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  • BSFrosty06

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  • Henry Danger Fan

    This campaign is all about Bo. Our favorite birdman is hunting for a new look and this is your chance to help him. Create and submit a skin for him or browse the existing submissions and vote on your favorites! Creations submitted to this campaign have a chance of being made official skins in Brawl Stars!


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  • Henry Danger Fan

    This is a list of every series related to Brawl Stars that airs on YouTube.

    Brawl Talk is the main way of releasing news for updates. It covers brawlers, skins, maps/modes, and other things in an update.

    Brawl with the Stars is a mini-series on Brawl Stars creators' YouTube channels where they team up with celebrities to play brawl stars and beat other content creators' teams. So far, the guests have only been from Stranger Things, with Chief Pat and MOLT as the creators. There is also a PSG (Paris-Saint-Germain) edition.

    Behind Brawl Stars is a series including a Brawl content creator and a Supercell Brawl maker.

    • 1. "Does Supercell REALLY Listen to the Community?" (with Coach Cory)
    • 2. "WHEN IS BRAWL TALK? and the Update Process" (with Ark)
    • 3. …

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  • MehabeeswarM4

    Gamemode Idea:1v1s

    December 25, 2019 by MehabeeswarM4

    Information about 1V1s Gamemode:

    -In this gamemode you get to be picked with a random player to 1v1.

    -The map will be 45x45 and there will be powercubes spawning,just like in Takedown.

    -This mode might be in Solo Events.

    What Events will be on this:

    -Big Trouble (with Energy Juice)

    -Graveyard Shift (Just like in Showdown,but with different assets)

    -Energy Mania (with Energy Juice)

    -The Eye (The map is Eye Shaped)

    -Bushie Bush (With alot of Bushes) 

    How many trophies you win if you win the 1v1:

    -You will win: +8 Trophies

    How many trophies you lose if you lose the 1v1:

    -If having 0-50 Trophy Brawlers: 0 Trophies

    -If having 50-150 Trophy Brawlers:-1 Trophy

    -If having 150-230 Trophy Brawlers:-2 Trophies

    -If having 230-400 Trophy Brawlers:-3 Trophies

    If having …

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  • Tftx2019

    3rd Star Powers

    November 10, 2019 by Tftx2019

    Shelly - When shelly takes no damage and doesn't attack, she begins to charge her super

    Nita - Nita bear moves 20% faster

    Colt - If all of colt's bullets hit a target, his next shot will shoot two extra bullets.

    Bull - Each of bull's bullets deat +100 damage when he is in a bush

    Jessie - Jessie's shots now bounce between 5 enemies.

    Brock - Whenever brock misses with one of his rockets, he instantly reloads 0.4 ammo

    Dynamike - If both of Dynamike's dynamite hit an enemy, it deals +500 damage.

    Bo - If bo is in a bush, all enemies close to him lose 100 health per second

    Tick - If Tick dies, he drops his head that only does half the normal damage

    8-Bit - 8-Bit's super also boosts the movement speed of allies for +20%

    Emz - Emz's shot stay there for an e…

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  • Atlanticore709

    Brawler Trivias

    November 9, 2019 by Atlanticore709

    Brawl Stars is an incredible game with many easter eggs, and here are some we have found! See if you knew anything we had listed down below!

    • Shelly, El Primo, and Poco are most likely Mexican or Spanish because of their voice lines.
    • Rosa and Spike are the only brawlers that resemble a plant.
    • Bibi is Japanese due to her Japanese voice lines.
      • 8-BIT is also likely to be Japanese due to the resemblance of the Nintendo GameBoy.
    • Nita and Leon are confirmed to be siblings
      • Fan theories also suggest that their parent is Bo.
      • One of Leon's voice line mentions Nita. This can suggest that Leon is the older brother while Nita is the younger sister.
    • Jessie and Pam are confirmed to have a daughter-mother relationship.
      • Popular belief suggests that Bull had married…
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  • Tftx2019

    All brawlers ranked

    November 4, 2019 by Tftx2019

    Below, I have written a tier list of all the brawlers. I will also include a letter for each of them.

