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Instead of making a new page for the meta, i made a blog post. This is for if a player comes to this wiki to see which brawlers are good or which are bad. Ill edit this when i feel like it. U can edit it too

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Imabot1111 Imabot1111 1 day ago


this page was made to tell you what brawlers are good in the current meta and which brawlers you want to avoid using. I made this page according to two of the best brawl stars youtuber's opinions from experience. if you haven't, i recommend subscribing to tom brawl stars and spenlc brawl stars. if you see this page right now, please be patient with me for i will be working on getting the facts in here as soon as possible

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Mr. Bat 110 Mr. Bat 110 2 days ago

BSS The full cut so far

Part 1: Emz and the Secret Room

Emz was running frantically from something. She didn't know what she was running from, but she didn't want to look back. She looked at her hands and realized that they were weirdly humanoid even though she knew that she had always been undead. But her mind told her otherwise. Then Emz´s leg stopped working and she fell unconscious.

Emz woke up sweating and with tears going down her face. She was almost instantly relieved to find that the horror she experienced was just a dream and she was still undead. After getting ready for the long day ahead of her she went out of her house and ran to greet all the other brawlers. However, no one was there except for Sandy who was always 50% asleep. ¨Hi Sandy!¨ Surprisingly…

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Kaiserhuman Kaiserhuman 6 days ago

If brawl stars was realistic (extended)

They can't regenerate health or respawn.

Brawlers will have less health

Brawlers can't survive a point blank shotgun blast especially from Shelly's super

Colt must have strong wrist, especially if he is shooting a .357 Magnum revolver for the increased range and

speed star power (hence the name magnum special)

Brock will have 4 ammo and he will obliterate all brawlers and destroy walls with his attack.

Squeak can't exist he is only dog drool

Byron will instead poison his team mates.

The US Army would have invaded Amber's home because she have so much oil

Carl's pickaxe will not come back.

Piper will have so much more range and she will lose damage over distance ( like in real life)

Talking of Piper, she would be a war criminal because she use expandi…

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Speedmaster6670 Speedmaster6670 6 days ago


Upon activation, the projectiles from Pam's next attack will remove 25% of an enemies' maximum ammo. Meanwhile, Pam gains 50% of the ammo to her own ammo bar. If an enemy Brawler's ammo bar is empty, Pam will not receive any more ammo even if the projectiles hit them. This Gadget does not work against the Heist safe, the IKE turret in Siege, or spawnables, but it will work against the robots in Boss Fight, Super City Rampage, and Robo Rumble (which assumes the enemy has infinite ammo). A Gadget symbol will glow above Pam's head signaling this Gadget's usage, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown starts after this attack is shot.

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Star-BrawlStars Star-BrawlStars 13 days ago

Skin Tier List! I /tried not to be biased\

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Bloomin' Cacti Bloomin' Cacti 13 days ago

Draft Skins page

I'm still working on this draft page

Skins are cosmetic items that customize the appearance of Brawlers. Apart from changing a Brawler's model, some Skins can also alter animations, projectiles' appearance, sounds, voice lines and VFX.

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John Stratis John Stratis 20 days ago

My favorite skins!

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Jun4888 Jun4888 26 days ago

How to use Brawlers correctly

Hello, this is Jun4888 (stupid joke name). This post is about how to use certain Brawlers.

This will be edited soon. I still have to finalize my previous blog post, the one about Brawler reworks and ideas.


We all know the infamous Tick, a famous and OP Brawler yet still difficult to utilize or even play. But however, here are some extremely niche strategies and tips to help use Tick better.

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Niku1111 Niku1111 29 days ago

A Brief Experiment on Matchmaking

Experiment 1:

I found a way to match many of my accounts with each other in an actual Brawl Stars match. I am not explaining how it was done, but in short, I did it in a mode and trophy range where, at most, there are 2 people in a matchmaking queue.

Here is what I did:

I had 5 accounts set up on 5 different devices, each ready on the same mode. From prior testing, I found that it was not possible for accounts in the same club to match with each other. However, accounts that are friends can match with each other.

