Ninjadisnuts Ninjadisnuts 10 hours ago

YouTube Video

All my weekly YouTube video will be posted here starting 1/31/2021!

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TheMan64.82 TheMan64.82 21 hours ago


I no longer hate Rattled Hive with my life...

I also no longer hate Honey Coat with my life...



Here is a Poem I made for Bea:

B - Broken

E - Erase

A - Absolutely Broken and Should be Erased

  1. Bea's super shot is just way too easy to get and provides way too much value. 3k damage that quickly?
  2. Her super has such a large radius and if it hits then you dead...
  3. Star powers are idiotic. So you either get a second chance at killing someone or a second chance at life. THERE SHOULD BE NO SECOND CHANCES FOR A BRAWLER LIKE BEA
  4. She has the largest width of attack out of any sniper (I think). She has a width of 1, in comparison to Piper's and Brock's which is 0.67.
  5. Bea's charged shot can literally hit you around wall…

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Thatnoob113 Thatnoob113 1 day ago

Something I Noticed

Hey, just finished watching Kairos's Colonel Ruffs Olympics video, and towards the end, when he's in Showdown and he defeats a 14 cube Barley, the barley drops 3 bright blue, shiny power cubes as well as 3 normal ones. I don't know what to make of them, but what do you think?

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Ineedausernam Ineedausernam 4 days ago

The problem with showdown

Hi everyone, this is my first post, and I'm going to explain how solo showdown is unbalanced.

Have you ever noticed how, if you look at Brawl TV or other high-level showdown gameplay, you see only a few brawlers being played, like Bea, or Crow? There are reasons for that.

As you probably know, powercubes scale up brawlers' health and damage in showdown. Each powercube increases a brawlers' damage by 10% of their base damage. For example, a Spike (My favorite brawler) does 784 damage per spike hit. When spike gets one powercube, your damage will change to 784 plus 10% of 784 (rounded), which adds up to 862 damage with one powercube. However, health from a powercube does not increase proportionally to a brawler's health. Whatever the power lev…

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 4 days ago

Death In Paradise Ep4

Chapter 4

Agent P was worried. Very worried.

He had interviewed all of the suspects, all of the servants and all the people who had come in and out of Barley’s mansion. He has gone through all the events leading up to the murder, time and time again, and yet nothing seemed to make sense.

The primary suspect was Dynamike. He gave the poisoned bottle of water to Barley and he had always had a bitter rivalry with Barley. In the Brawl Arena, they were always competing to be the best throwers, and soon the rivalry which they had developed turned into a powerful hate towards each other.

Dynamike had the motive and the opportunity to commit the crime. But something didn’t add up. It seemed far too easy. Far too simple. Maybe a cunning killer was tryi…

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CaptainGamingplays CaptainGamingplays 6 days ago


The environments are the different places in the universe of Brawl stars.

They are:

The Wild West, The Gem Mine, Tara's Bazaar, Super City, The Snowtel, Darryl's Ship(removed), Retropolis(removed), Mortis' Mortuary, Starr Park Gift Shop, Super Stadium, 8-Bit's Arcade, Old Town(removed) and Junker's Scrapyard.

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Dano124 Dano124 6 days ago

Top 5 Best Brawlers for Beginners

  • 1 5. Nita
  • 2 4. El Primo
  • 3 3. Bull
  • 4 2. Barley
  • 5 Honourable Mentions
    • 5.1 Brock
    • 5.2 Jessie
  • 6 1. Colt

Nita is a medium range brawler with moderate health and moderate damage. She is the 2nd brawler you can unlock in the Trophy Road which makes her very easy to get. She can be OP if you use her correctly. She is good in brawl ball as you can use her bear to distract the opponents while you grab the ball and take it to their goal.

El Primo is probably one of the best melee brawlers out there. He has a whopping 6000 health at power level 1 and can do tons of damage if you hit all your shots. El Primo is extremely easy to use as all you need to do is run up to the brawler and hit attack (be careful for the sharpshooters).

Bull is an amazing and very easy to use ta…

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Cjbro44 Cjbro44 8 days ago

Best brawlers 2021

Coming in at ten we have Colette

she is good in showdown I guess that is really it and her super is broken

At nine I’m gonna get a lot of hate but Edgar

edgar is so broken but his health and range put him this low give him a few buffs and in a year or two he will be top five maybe even number one

coming in at eight barley everyone is gonna say he doesn’t deserve a spot but he is great

coming in at seven is going to be Rosa she is just an annoying brawler in my opinion but she is good

coming In at six is gonna be Leon

his super his gadget he is just good if you are in showdown and you see a Leon with 5 power cubes you might as well just go in the clouds

ok number five this is were it gets insanely hard it is surge

surge is probably one of the wor…

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 10 days ago

Death In Paradise Ep3

Chapter 3: The Ghost

“I still can’t believe it. Barley was poisoned!” Said Colt to Shelly. “It seems like everywhere we go, death and murder follow.”