    • S - Excellent
    • A - Great
    • B - Good
    • C - Okay
    • D - Poor
    • F - Horrible

    Shelly - B; Shelly is a good brawler that has a long range, and fairly high damage output. Shelly has a mediocre movement speed and a mediocre amount of health. Because of this, Shelly is pretty much an average brawler, but due to her super being overpowered, I decided to classify her as a good brawler.

    Nita - C; Nita is an average brawler since she has pretty much average stats. Her range isn't that long, but that is balanced out by her ability to shout around walls. Her super isn't that good, but it can tank some damage. Her star powers aren't that good but aren't really bad like Fr…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    It’s been a while since I made a brawler rankings, as of now, there are 29 brawlers whereas last time there’s only 22. Like usual, I will rank them from worst to best.

    These brawlers are the worst of the worst, they need a huge buff in my opinion

    Some will say I’m over exaggerating, but I think that Jessie’s not only the worst brawler in the game, she might be one of the worst brawlers in the entire Brawl Stars history

    Jessie is so bad right now, she really has nothing she’s truly good at, and the game modes she’s good at, she’s heavily outclassed, Like Gem Grab where she’s outshined by Penny, Pam, Bo, Gene, and ESPECIALLY Poco. She has terrible DPS, mediocre HP and slow reload speed, seriously her stats are so bad, that Scrappy usually did e…

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  • Random0noob


    August 3, 2019 by Random0noob
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  • Andy the Nerfer

    Best Brawler

    June 7, 2019 by Andy the Nerfer

    1. Pam With heavyweight health and a shotgun-like burst attack she can break boxes in showdown with 3-5 ammo bars.

    2. Carl A boomerang that does 2x dmg and also a crazed spin for a super is pretty cool. Also the boomerang returns quicker with walls. Plus this boomerang does a sort of penetration attack covering area damage.

    3. Leon Cool Super Plus Godly DMG up close

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  • R20RBB

    Strategy Guide

    June 5, 2019 by R20RBB

    Roles are ways for a Brawler to play to help the team to win. There are many types of roles, some specific to a certain game mode or map, and some roles can be used for all. Every role is unique, yet can help out other roles.

    Roles are useful for winning games and having good team coordination. Having roles means each Brawler on your team has a specific job to do. Maybe hold all the gems, force the enemy back, or maybe play on the flanks. If the other team doesn't have roles for each Brawler for their team, and you do, your team will easily dominate the other team.

    Gamemode Roles Job of the Role Good Brawlers How to
    Gem Grab Gem Carrier Whoever plays as a Gem Carrier should carry all the gems. They are to play passively, and try not to die. T…

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  • Rosa sucks

    Brawl Talk

    May 20, 2019 by Rosa sucks

    A new Brawl Talk got uploaded!
      List of Changes

    • New Brawler, Bibi
    • Main attack is like Frank's, but wider and with less range. It has a small wind-up similar to Frank but Bibi can move while charging.
    • If Bibi doesn't attack for a while, a bar fills up. When it's full, her next attack knocks back brawlers
      • Her Super and Star Power are unknown
    • New skins: Hot Rod Brock, Road Rage Carl, Baking Sale Barley and Maple Barley
    • New environment, Bull's Diner, for Gem Grab, Bounty and Heist
    • New maps and objects (some classics returning)
    • Balance changes
    • Club mail
    New Skins
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  • Omicron01

    It'll be very hard to get used to Piper having open eyes when she gets a remodel.

    I am aware she could still have the same facial expression, just stating the difficulty I'd have getting used to it.