I started a screen recording at 9:43 PM. At 00:53, the matchmaking queue was started (53 seconds into the recording). The matchmake was done in a 3v3 game mode, requiring 6 players. Therefore, the matchmake was started around 9:44 PM. …

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Niku1111 Niku1111 23 June

Power League Season

Hello! I consider myself a decent Power League player (though I've been tilting recently) and just wanted to share some tips!

Notes for Juking (Mainly for me):

Switch Targets Use Special Abilities (Hide behind walls, use long range)

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FlumpyYT FlumpyYT 21 June

Gadgets and Star Powers

Hmm…Let’s see here, Shelly’s gadget. Really? Wow! Then let’ take a look at 8-Bit’ Star Power real quick. Gosh this is a annoying, having to go from page to page to find all the gdagets and star powers. Well now, we have all that in one page! No more hassle! Lets’s begin! Please note: I created none of this! All this information comes for the Brawl Stars Fandom!

Shelly: Gadget #1-Fast Forward: "Shelly dashes ahead, skipping a few unnecessary steps!"

Shelly dashes 3.33 tiles in the direction she is facing when she uses this Gadget. Dashing into walls or water will cut the dash short.

Shelly: Gadget #2-Clay Pigeons: "On activation, Shelly's next main attack focuses the fire to a smaller area and increases the range."

Shelly's next main attack will …

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1900Phoenix 1900Phoenix 21 June

Brawler Concept

"Bubbles, well you guessed it, likes bubbles! It may get annoying for others, but she just won't stop. Bubbles am I right?"

Name: Bubbles

Rarity: Mythic

Class: Bubbler

Offense | 0 0

Defense | 0

Utility | 0 0 0 0 0

Attack | Bubbles!

Bubbles' blows a swarm of bubbles around her dealing a small amount of damage. The bubbles charges teammates supers!


Her attack is like Jacky's but a tile bigger. She throws 2 bubbles around her each dealing 420 damage. She must be close to deal some actual damage. The bubbles charges teammates super. 1 Bubble: 10% of they're super. Being more specific, she throws 16 Bubbles around her. Those bubbles would only last for 5 seconds if not touched by an enemy.


Super | Bubble B…

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Niku1111 Niku1111 20 June

Brawl Stars Championship - June 19

I did pretty well in this Championship getting 15, so I decided that I may as well make a page on it, right…? I’d rather make a Blog where hopefully no one sees it…

Credibility (definitely not me bragging):

15 Wins, 2 Losses on Main Account

15 Wins, 2 Losses on Mini Account (0 Trophies)

15 Wins, 2 Losses on 2nd Mini Account (0 Trophies)

14 Wins, 3 Losses on Mini Account (0 Trophies)

Do note that mini accounts usually have easier matchmakes, though I did go against some players with 30k+.

Anyway, the maps are:

Double Swoosh

Some Assembly Required


Hot Potato

Canal Grande

For Map 1 (Double Swoosh)

I’m not great at this map and I proved it by, in almost all my accounts, getting at least one loss. I recommend using Rosa here anyway, with the SP that he…

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Jun4888 Jun4888 18 June

Reworks to Brawlers and my own Brawler

Hello, this is Jun4888 (stupid joke name). My blog post is about Brawler reworks and Brawlers ideas.

Brawler Reworks:


Health: 2800-3920->3200-4480(Max and Leon’s health)

Movement Speed: 820->720 points

Attack: Range increase to 8 tiles, and the attack deals more damage in close-combat just like Leon, but healing is removed from the attack.

Damage per punch: 900-1260 (Mortis’s damage)

Super: His jump now grants him a one-second immunity to damage and any offensive abilities such as knockbacks or effects when he lands, at but the expense of no Trait so Edgar can’t auto-charge anymore.

Fisticuffs->Comfy but Evil Scarf: His scarf now steals 50% the damage of an enemy, which heals Edgar for that amount.

Let’s Fly->Scarf Slam: His next attack makes…

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Galaxywarrior25 Galaxywarrior25 17 June

Current Meta

While I'm no expert, I believe those who add to this page will offer valuable insight to the current ever-evolving meta. Feel free to edit it and add what you believe the current meta is.