”It’s really unfortunate. But it does worry me the that a murderer is among us.”

”But what could the murderers motive possible be?” Asked Colt.

That was the question Agent P was investigating at that very moment. He sat in a chair and tried to piece together the events leading up to Barley’s death.

Barley asked for water and Dynamike gave it to him. Dynamike could have easily poisoned the water as it was handed over to Barley, making him the prime suspect.

But what if it had been someone outside of the guest list? What if it was the butler, for example, who prepared the food and drinks. It could h…

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Speedmaster6670 Speedmaster6670 14 days ago

Pin Mashups

Here are all of the pin mash-ups I did so far:

If you want more pin mashups, please comment here for ideas! Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 14 days ago

Death In Paradise Ep2

Chapter 1

“Welcome to my humble home!” Said Barley to his guests. “Thank you very much for coming! Feel free to have a look around the house. You can help yourselves to any of the drinks over there. They are all made with 100% natural ingredients and I made them myself! We will dine in a few minutes.”

Mr P, Leon, Crow, Dynamike, Shelly, Colt, Edgar and Max were very eager to explore the mansion. They decided to split up into small groups in order to cover as much ground as possible. The intrigue of the building was irresistible.

Max and Dynamike stayed inside and inspected Barley’s assortment of homemade drinks. On a table sitting next to a pot plant were dozens of bottles of every colour imaginable, filled with the liquids Barley has been cr…

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FS 0508 FS 0508 14 days ago


Trust lots of u guys have been beaten up by Edgars.

Here, Im going to show u the best brawlers to deal with Edgars.


His super can stun any Edgars that wants to assassinate him, and his high damage could destroy the Edgars stunned.He also have high health.


She can destroy all Edgars that trys to kill her with her super and attack, since Edgar can only deal damage in close range.


With his silver bullet, Colt can eliminate all Edars before they get close to him. But if a Edgar successes to assassinate him, hed be super dead.


He can kill Edgars without letting them kill him with his super.


His great assassin skills allows him to cope with Edgars easily


Her bear is basically a Edgar but much stronger, by the time Edgar…

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Poiu2266 Poiu2266 15 days ago

Top 3 Best Brawlers + Tips

Hello guys this is my first blog post! Today I'm gonna choose the top 3 Brawlers in my opinion and give tips and tricks.

3. Edgar

Edgar is a very OP brawler, but comes with many weaknesses. He has pretty low health, so do not chase enemies no matter what. Try and jump directly on brawlers. Edgar is best against throwers, but he counters almost everyone. He is also very good in Special Events. You can find more information here:

2. Byron

Byron is a very good brawler, and he especially excels in 3v3. He can almost heal his teammates so much, that he can give his teammates over 4500 health with 3 ammo. Use his gadget when you are at low health, and keep healing your teammates. Remember, your team…

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 17 days ago

Death In Paradise Ep1

Barley’s mansion was a palace of luxury and shimmering gold. Outside was an enormous swimming pool as blue as the ocean and a green garden bursting with life and the sound of birdsong. A breeze as soft as velvet blew gently and the sun shone as brightly as gold.

The mansion itself was an old but beautiful building. It had hundreds of rooms, each painstakingly decorated with exotic plants, paintings and high quality furniture. Everything was perfect.

Barley looked out the window of his room, taking in the beauty of his garden. He had assembled an army of gardeners and architects to rip out the Spring garden and to replace it with a Summer paradise. In fact, he had his garden changed every season of the year.

After a successful career as the ow…

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Past3Ham Past3Ham 19 days ago

Top 10 Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars.

10: Leon

Even though he is a legendary he is very hard to play with.He is best in Solo Showdown because all of the things he does only helps himself and doesn't help his team. Leon is a very good killer and that is the reason he makes it into the top 10. He is good in Brawl Ball but he is not the best. In Brawl Ball he can go invisible while every one is going after the ball and Leon's teammates can pass him the ball.That is all for Leon lets go to the next brawler.

9: Piper

I don't really like Piper but she has a lot of potential. The reason she is ranked higher than Leon is because she is easier to play with and is better in a different variety of game modes.Piper is good in Gem Grab, Bounty, Open maps, Duo Showdown, and Heist. Piper is goo…

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Speedmaster6670 Speedmaster6670 20 days ago

Regarding Tags...