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  • BlackPanther04

    I´m very glad everyone is so kind here. In other wikis (# Marvel films) I wasn´t welcomed in so nicely. I wanted to thank you for all the information you set up, it realy helped me, especially because I know stuff now, wich my friends don´t, for instance the speed or some starpowers.

    Thanks a lot, to everyone who helped building up this site!


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  • OrangeDru

    Origin of the Brawlers

    March 11, 2019 by OrangeDru

    Hi Everyone. Today I will tell you all about The Brawler’s Orgins. ( This is Sarcasm)

    Spike: In the Dessert, There were many cactus. Until one day, the great storm came and destroyed all the cactuses except one. That one later came to life and came to the arena to cause some destruction. And that one cactus was Spike.

    Poco: Poco was originally a human. Until one day, During the Great rain, He was dead. He was later a yellow skeleton in the land of Brawlers. He was the best Musician there. But one Day, all the Brawlers were in a fight and ruined poco’s Musical place. He later entered the battleground and will now take revenge on all Brawlers.

    Darryl: Darryl was once a pirate. He wanted to buy the Brawl Switch (Basically the Nintendo Switch) bu…

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  • CosmicKai227
    • Leon: "Leon" is short for Chameleon, the camouflaging animal that he's based off of.
    • Crow: Crow is literally a crow.
    • Mortis: "Mortis" means death in Latin, and it refers to him being a gravekeeper and having a wraith-like appearance.
    • Spike: Refers to cactuses being spiky.
    • Shelly: Shotgun bullets, what she uses to shoot, are called shells.
    • El Primo: Means "The Cousin". Probably just for the spanish reference, but a lot of spanish wrestlers have had "primo" in their stage name..
    • Piper: Sounds like "Sniper", her main point.
    • Rico: Short for "Ricochet", what his bullets do (also his old name).
    • Barley: Barley is a plant used in making beer. Also refers to his being a "Bar"tender.
    • Bo: Short for Bow, his weapon.
    • Brock: "[B]rock", short for rocket, his weapo…
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  • DamonJD

    The Lawl Stars Meme Gallery

    February 22, 2019 by DamonJD

    here's a gallery of my memes in a blog

    When you play Brawl Stars and the wifi connection cracks resulting a waste of trophies

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    After the balance update, the meta was totally shifted and it need a new brawler ranking, I’m gonna rank all 22 brawlers from worst to best, let’s start!

    What could possibly be in last place other than poor ol’ Piper? Piper has been a bad brawler for a very long time, and I was absolutely surprised that she didn’t get any buffs in the last update

    The reason why Piper is so bad is because of....... oh my god..... a full list of reasons.....

    Firstly, she has the lowest HP tied with Barley, Rico, Spike and Crow, secondly, her damage is only strong in long distance, her damage is GARBAGE at close range, thirdly, her super offers no offensive value unlike everyone else, lastly, her shots are very hard to hit!

    Her range does gave her viability in Bo…

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  • CosmicKai227

    I love teaming

    January 28, 2019 by CosmicKai227

    So yesterday, I wanted to see how many people would want to team in the low-trophy area. Out of all of them, I managed to team with 4 people: A Shelly, a Ricochet, a Bull, and a backstabbing bull. I rarely get to do this so I take teaming to be serious.

    In my perspective, if you see a Star Shelly on showdown, you know you're gonna get your ass kicked. They're gonna be in the final 2 with 20 power, while you have like 2. Fortunately, one decided to be merciful in the final 2. We went to the middle of the Feast or Famine map and kept spinning until the toxic clouds covered the entire map. Then she casually one-shots me with her super. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was fun.