  • Tanks, to be specific Primo, Frank, and Bull to an extent. They now charge supers from damage and will almost constantly have their super.
  • Tank counters since tanks are meta. Colette, gale, primo, emz, shelly, etc
  • Belle
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Speedmaster6670 Speedmaster6670 17 June

Brawl Stars Wiki Editing For Dummies

  • Always capitalize the first letter of a sentence, and always capitalize proper nouns, like the names of Brawlers and the names of events.
  • Always end a sentence with a period regardless of context (even if something in-game does not, such as a Trait description). Phrases or dependent clauses do not need an end period. Question marks and exclamation marks are best avoided.
  • Never put two spaces together, and put a space before the first letter of a sentence (there are exceptions, including the first sentence of a page, header, bullet point, and list.)
  • Do not overuse commas, but do not sparingly use them either. Use them to separate similar clauses.
  • Use quotation marks to denote in-game text and to denote custom naming. Do not use them regularly. …

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FlyingNago FlyingNago 10 June

Anniversary Challenge

If you have seen the previous wiki post, there are more details here.

Try to follow teams that have been proven to have high win rate. Don’t mute the text chat as communication is required. Before the challenge, we will do a couple of practice runs in the maps so we can get a good hang of the challenge. Afterwards, I can help some people with their own problems (quests, votes, and more) and can help push brawlers.

Requirements (In case you forgot)

Trophies: 18.5k trophies and above

3v3 wins: 1.5k wins minimum

Showdown wins: 1k wins minimum

Message on my message wall to request, and leave your profile as a link (BrawlStats, Brawlify, and BrawlTime)

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JayTVStudiosYT JayTVStudiosYT 7 June

Voice Actor and Trivia Drafts

This is a draft for a trivia section for Brawlers - for convenience, I've used Shelly as an example.

  • 1 Trivia
  • 2 Voice Actor
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 External links
  • 5 Other pages that need to be made

  • She is the first Brawler given to starting players.
  • Her name is a play on the word "shell," referring to shotgun shells.
  • She is part of the "Western Trio" along with Colt and Spike.
  • Her "Clay Pigeons" gadget is a reference to "clay pigeons," which are used to practice aiming.
  • Her voice actor, Sandra Espinoza, voices two other Brawlers, Emz and Jacky.
  • In beta, she was named Shotgun Shelly and wore a hat.

This is a draft for a voice actor page. I'll use Kai Strotski as an example. [template/image] Kai Strotski is a Canadian voice actor. He portrays Stu in Brawl Stars.

  • He voiced t…

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Niku1111 Niku1111 6 June


I am a Dynamike main, and from what I remember, always have been. I am making this page, regardless on if anyone else sees this, because Dynamike is considered to be a very high skill cap brawler. I find some of the things I have to do with him interesting and wanted to document it here. From henceforth, I will be referring to Dynamike as Dyna.

As a Dynamike main for a long time, I just wanted to make some history on it, as there's been a special connection between me and this brawler. Whether anyone reads this or not does not matter to me, I just like making notes.


I was not a prodigious Dyna; I remember in my first game, I was taken out by a Rico in Thousand Lakes, on a fight over a box. However, I just decided to continue using Dy…

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 30 May

Brawl Stars Herald Ep2

Brawl News - New Skin For Amber Released In Shop

A new skin for Amber has been released in the Brawl Stars shop. Amber de la Vega comes with a custom Brawler model, custom effects, custom animations and a custom texture.

Amber de la Vega is Amber’s first skin and has been praised for its unique design and its reasonable price. It is available in the Brawl Stars shop now.

Exclusive - Who is Brawl Stars’ New Community Manager?

A while ago, it was announced that PdePaula would be taking over the role of Brawl Stars’ community manager after Ryan announced he was stepping down. But who is she? After a series of investigations, the Brawl Stars Herald can bring you the following information:

Paula was born in Barcelona, Spain, but is currently based i…

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Kittiez Kittiez 27 May

The Official "If Colette Had A Diary" Series!

Part 1 (Shelly)

Dear Diary,

Hi Diary! This is my first time writing on this thing. And that thing is you!

I met a brawler today! She was really cool! Her name is Shelly.