Here are some unique properties of Tags I found out:

  • Tags only contain P, Y, L, Q, G, R, J, C, U, V, Zero, Two, Eight, and Nine. No other characters are present. (by this note, there are no O's.)
  • There is no set length of Tags. The shortest one I could find was 3 characters long.
  • Either a number or a letter can come first.

That's all I could find for now! Thanks for tuning in for today, and see you next time!

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 25 days ago

Murder On The Starr Park Express Ep4

Agent P Thinks About The Murders

Agent P sat in front of his window and closed his eyes, trying order his thoughts about the murders and to concentrate on solving what was proving to be a really tough puzzle.

It doesn’t make sense. Why would someone want to kill Bull and Bo? And what weapon did they use? How did they manage to kill twice undetected? It’s impossible unless...

I must be missing something. Something obvious. Something which was said that I forgot about. Some small detail. Something hiding in plain sight...

Agent P opened his eyes and looked outside his window. Outside snow as white as chalk and sky blue ice rained from the sky.

It must be cold out there. Very cold. Where have I heard that before? Cold?

Suddenly Agent P had an idea …

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 25 days ago

Murder On The Starr Park Express Ep3

Agent P Interviews The Rest Of The Suspects

“Please sit down Brock and Dynamike.” Said Agent P. “I would appreciate any help you can offer me. There is a killer on this train and they are very much at large. In fact, I am concerned for the safety of everyone onboard. We are still many hours from the Starr Park HQ and we are all in grave danger.”

”Isn’t it exciting!” Said Dynamike. “A real life murder! Of course it’s sad that Bull was killed but nothing as exciting as this has ever happened to me in my entire life! It’s like something out of a film or a detective novel.”

”It’s certainly very strange.” Added Brock. “I mean, why would anyone want to kill Bull?”

”That is what I intend to find out.” Said Agent P, adjusting his bow-tie. “Did you se…

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 25 days ago

Murder On The Starr Park Express Ep2

Agent P Examines The Crime Scene

There were cries of disbelief as Agent P examined Bull’s dead body. In the middle of his chest was a single bullet sized hole, but Agent P immediately noticed several things which didn’t add up.

First of all there was no blood coming from the bullet hole. The hole was of a considerable size and yet not a droplet of blood had come out.

Another thing that baffled him was that there was no bullet to be found. The entire train had been searched thoroughly but no gun had been found either.

Lastly, it was impossible to pin down exactly when Bull was killed because his face was hidden by the magazine he was reading. It was only when Jessie spoke to him that she realised that he was dead.

It would take a criminal master…

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 25 days ago

Murder On The Starr Park Express Ep1


The Starr Park Express was a very old train. The white paint on the outside was peeling off and some of the windows were smashed, letting in gusts of cold, vicious air.

It was no luxury train but it moved fast and did its job well.

Onboard were 10 Brawlers. Today they were being transported to Starr Park HQ in preparation for a meeting of Starr Park employees.

Shelly, Colt, Bull, Jessie, Brock, Dynamike, Bo, Tick, 8-Bit and Mr P sat in their seats, only getting up to use the bathroom. A deep and profound silence filled the train carriage. The world outside hurtled by as the train began to pick up speed.

Chapter One: A Murder Is Announced

The train was divided up into 5 cabins, each holding a maximum of 2 people. On one extreme of the tr…

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HunterBcon HunterBcon 24 December 2020

Rating All Gamemodes (Opinion)

I won't be including gamemodes such as Big Game, Robo Rumble, Boss Fight, or Super City Rampage. I also won't be rating removed gamemodes and temporarily gamemodes. I might rate them in another post someday. This is my opinion so don't think too hard. (This my first post)


Bounty just isn't the type of gamemode I like. Like sure you kill the enemys and earn bounty stars but still it's really not that interesting. Oh sure brawl stars added an blue star and sure it makes things much more interesting. Like it is very competitive but its just boring and lame when all you do is kill,kill,kill back and fourth.


Heist is a bit different from most of the gamemodes. The thing about Heist is that its really hard to defend your heist while…

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TheMan64.82 TheMan64.82 17 December 2020

Origins of all the names in BRAWL STARS

Shelly shoots shells out of her shotgun.

Nita is like some Native American name for bear somewhere I don't know.

Colt uses a type of gun called a colt.

Bull has the same personality and similar appearance as a bull.

Don't mess with Jess! (refers to Pam's scrapyard)

Brock is shooting rockets.

Dynamike throws dynamite.