    The match just started, and me and a Ricochet both go towar…

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  • Awesomebananas25

    Team Composition/Strategy

    The main damage output of this Brawl Ball team composition is the thrower, i.e. Dynamike or Barley. Both work just as well, but function differently within the team. With Barley, the main goal should be to provide area support and chip damage to opponents allowing the tanks to easily finish them off. Barley's burn effect also receives a perk in Brawl Ball: if casted around the ball, it prevents enemies from taking possession without withstanding considerable damage. Barley's Super should be casted in front of the goal to allow the tanks to directly dribble the ball in. Dynamike plays slightly differently, but should also aim to force opponents either a) away from the ball/ballcarrier or b) into the path of teammate…

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  • Ovo Sem Futuro

    1. Rush with your Shovel Swing as regular Mortis, but go to one of the sides of the map.
    2. Don't pick any gems until late game! (very important step!)
    3. Threat and distract the enemy back line.
    4. When they start going after you do the one of the following (ordered by priority): Kill an enemy brawler (preferably one that your team poked out and backed out to try auto-heal); Make them waste their time with you, leaving your team on a 2v2 or on a 2v1 if 2 of them try to kill you (it will probably be a mid-ranged damaged dealer, since no short range brawler will try/be able to chase you and long range one will have a hard time hitting you, since you have time to react and dodge the hit with your Shovel Swing); Make the enemy team chase you to their own base…

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  • Bane of Potato

    My Playstyles

    December 25, 2018 by Bane of Potato

    This is how I play the characters, even if it's not the most ideal way. Is that an interesting intro?

    Preferred Mode: Gem Rush

    Primary Role: Gem Hoarder Carrier

    Secondary Role: Kill Securer

    Mortis is very squishy and deals pathetic damage for a "Dashing Assassin". I mean, if I came face-to-face with a Bull I'd give up all hope of existing but if I see a Mortis I just laugh it off. Mortis clearly lacks damage, forcing him into the role of "Kill Securer". Luckily, he happens to boast exceptional mobility. This allows him to reach objectives – the gem box – much faster than most of the roster in the first few second of a round. I can consistently dash in, take both gems and then dash back to safety. Mortis can do this all game and hoar most, if not al…

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  • Hello13world

    This Frank Tara Duo Showdown is incredible if done well, these are some tips to use this strategy to get Rank 1 in Duo Showdown.

    • Best map
      • Feast or Famine
    • Job of those 2 brawlers:
      • Frank
        • Attack Power Boxes in the centre
        • Charge your Super as quickly as possible
        • Get 6 power cubes
        • a. Guard and hide in the centre bushes
        • Stun enemies when the Super of Tara has disappeared
        • Kill them
        • the same thing from (a.)
      • Tara
        • Check if enemy brawlers is in the centre
        • Charge your Super as fast as possible
        • Get 6 power cubes
        • b. Follow Frank
        • Release 'Illusion' if Brawlers come near
        • Kill them
        • the same thing from (b.)
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  • WintahMhelon18

    My Brawler Idea

    November 18, 2018 by WintahMhelon18

    Hey guys! I'm actually new here. I'm already a fan of Brawl Stars even thought I have to wait until December for it to be fully and globally released. After some time, I've thought of a Brawler which I think I should share it here so you guys can critique it before showing to the devs. 

    I present to you: Terry, a young rock golem! (I don't have any representation for his self yet, maybe he's a small rock golem with big arms, tiny legs and a head with glowing eyes?) Also I'd assume he's a mid-ranged tank that can simultaneously attack forwards and backwards.

    "Having mastered combat dexterity in almost any terrain, Terry is here to rock out foes and then some!"

    Attack: Earthly Eruption - "With his extensive strength, Terry can temporarily relea…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    You know, most brawlers in the game are actually good, but some are just awful. I’m gonna rank my top 10 worst brawlers, since I did the best ones.