I was so excited to meet her!

I went to her house, with my scrapbook in my hands. But she wasn't there. I waited a long time until she came! I was so excited! Her hair was purple but some reason, but who cares! Then Shelly and I went to her house to do some stuff!

She had a lot of stuff in her room. She has a lot of bandaids for some reason.

Wonder why.

Then I noticed a bandaid on her face and she took it off, and went to the garbage can to throw it away. I followed her quickly and grabbed her bandaid right before it got into the garbage can and slammed it on my scrapbook! One for …

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Speedmaster6670 Speedmaster6670 24 May

For My Next Magic Trick...

Note: All variable statistics are for Power Level 1

Brawler Balance and Tweaks


  • Decrease reload time to 1.4 seconds
  • Increase attack and Super range to 8 tiles
  • Clay Pigeons projectile size increased by 25%


  • T-Bone Injector now heals for 2000 health


  • Super Totem health removed (decay still times for 20 seconds)


  • Last Hurrah shield protection increased to 60%


  • Increase movement speed to 770 (Fast)
  • Reload time increased to 1.8 seconds
  • Super burn now charges Stu's Super for 25% per tick
  • Zero Drag range increase decreased to 42%

El Primo tweaks:

  • Increase health to 7000
  • Increase attack range to 3.33 tiles
  • El Primo can now move while using Suplex Supplement and Suplex Supplement activation range increase to 4 tiles (throw distance remains the …

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 23 May

Brawl Stars Herald Ep1

Brawl News - Supercell Releases New Mythic Brawler

A Mythic Brawler called Squeak has been made available in-game for all players to collect in boxes. The brand new Brawler is already extremely popular with players after more than a month of teaser videos and speculation.

Described as Colonel Ruffs’ accidental creation, Squeak fires blob-like projectiles which stick to enemies and do damage. For his super, he lobs a blob which explodes and smaller blobs in all directions, making him perfect for 3v3 game modes where controlling territory effectively is essential.

Squeak’s versatile abilities make him viable in a variety of situations and game modes, and he is an incredibly powerful Brawler according to content creators and Brawl Stars players.…

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Just a radumb Just a radumb 19 May

Top 3 brawlers In showdown.

  • 1 Today i will be ranking the top 3 brawlers in showdown.
    • 1.1 3.Bea
  • 2 2.Surge
  • 3 1.Crow
  • 4 Hope you enjoyed!

Eve though her honey coat got nerfed/reworked she is still dominant in showdown, this is because of her new star power hone comb,it adds so much survivability and with her charged shot she can do massive damage and since MR.P got nerfed she is now much better. You should use honeycomb along with honey molasses so she can slow down tanks and can even destroy higher power-cube opponents using her range and super.

Surge has been showdown meta for the last 1 month and this is because of his gadget, his gadget is completely overpowered and should be nerfed so he cannot teleport through obstacles exuding rope fences and water,and this loss can be comp…

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OceanBreeze83 OceanBreeze83 18 May


Due to the many arguments and low effort posts, I have decided to depart from this wiki for a while. I understand that this wiki has been through many sharp turns and has faced many enemies. And I congratulate that this wiki is still alive today. I’m grateful that you guys have been such a nice community but as is, I have come to a point where i shall leave the wiki for a bit. If you don’t know who I am, I’m breezy, a fandom user that joined on January 5th 2021. As a user I had much enjoyment, meeting many new people and learning new things. I enjoy fandom as a whole but it’s just that I feel no more excitement on the wiki.

It has caused me to feel bored. There’s never any enjoyable post so as is Goodbye!

As someone once said, “Work hard...…

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FrozenMagma FrozenMagma 17 May

Why is Edgar considered toxic???

Hi everbody, I am new to this wiki and I have realised that a lot of people here consider edgar toxic.

For those people I am sorry to annouce that me myself am one. I have always wondered what makes edgar toxic.

Please tell me in the comments.

Thank you


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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 17 May

Weekly Brawl Stars Blog Episode 1

Hello! Welcome to the first episode of my Weekly Brawl Stars Blog, the blog series that brings you unapologetic opinion and the latest Brawl Stars news. If you enjoy this blog series, consider sharing it with others and commenting. Thank you!