Bo shoots with a bow.

Tick shoots mines that tick 3 times before exploding. (tick, tick, tick, BOOM)

8-Bit is designed like an 8-Bit arcade machine.

Emz is a type of file on a device. This refers to how much she uses her phone.

Theories also suggest Electro Magnetic Zombie but I don't think it suits her.

El Primo is spanish for The Prime (NOT THE "COUSIN")

Barley is a bartender.

Poco is a musical term. This refers to Poco playing music with a guitar.

Rosa is a botanist…

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Föøp Föøp 12 December 2020

Map Maker and stuff

You probably have heard from a bunch of people saying that, "Map Maker will change Brawl Stars forever and will make it much more better!" and "The Map Maker system should be fixed and they should scan for troll maps so that good maps will be more prevalent >:(", they are both true and i completely agree with them, but for the second one

You see, to get a map onto the competition entry slot and heck— even the winners slot, a bunch of people need to vote on that map and that map specifically, they first need to submit it and let ten people make it have at least a score with over 50% approval, then it has to go to the process of people playing that map which could vary as maps change every 10 seconds and it's not likely that you and your frie…

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TheMan64.82 TheMan64.82 28 November 2020

Top 10 "Pro" Darryl Tips

I am one of the most experienced and best Darryls on the wiki and played Darryl for majority of my hours on Brawl Stars.

I got him to Rank 25 some months ago and am literally pushing Rank 30 right now


  1. Always wait for the perfect roll. U don't want a roll that gets close enough to the enemy. U need to land right on top of them so that they get knocked back. This is treated as a "stun" and they pretty much will receive full shotgun damage.
  2. Best modes for Darryl? Brawl Ball, Heist, Siege and if you're trophy pushing like me then Showdown as well.
  3. Tar Barrel or Recoiling Rotator? Generally Recoiling Rotator is extremely good for that super charge (or safe damage) and Tar Barrel is only good in 1v1 situations such as showdown, but Tar Barr…
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MaybeWantsToEdit MaybeWantsToEdit 24 November 2020

Draft for Friendly Games oage

Friendly Games are a feature in Brawl Stars which allow you to play every gamemode except Special Events and every map in the game, without loosing or gaining Trophies. In addition, all Brawlers are maxed and have their Star Powers and Gadgets equipable before the match.

You can play with friends and clubmates if you invite them, or you can play with bots. You also have the option to turn off bots by pressing the green power symbol on the top left corner of a player slot. You can play with no bots with Showdown being the exception as 2 players are required to play it.

You can also play your own Map Maker map to test out or play with friends. After your friends play a submitted map, a pop-up will show asking wether they liked the map or not.


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OwenLane OwenLane 23 November 2020

Brawl Stars

Ok so this is my first blog post. Keep in mind i'm just a kid and i'm still figuring this stuff out. Just wanted to talk about my current status on brawl stars. So my stagy is to get all of my brawler's to a certain rank by 5s majority of mine are at 15 right now, some at 20. When I get new brawlers I just catch them up. At the time of this post I currently have 24 brawlers and 8277 trophies. However my rate is about 500 trophies per day so that's soon gonna be inaccurate. I have been grinding a lot as my old account was deleted about a year ago and I came back 2 months ago loving the new updates and the game itself all over again. I will probably make a new update soon telling you any updates on my brawlers, trophies, strategies, and over…

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Nitetendo333 Nitetendo333 21 November 2020

Brawl Stars Tier List (November 2020)

This is my 1st Blog Post and I won' t be able to get details on why a brawler is good or bad but I hope you enjoy my tier list.










31.El Primo







24.Mr. P
























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LatteCats LatteCats 13 November 2020

Why I hate Backstabbing in Brawl Stars

I hate Backstabbing you can disagree with me I don't care. But if your thinking i'm a teamer .I'm not i don't go spinning right off the bat to team and I don't. If i see a person spinning towards me I'll go sure what the heck why not team. I know teaming is a problem and I want to stop it,but backstabbing is not right.I'f you wanna stop teaming, then stop spinning to get close to your oppnent to kill them. I do think teaming is a problem because I've seen players team in front of of me and there nothing I can do. Except I think its heartless to backstab . I've been backstabbed and it get me so angry. That the next game I look for the exact same brawler that killed me last round and go after them and just target the whole game. I wanted to …

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MrNoobGuy6 MrNoobGuy6 12 November 2020

Brawler attacks that does not makes sence

so theese are opinions

İdk how to write sense or sence lol

Hello bois to the "daily" blog!