    However, do note that most of them aren’t actually that bad, someone just has to be the bottom, let’s start at #10

    Ricochet is definitely NOT a bad brawler, honestly it’s been a bit of toss up between Jessie and Rico. However I’d say Jessie is SLIGHTLY better than Ricochet. As there’s only 21 brawlers, being #10 is nowhere near bad

    As I stated, Rico is just slightly weaker than the top 10 best brawlers and Jessie, meaning he’s still decent. He’s excellent in some game modes, but he’s mostly average. He’s not insanely good in most modes, but the 2 modes where he’s good, he’s amazing. Still, i put R…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Right now, the meta has really shifted a lot since the previous updates, some brawlers has improved a lot, some just don’t stack up right now. I’m gonna rank my top 10 best brawler right now

    Although you have to know: I have a bit of hard time deciding, as 8/10 are all very close. Let’s get to #10 for now!

    I remembered back then, I hated Dynamike, he’s just insanely OP. And it’s beca of his super. Now that they nerfed his bomb delay, he seemed more manageable

    Still, Dynamike is very good in a lot of game modes, especially showdown. When he teams, he can actually dominate just by throwing Dynamites from walls, keeping distance from enemies, but I think he’s a lot more manageable, so I put him at 10th place

    Gem Grab: average

    Showdown: excellent


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  • IiAngelRulez

    Brawl Meta

    October 7, 2018 by IiAngelRulez

    Note, can someone clean up the table? I put it in a random order. Thanks.

    The brawl stars meta always changes each update. I am just putting this here to update my fellow brawlers in the current meta.

    • Even if the brawler is on top, it doesnt mean its game-winning op, it just means it requires less skill to win with.
    • The grade percentile depends on how much the meta favours it. Below 100% means the meta dislikes the brawler, and above 100% favours the brawler.

    Brawler %grade Notes
    Penny 121%

    Pam 119%

    El Primo 67%

    Tara 101%

    Brock 89%

    Shelly 100.4%

    Darryl ~98% Best in Island Invasion (Showdown)
    Colt 33%

    Nita 121%

    Frank 108%

    Crow ~88.72% Best on Gem Grab or any cover-oriented maps
    Spike ~148% Great on ever gamemode. Decent at Bounty. Bad at Robo Rumble.
    Piper ~9…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Since the last balance changes, the meta shifted heavily, showdown is one of the most popular game modes and since the meta shifted, I want to share my top 10 best brawlers for showdown! My original top 5 in no particular order were Dynamike, Poco, Mortis, Spike and Crow. Lets see what my new top 10 are!

    Honourable mentions to Nita, Colt, Brock, Piper and Tara

    Darryl seemed to perform MUCH BETTER in this meta. We all know Frank is now one of the strongest brawlers in the game, and Darryl is one of the best counters to him, which is why Darryl is back since a very long time!

    Darryl has very high damage up close, it’s not that easy, but one cool thing is that he can sneak up in the bushes and when enemies reach him he can deal max burst damage, m…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Hello, I usually active in the CR Wiki, but this is the 1st blog that I made in other wikis. This time, I’ll be talking about how the best and worst brawlers in the current meta. There’s 21 brawlers, and to be fair they all have potential in different game mode, but let’s start out with the worst brawler

    Oh Pam, you’re such a good brawler in Gem Grab, But it really sucks to see her at last because she’s so awful in other modes (Except Robo Rumble)

    Pam’s attack needed to get really close to deal high damage, and it’s usually not a great idea (Especially against Shelly, Bull and Darryl),she does have high HP and a healing station, but it’s not enough to justify her as a tank, and her healing station was outclassed by Poco’s burst healing.


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  • Aj5254

    Hideaway Strategy

    December 24, 2017 by Aj5254

    This Showdown strategy is a fairly consistent one. It requires some skill, some luck, and a lot a patience. It's based off the principle that other brawlers cannot see you while you're hidden in shrubbery. This strategy won't get you to 1st place very often, but it will save you the humiliation of being the first dead.

    The main principle of this strategy relies on the fact that enemies cannot see you while you are hidden away in cover.