Why Brawl Stars Has Stayed So Popular For So Long

Most massively popular mobile games experience a brief but extremely successful golden moment where downloads shoot through the roof and the game experiences exponential growth, but often, the game soon falls out of fashion and loses large amounts of players. Brawl Stars has had its ups and downs in terms of popularity, but so far, it hasn’t experienced a short, sharp decline. Here’s why.

Brawl Stars has a dynamic and flexible game model, meaning that Sup…

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MY May changes ideas.


Edgar hp buff to 3k(IK I am STUpid but I wanna end the Edgar hate sh*t.)

STU Hp buff to 3k(Like what I just said.)

Rico hp buff to 3k(What he is my fav.)

Spike hp buff to 2.6k

Rico DPS to 360

Mortis DPS to 1k

Mortis reload to 2.2(1 with SS)

Primo range increase by 2 spaces.

Shelly's shells does 360 per shell

Bull Range increase buy 2 spaces

Penny does 980.


Stu does 540 for main attack

Edgar does 510 ber scarf

Belle dps is 980

Poco does 5 hits to charge super.

Barley is fine idk why I put him here ;-;(jk lol frick off Barley Supercell will nerf u .)

all ships are not a thing.

Lets fly does 450% now

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MaybeWantsToEdit MaybeWantsToEdit 14 May

Draft for Starr Park page

Starr Park is a fictional theme park a part of the lore of Brawl Stars. It was first shown in the video of a Brawl Talk[1], cutting off the original video halfway through it.

In the video, it shows a bird's view of the park. The introduction starts with a man who will try to convince the people watching this video to invest money in Starr Park throughout the video. The man calls Starr Park a "utopia," where nothing ever goes wrong.

He walks into a studio filled with people who are possibly architects, and asks the viewer as to why anyone would want to leave. The man then walks past a teal lamp, a sculpture that looks like a human Poco, a couple of fake giant lollipops, and a poster of a penguin. The man then says that "the blood, sweat, and …

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Underage problems

Recenlty, They have been a lot of underage and I don't blame them. Why? Because, this is a 9 yr old game guys. I understand ppl coming but annoying. Yes, I want them to leave but I can't blame them since, They play a 9 yr old game.

I am not saying that 9 yr old is allowed but I can't blame them tho.

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DragonOmegaguy DragonOmegaguy 6 May

Brawl Stars Story Collection

Part 1: Emz and the Secret Room

Emz was running frantically from something. She didn't know what she was running from, but she didn't want to look back. She looked at her hands and realized that they were weirdly humanoid even though she knew that she had always been undead. But her mind told her otherwise. Then Emz´s leg stopped working and she fell unconscious.

Emz woke up sweating and with tears going down her face. She was almost instantly relieved to find that the horror she experienced was just a dream and she was still undead. After getting ready for the long day ahead of her she went out of her house and ran to greet all the other brawlers. However, no one was there except for Sandy who was always 50% asleep. ¨Hi Sandy!¨ Surprisingly…

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Trio's and Duo'sof Brawlers

In Brawl Stars there are many brawler's, so there are Trio's and Duo's in Brawl Stars. Here are list all Duo's and Trio's.

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Jbang7335 Jbang7335 4 May

Good-Bye, Ryan; Hello Paula!

It has been announced that Ryan is switching roles the Supercell community on his Twitter and the Brawl Talk.


Brawl Talk: 3:04

In the Brawl Talk, it ended with Ryan saying " " and Dani looking onward to the set. This was showing that there is a new Brawl Talk

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GAK16 GAK16 3 May

WIP Lore Category Proposal

I am creating a series of blog pages for a proposed lore category of the wiki to pitch. KD has said that if done well, a lore page would be interesting nd a good addition to the wiki which is why I am attempting to create one.

This will kinda be an index and i doubt anyone will see this but if you do please leave suggestions on my message wall about it

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Meat87 Meat87 2 May

For tommorow

New chromatic Brawler: Zack!

Zack is a time-traveling superhero that isn't afraid to use his abilities in battle!