  1. We all know Molotof Coctails spills fire, right? NAH Supercell will make it spill alchohol. Thanks supercell.
  2. Wai.. wh.. uh.. haa? İ remembered that werewolf leon throw dog biscuits. Not sure it will be affective lol
  3. Oh wait why Rico squished 10 popcorns in a baloon? Why?
  4. Throwing bluberry pie pies are weird, but nice attack tho (get it?)
  5. You could find something better to bonk someone, right Leonard?
  6. This is not visual, but S.J. skin actually makes electricc noise.
  7. oh BOİ cannot wait to bonk someone with a shovel as Mortis

Bad blog

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MrNoobGuy6 MrNoobGuy6 10 November 2020


We all are annoyed by how chaos-y (not enough for me but okay), so i made this to survive in the chaos.

What brawler should i choose?

That is up to you, but İ recommend brawlers that have the most utility points. Like:

  • Gene
  • Sandy
  • 8-Bit (not teally but damage booster)
  • Pam

Stayin’ aliiiiveeeee!

Well, its hard to stay alive to be honest. İf you do not wanna die, be a support or a tank like frank. Dode anything that comes to you, even a scrappy bullet.

Star power, character and gadget tricks

Gene: Pull someone to your teammates and let them kill him. İf you are at a point where enemy has to capture, pull them and damage them a little when you are pulling, then use your gadget to push them away and finish them off.

Sandy: Sandy is SOOOO GOOD. Help the tea…

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SCORLEOs773 SCORLEOs773 10 November 2020

Tips and tricks for a better gameplay

Who doesn't like to know some basic tricks for a better gameplay. If you are a new player or are facing problems in winning matches by reading these ways you will be able to play better compared to your friends, who of course haven't read these ^_^ .


  1. TEASING - In this way one hides behind the walls when in combat with another brawler(really help full if you are a thrower). One occasionally peeks out teasing the enemy. You would need practice with this, to become comfy with this way.
  2. PEEKING - This trick is almost similar to teasing but here one while peeking also shoots to either kill the brawler while taking cover or to maintain your distance.
  3. BUSH CAMPING - This is a very useful tricks for brawlers with high damage. In this way one hid…
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MrNoobGuy6 MrNoobGuy6 9 November 2020

How to become a god at aiming

Hello guys, here is mah latest blog.

  1. Predict: Predict where enemies are going. İf they are going in a straight line, shoot front of them,
  2. Learn: Enemies can dodge(down below), so learn what they are gonna do. Some will try to get close, run. Some will dodge, shoot the opposite direction.
  3. Dodgers: Dodgers are annoying. Some can kill you in 1.8 seconds, some will not kill you. Watch them carefully of what they are doing, and shoot somehere that they will walk to it, maybe.
  4. Random moves: You cannot do anything, so spam bullets and hope they will walk to it. This will work better if you are brock because of the radius.

Best characters for sniping are:

  • Piper: Has really long range, great speed and supreme damage. One of the best. Gadget suggestions: …
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MrNoobGuy6 MrNoobGuy6 5 November 2020

Top 5 best skins (opinion)

This is not tiered, just best skins list.

1:We all know Virus 8-Bit is one of the best. İ mean, “İ eAt BRaWleRs FoR BreKFSaT”?! Who does not love that.

2: Maple barley is one of the best priced skins. And has one of the best attacks.

3:Evil gene. A community favorite. Maybe has the best price and look.

4:”Oh so you like skins? Name someone who does not like Coach Mike.”

5:Okay, maybe Sally Leon is better than Evil gene to be honest.

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Drāgøn K1ng Drāgøn K1ng 4 November 2020

Top 10 Brawlers (November 2020)

Heyo wassup guys, today I’m making another top 10 as the meta has shifted again slightly so let’s go!

  • 1 10: Bo
  • 2 9: Gene
  • 3 8: Mr.P
  • 4 7: Surge
  • 5 6: Tick
  • 6 5: Bea
  • 7 4: Colette
  • 8 3: Max
  • 9 2: Spike
  • 10 1: Amber 👌

Bo did get a Tripwire nerf which did make him slide down a place. However, Bo’s usability in a lot of the game modes still made sure that Bo would stay up as a top 10 brawler. Bo is in a lot of good comps and his first gadget became viable again now that Tripwire isn’t broken. He also is really good as an area control brawler and generally counters tanks.

In the last top 10, Gene was actually number 11 due to his recent nerfs, however, Gene made a comeback again due to how well he counters tanks. Gene’s survivability in the meta + graveyard shift made sure …

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Ryan Kwarteng Ryan Kwarteng 2 November 2020

All Brawlers' damage per second!