    1. To start off, find a bush that's fairly far away from the impending clouds of poison gas. A bigger bush is recommended, but make sure that no one else is in there first!
    2. Hide in the bushes and wait for the player numbers to drop. If enemy brawlers try to walk into your bush, take them by surprise and blast awa…

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  • PigeonVideosEtc
    1. 2 Brawlers cover 2 opposing areas of The Battlefield
    2. They Protect Center Breaches
    3. While Mortis uses his speed to quickly grab crystals without being harmed

    • The match is like a 2v3 Area Control Game. So make sure your brawlers can handle the job
    • The 2 Guard Brawlers G1, G2 Should be able to go 1v1 Short-Mid Range
    • When going for the gems, you must run up to the Mine, dash to the gems, and then dash away and let your teammates deal with enemies.
    • Make sure your Brawler Duo is balanced. For Example If you have Bull and El Primo they enemy can pick you off from long range.
    • Stay near the Center as you may run into 1v2s on the Far lanes. Or the 1v1 Might be a long range opponent than damages you from a far. Pursuit of one of these Long-Range Brawlers wi…

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  • PigeonVideosEtc
    1. Push Forward and Cover a Lobbing Brawler 'LB' with firepower
    2. The LB moves behind a wall cover
    3. The LB then fires over the wall at approcahing opponents
    4. This creates a Semi Danger- Zone where enemy brawlers don't want to go
    5. This Eliminates short - mid range enemies from pushing back.
    6. Use a long range Brawler to extend your team range to the long range

    • Use Long Range like: Brock, Piper, Colt and Crow to attack the new long range face-off created by the LB
    • Now you have the High Ground play Conservative and don't lose your place by over-extending
    • Beware of Flankers trying to move past The Wall cover and attack your LB
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  • PigeonVideosEtc

    1. Each team engages in a center fight.
    2. Both teams are damaged and retreat.
    3. Poco cuts into the center and attacks the retreating enemy Brawlers, defeating them.
    4. (Smash & Grab) Poco grabs any crystals left behind.
    5. Poco retreats and rejoins the rest of the team.

    • Utilize bushes to keep Poco hidden and safe until it is time for him to emerge and attack.
    • If one of the enemy Brawlers manages to escape the initial clash with minimal damage taken, Poco should focus on finishing off lower-health enemy Brawlers and avoid that Brawler until Poco's team rejoins him.
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  • ModdingArt

    Okay so I am running out of ideas to put in these polls. If anyone could leave a suggestion for polls which wil, be featured please do.

    Sorry I can't think of many polls. Today's question is to leave poll ideas. It would be much appreciated

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  • ModdingArt

    Hello everyone. Welcome to the first special Poll of The Week. I will post these once every update and they will mostly be aimed at the update. They might also have more polls than normal.

    Today's question will be: How much work would you like put into updates (e.g. Update every 2 weeks with 1 new brawler, Update every month with a new mode and 2 Brawlers)

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  • ModdingArt

    Hello. I know it's slightly early but who cares? No further explanation needed!

    And for today's question: Can you suggest a balance change that you think should be added to the game?

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  • Simeonmcbg

    Tips for brawlers

    June 23, 2017 by Simeonmcbg

    Jessie:Try placing the turret on locations ike the mine(smash and grab) and near the safe(heist).

    Barley:Throw the bottles in front of the enemies.It's harder for them to escape.

    Spike:His super is great way to stop enemies from running away,chasing you and blocking their way to the safe(heist) and the mine(smash and grab).

    Bull:Use the super to break walls or bushes like the wall in front of the safe on Heist(attacking team) or revealing brawlers like Barley and Dynamike.

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  • ModdingArt

    Hello Internet! This is the first Poll Of The Week. Every week (should be up by Friday morning in America) I will post a series of polls. Doesn't need any more explanation. Keep in mind these polls are aimed at people who have the game but people can play without.

    At the end of each POTW I will say a question. This is similar to the polls but have way more answers than I can put on a poll. So my question for today is: Who is your least favourite brawler to play against? Please say who you play as aswell.

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