Attack: Zack fires a laser beam from his shotgun! It deals only 476 damage, but has a unique quirk: it reloads in only 0.8 seconds and half of it reloads if it hits! It has a range of 8 tiles.

Super: Zack uses time travel to speed up the time for him! He reloads, fires, and moves twice as fast for 5 seconds. It charges in 10 main attack hits and doesn't affect teammates.

Gadget: Zack slows the time for the nearest enemy in a 6 tile radius. It lasts for 3 seconds and lowers the enemy speed, unload, and reload for 25%

Starpower: Zack gets 2 extra ammo slots that he can fire when he doesn't have his normal shots. They reload 10s each, …

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Davidzxy Davidzxy 2 May


Squeak. I want squeak

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FlavTheProfesor FlavTheProfesor 27 April

Help me plz

Does someone know in which file you can find projectile size ?

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DonutProXxYT DonutProXxYT 27 April

Donut Hates MainStream Mark

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SilverVader5 SilverVader5 26 April

Custom Brawler Pins

Custom Pins

Share your custom brawler pins here!

Created by SilverVader5#6440 / SilverVader5

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Ranking all brawlers (Late April 2021)

  • 1 46.  Shelly
  • 2 45. Bull
  • 3 44.  El Primo
  • 4 43.  Dynamike
  • 5 42. Gale
  • 6 41. Leon
  • 7 40. Penny
  • 8 39. Edgar
  • 9 38. Bo
  • 10 37. Brock
  • 11 36. Colt
  • 12 35. Rico
  • 13 34. Spike
  • 14 33. Mr. P
  • 15 32. Emz
  • 16 31. Tara
  • 17 30. Darryl
  • 18 29. Jacky
  • 19 28. Bibi
  • 20 27. Frank
  • 21 26. Lou
  • 22 25. Nita
  • 23 24. Nani
  • 24 23. Piper
  • 25 22. Mortis
  • 26 21. Rosa
  • 27 20. Bea
  • 28 19. Jessie
  • 29 18. Surge
  • 30 17. Tick
  • 31 16. Crow
  • 32 15. Pam
  • 33 14. Colette
  • 34 13. Amber
  • 35 12. Carl
  • 36 11. Gene
  • 37 10. Byron
  • 38 9. Colonel Ruffs
  • 39 8. 8-BIT
  • 40 7. Sandy
  • 41 6. Poco
  • 42 5. Max
  • 43 4. Sprout
  • 44 3. Belle
  • 45 2. Barley
  • 46 1. Stu

In my opinion, excluding PSG Shelly with Clay Pigeons, Shelly is BY FAR the worst brawler in the game, and I don’t think it’s even debatable. Shelly is horrible at high trophies because she really has nothing going for her. She has to get really close to deal tons o…

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Roguefort Gaming YT Roguefort Gaming YT 24 April

Dark Lord Spike

Dark Lord Spike is a Lunar Brawl Skin For Spike which was released on 19th February 2021. It costs 150 Gems. Its also the 4th Skin for Spike after Robo Spike.

It's Features -

Custom Brawler Model

Custom Animations

Custom Effects

Custom Texture

Skin Pins on Reddit by u/Pumpkin_Cat14



No S. Pin

Update Icon

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Kaphoune Kaphoune 24 April

Nemo, a brawler idea for buildabrawler post

So, i would lik the idea of a water brawler so i decided to make Nemo

Nemo is a fish inside of a robotic dive suit, she doesn't bites, sometimes.

She has 3600 HP, and is a support

In her atack she throw an anchor to the enemies, when the anchor hits an enemy the impact pushes them away, it gives 1300 of damage

At the super, Nemo Point, i wanted to make something with crowd control so, Nemo creates an area of tsunamis around her, that pushes enemies inside it to out, enemies who try to get deeper into the area will take slow and 600 damage per second.

On the first acessory, Bermuda Triangle, Nemo creates two puddles of water of water on the map, your friends can get in one of them to leave in another, after 8 seconds it will desappear. Weird.