To calculate a Brawler's damage per second, you need to take their damage and divide it by their reload.

For e.g.

Shelly's damage per second would be 280 x 5 since her damage is 420 x 5 and her reload is 1.5 seconds. You would divide 1.5 by 420 to get an answer of 280. Therefore, her DPS would be 280 x 5 (1400).

Nita's DPS is 1018.

Colt's DPS is 280 x 6 (1680).

Bull's DPS is 250 x 5 (1250) 500 x 5 (with Berserker) (2500).

Jessie's DPS is 653.

Brock's DPS is 733.

Dynamike's DPS is 658 x 2 (1316).

Bo's DPS is 428 x 3 (1284).

Tick's DPS is 432 x 3 (1296) 476 x 3 (with Automa-Tick Reload) (1428).

8-BIT's DPS is


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FIREBUrn99 FIREBUrn99 27 October 2020

Brawler IMO's Bull

We shall bring the Bull

My Opinion: Bull is complained about being under-powered, but I find that he is very good in 3v3 modes, especially brawl ball and heist. He is one of those brawlers that have balanced/great star powers and has 2 great gadgets. Bull is one of the highest close range DPS brawlers that completely melt anything near him.


T-Bone Injector: Immediate healing, 3 uses, and pairs very well with his aggressive playstyle. 1500 health is no joke, especially when it pairs with his Tough Guy star power. This gadget is top tier IMO and is one of the reasons why Bull is a better brawler.

Stomper: Makes Bull's super so much more threatening, and makes him much more versatile. I love this gadget and had so much fun playing with it…

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FIREBUrn99 FIREBUrn99 25 October 2020

Brawler IMO's Piper

Time for Piper

Piper- I love this brawler, crazy damage and good 1 shot potential. But one things about Piper is her her Reload, which is completely understandable because of her damage. Overall one of my favorite brawlers, and definitely in my top 5 brawlers list.


Auto-Aimer- Underrated, and really not paid attention to. Its great in showdown against people that are very close to you, and is almost essential because of her lack of close range damage and defensive potential. I would run this gadget most of the time, especially in higher trophy ranges.

Homemade Recipe- OVERRATED (my opinion :) I really don't like this gadget, it takes the skill out of sniping. It does finish off brawlers, but in 3v3's they would respawn anyways, and in SD…

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FIREBUrn99 FIREBUrn99 23 October 2020

Brawler IMO's

Im not gonna say basic info, I am just gonna put my thoughts. Lets start with.... Shelly

(Definitely in need for a buff)


Fast Forward- This gadget isn't the worst gadget. It pairs well with her super, and can lead to super chaining where there are more than 1 brawler in your super radius. I prefer this gadget, because it allows you to dodge shots and be a little bit more versatile.

Clay Pigeons- This gadget is meh. Hard to hit, inconsistent damage, plus you only get 3 shots. The only way I see this gadget working is if your trying to finish a brawler off at range, or stealing a kill in showdown. (Should change to 4 Gadgets)

Star Powers-

Shell Shock- Good for Shelly, because she can then catch up to the brawlers who are slowed. The slow is…

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Kittiez Kittiez 20 October 2020

Tips And Tricks In All Game Modes!

Gem Grab:

  1. Go for a high health brawler yet fast to be the gem carrier! If the brawler that is the gem carrier has low health, there is a bigger chance for the enemies to kill the gem carrier. If the gem carrier has high health, the home team will have a bigger chance of winning. Recommendations: El Primo, Rosa, Bull. Frank isn't really that good, since he has a delay when he attacks.
  2. Use a damaging brawler to defend the gem carrier! That keeps a few enemies to keep away. Recommendations: Emz, 8-Bit, Nani, Tick
  3. Use a support and "controlling" brawler to support the whole team! It supports the team and forces the enemy team to go away. Recommendations: Sandy, Poco, Tick, Pam
  4. Run away if you have 10 or more gems! You don't want to risk it and le…
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Captain GLeen Du Grande Captain GLeen Du Grande 19 October 2020

Ranking all Brawlers

Hello there, I made a blog post about the 10 best brawlers once, however I realised there’s some mistakes I made, and wanted to change it up a bit. I also did plan to make about the worst brawlers, so I decided to rank all brawlers instead. Here’s the ranking of all brawlers in my opinion

