3 Strongest Brawlers (in no particular order)

    • Sprout - With a game breaking Super, a powerful Gadget, two strong Star Powers and an insane bounce mechanic, Sprout remains one of the strongest brawlers in Brawl Stars despite receiving  3 nerfs to the face. Sprout is viable in almost all game modes and has ext…
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  • King Raden

    Chapter 1

    Colt woke up falling.

    He tried to shout for help. He tried to spread his arms and glide like an eagle. No luck.

    Several seconds later, he crash-landed onto a sleeping man on a beach with a big BOOM! The man he hit protested, "Hey!" and passed out. Colt thought he would break all his bones, but to his surprise, he managed to stand up. Every inch of his body protested as he staggered away from the beach to find some help.

    It took him a few seconds before figuring out what was in front of him. There were four houses around one hundred feet in front of him. Three smaller houses surrounded a bigger house. Next to it was supposed to be the dining pavilion since there are stone tables and benches. Similar to the houses, three smaller tables…

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