The sec…

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OceanBreeze83 OceanBreeze83 23 April

Ranking of all Star Powers

Shelly's Shell Shock: Shelly's Shell Shock is a very useful star power for Shelly due to how hard it is to get up close. With a buff to how long it slows means that Shelly and her teammates can get an easy kill just by a little touch of Shelly's super. This is useful in almost every modes due to how easy it is to get a free kill. All in all if optimizing Shelly's star powers then you should first get Shell Shock.

Shelly's Band-Aid: Shelly's Band-Aid is

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Wei2Fast Wei2Fast 22 April

Wiki questions as a Wikipedian

Hi fellow Brawl Stars editors! I just joined this wiki recently on Thursday, 2021-04-22. As a somewhat-experienced Wikipedian, I want to ask questions about this wiki:

1. Is there a namespace (see wp:wp:Project namespace) that consists of administration pages with information, policies, guidelines, essays, processes, discussion relating to the Brawl Stars Wiki?

If there's no such namespace:

A. Is there a Discord server related to this wiki's editing?

B. What are the policies and/or guidelines of creating a new article?

C. What are the policies and/or guidelines of the Manual of Style (wp:wp:MOS)? Specifically the date format (wp:MOS:DATE), the capitalization (wp:MOS:CAPS), etc.

2. Is the monthly Editor Appreciation Giveaway allowed in the game?…

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Forbidden Angel Forbidden Angel 21 April


ツ [Angel] ツ

卂几Ꮆ乇ㄥ ツ

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Forbidden Angel Forbidden Angel 20 April

Private Bio

I am a mysterious bear who came from another planet, I was ruled by a dark lord and dark people only. Those who were not dark would be sent to the dungeons where they were eaten by hounds, when the dark lord was defeated I was left, lonely to starve and suffer, till I was launched in space by one of the dark survivors, and landed on planet earth.

I’m 8-Bit now

im a crow now

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Superbrawler19 Superbrawler19 16 April

Brawl Stars Beginners Guide

Brawl Stars is basically a game where you attack, get power cubes and do all the fighting and stuff. But. if you are new, wouldn't it be a little hard to know what to do? In this blog post, I am going to go through this.

  • 1 What is Brawl Stars
  • 2 Is this game popular
  • 3 How are Brawlers seperated into different catergories?
  • 4 How to start playing

Brawl Stars is basically a fighting and killing game where you power-up and do all kinds of stuff. There are about 40 brawlers in the game. You might need to try your luck to unlock 30 out of 40 of them though.

Well, this game is quite popular, about 500M people play it and its overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars. It is recommend to play it

Well, just by rarities. There are about 7 types (correct me if I am wron…

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Usecodeoj Usecodeoj 14 April

I love Brawl Stars

Hi I am Use:codeoj I have played Brawl Stars since may of 2020. I have 34 brawlers. My favorite brawler is Nani because I love using Peep. My favorite game mode is either showdown or takedown. I can't wait for takedown and lone star to come back. I really want Max because I love using brawlers with speed. I am at 13k trophys. My favorite skin is Streetwear Max(even though I don't have Max). I love to play soccer and baseball. I was born in the U.S. and love going to Minnesota. I love the Minnesota Vikings and love the color purple. If you wanna see my stats or friend me please tell me first so I don't reject you.

Username: Use: Code Oj

Tag: 229PP2RGJ

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Speedmaster6670 Speedmaster6670 11 April

Beginner's Guide, Revised

Brawl Stars is a third-person, top-down shooter game in which you play as your chosen Brawler and compete in a variety of Events. In these Events, you face off against other Brawlers as you attempt to complete a special objective unique to each type of Event.

  • 1 Controls
  • 2 Brawl
  • 3 Brawl Boxes
  • 4 Clubs
  • 5 Battle Log
  • 6 Leaderboards
  • 7 Brawl TV
  • 8 Inbox
  • 9 Friendly Battles
  • 10 Tips

To move your Brawler, drag your finger on the left side of the screen to manipulate the virtual joystick, and your Brawler will move the direction that the joystick is pulled. Dragging your finger on the right side of the screen will manipulate the Attack joystick. Drag it to aim, and release it to fire. Alternately, the joystick can be tapped to perform a "quick-fire" attack. This causes the…

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