  • 1 39. Jessie
  • 2 38. Shelly
  • 3 37. Nita
  • 4 36. Leon
  • 5 35. Crow
  • 6 34. Dynamike
  • 7 33. Colt
  • 8 32. 8Bit
  • 9 31. Penny
  • 10 30. Piper
  • 11 29. El Primo
  • 12 28. Gale
  • 13 27. Colette
  • 14 26. Emz
  • 15 25. Frank
  • 16 24. Bull
  • 17 23. Rosa
  • 18 22. Rico
  • 19 21. Brock
  • 20 20. Bibi
  • 21 19. Darryl
  • 22 18. Jacky
  • 23 17. Sandy
  • 24 16. Tick
  • 25 15. Nani
  • 26 14. Bea
  • 27 13. Mr. P
  • 28 12. Mortis
  • 29 11. Barley
  • 30 10. Poco
  • 31 9. Pam
  • 32 8. Surge
  • 33 7. Gene
  • 34 6. Tara
  • 35 5. Carl
  • 36 4. Bo
  • 37 3. Sprout
  • 38 2. Spike
  • 39 1. Max

Jessie has always been in the bottom of the barrel, and unles…

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 16 October 2020

My Top 3 Favorite Frogs 🐸

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna be ranking my Top 3 Favorite Frogs! Some of them are weird, some of them are wacky, but they are all 100% epic! Let’s get straight into the action...


These little critters may be super cute, but they also pack a punch! Poison Dart Frogs are extremely poisonous and the poison contained in their skin is potentially fatal to humans. Tribesmen in South America rub the tips of arrows against the Poison Dart Frog’s skin in order to cover it with poison and to make the arrow even more deadly!

Danger Rating: Very Dangerous


This wonderful and wacky frog has completely transparent skin, making it completely see through! They live in Central and South America, often found nea…

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Drāgøn K1ng Drāgøn K1ng 30 September 2020

Top 10 Brawlers (September-October 2020)

Hey, I don't have that much time but yeah I'm here with a better tier list.

  • 1 10: Bea
  • 2 9: Pam
  • 3 8: Bo
  • 4 7: Mr.P
  • 5 6: Surge
  • 6 5: Tara
  • 7 4: Colette
  • 8 3: Carl
  • 9 2: Max
  • 10 1: Spike 🎉

Oh people, stop saying bea is bad because she is really not. She can obliterate tanks in seconds and she just offers sheer support in general. Bea is the best sniper atm. She also can act as a support when needed.

Ol' Mama J still here. Before, Poco was the best healer as he offered sheer support but now, he got nerfed so Pam is the best rn.  Pam should be played as a support/carrier because she can help her team and carry the main job.

Thanks to his Tripwire gadget. Bo has become an absolute nightmare to face against. Bo is one of the Bounty and Gem Grab goats rn because of his pressu…

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Superbrawler19 Superbrawler19 26 September 2020

Brawl Stars tier list (September 2020)

Hi, today we are going to go through the brawlers from worst to best. If you disagree with anything, please let me know in the comments. 

If you like it, please let me know in the comments as well.

We are covering the brawlers from worst to best, so lets go!

  • 1 39.  Piper
  • 2 Event tier
  • 3 38.  Poco
  • 4 Event tier for Poco
  • 5 37.  Tick
  • 6 Event tier for Tick
  • 7 36.  Jessie
    • 7.1 Notes
  • 8 Jessie's Super:
  • 9 Event tier
  • 10 35. Colette
  • 11 Colette's Super
  • 12 Event tier
  • 13 34.

Piper is a long-range brawler which deals high damage in long-range but low damagw in short-range. I put her as the worst. That's because she reloads quite slowly and deals low damage in short-range

The table below shows her damage based on power level

Damage at min. range
Damage at max. range



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Captain GLeen Du Grande Captain GLeen Du Grande 17 September 2020

The top 10 best brawlers

Before I start this blog post, I'd like to introduce myself a bit. I am Captain GLeen Du Grande, a Rollback in this wiki and a former member of Clash Royale wiki. I eventually lost interest in CR and left. When I was in CR wiki, I was pretty famous for my card ranking blog posts, which I stopped once I left. While I still ranked brawlers previously, I eventually got busy and stopped making blog posts. Nowadays, I rarely make blog posts, but since I found the time after the balance changes, I suppose I will make one. But after that, it'll probably take a very long time before the next.

Anyways, now that I'm done with my introduction, I'll move on to what I think are the 10 best brawlers right now:

  • 1 10. Pam
  • 2 9. Bea
  • 3 8. Mr. P
  • 4 7. Gene
  • 5 6. Bo
  • 6 5. Tar…

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King Raden King Raden 15 September 2020

A Vivid Description of Shelly in Training Cave and more!

 Shelly woke up and felt herself sucking something. She pulled it out from her mouth and found herself staring at the barrel of her shotgun.
 She was horrified. What if she accidentally pulled the trigger in her sleep? Whatever she had eaten for breakfast was not staying in her stomach and she was sickened by the stink of her vomit.
 She tried to get up on her feet but fell down again almost immediately. Her every movement sent a wave of excruciating pain into her rib cage. I may have broken my sixth and seventh ribs, she thought. She massaged her chest until the cruel pain had slowly subsided.
 It was only when she successfully got on her feet that she wondered where she was. On her left and right, there were two walls, each at least thirty …

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King Raden King Raden 15 September 2020

8-BIT with Plugged in: Tips and Tricks in Showdown

Some basic information about the new Star Power:

Once he uses his booster he gets a large area of increased movement speed, which is very strong to dominate areas, make very aggressive plays, be very defensive, and make perfect kills! Also, you don't need to team with others that much to win now with the new Star Power.


  1. At the start you need to focus on getting power cubes, and kill those who come close. It is essential so that you can charge your Super and get your booster up. A decent amount of health is needed for 8-BIT to be able to survive and still dominate without Extra Life in Showdown.
  2. 8-BIT now depends on the booster and the aggressive plays you make with it! Try to place the booster in a defensive position so it's hard to dest…
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King Raden King Raden 15 September 2020

Some Nani tips and tricks in Showdown

  1. Familiarize yourself with Peep's mechanics in Training Cave. It is very essential and often the key to prevent great trophy drops.
  2. Practice how to aim with Nani in friendly games. Nani has a tricky aiming mechanism and it is best to practise more before going to battle.
  3. Some people think that Nani is squishy and underestimates her. Take advantage of this and approach enemies aggressively.
  4. Before the match starts, observer the location of the Power cubes and enemy Brawlers. It can help you decide your strategy in the rest of the match. If you spawn near the corners of the map, you should play passively. If you spawn at the edge of the map, you should play aggressively.
  5. Use the Power cubes at the corner as bait to lure enemies. You can kill them…
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Ldr.Ojaw Ldr.Ojaw 11 September 2020

My Opinion On Teamers

Now, I have regularly seen people complain about randoms and how idiotic they tend to be This is something which I agree on and would like to share my thoughts on randoms in Brawl Stars.Also some tips for addressed randoms(in bold).

Why I find them annoying

These random guys just use any brawler for an event. Once while playing Duo Showdown, my teammate used a Tick and  we lost in like 1 minute flat. I had to tank for him using m El Primo but he didn't do anything at all. In the match end screen, I have never exited as fast as that time.Trust me I hated the guy a lot. I rarely come at 5th rank but that time was an exception. Play thoughtfully and do not use anything that comes to your mind.

Next, these randoms just spam emotes after they got rel…

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Drāgøn K1ng Drāgøn K1ng 9 September 2020

How 2 Max - How 2 Brawl Ep.1

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Max
  • 3 Builds and Tips in Showdown
  • 4 How to play in Brawl Ball 
  • 5 How to play in other modes
  • 6 What is my fav skin and pin?

Hey guys and welcome to my new series where I show pro tips and tricks on how to play with every Brawler in the game. I will try and upload this series every day 😉! So let's get started shall we.

The first episode of the series will be on Max one of my fav brawlers in the game but first let's take a quick peek at her stats.

Rarity: Mythic

Health: 4480 (max level)

Class: Support

Movement Speed: 820 (1107 with super)

Reload Speed: 1.3 seconds

Attacks to charge super: 4

Damage per bullet: 448 (max level)

Range: 8.33

As we can see here Max has average stats but a fast movement speed and flexibility on top of the cake. She has a…

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Mr. Maths Mr. Maths 9 September 2020

Brawl Pass rewards

Brawl Pass rewards
Free pass
Paid Brawl pass
Big Box
Poco Starr skin
Brawl Box

10 gems
Mega Box
Big Box

Brawl Box
100 coins
Big Box

50 coins
Big Box
Big Box

Brawl Box
100 coins
Big Box

Mega Box
Pin Pack
Big Box

Brawl Box
50 power points
Big Box

10 gems
Big Box
Big Box

Brawl Box
100 coins
Big Box

50 coins
Mega Box
Big Box

Mega Box
10 coins
Brawl Box

20 gems
Big Box
Big Box

Brawl Box
100 power points
Big Box

50 power points
Big Box
Big Box

Brawl Box
200 coins
Big Box

Mega Box
Big Box
Colette pin
100 coins
Big Box
Brawl Box
Colette pin
50 power points
Mega Box
Big Box

10 of gems
Big Box
Big Box

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