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PWL be like

A Power Leauge Match has started The Gamemode is Hot zone The map is Paralell plays

Blue Vs Red The Blue team has Banned EMZ (sorry Boyboy123456789) Red team has banned EL PRIMO

The person at the back of the blue team Choosed Jessie (power 9) Gadget ; Spark Plug

The person at the back of the read team chose Bo (power 10) Gadget : Super totem (btw tripwire sux) SP ; Snare A bear

The middle Ones Blue : (Meg Power 10) (i dont need to say it she only has 1) SP ; Force field

Red : Amber (Power 10) Gadget (no need to say) SP: Wild Flames

The leaders

Blue : Griff (Power 10) Gadget (only 1) SP : Bussiness Ressilience (Btw really hard to spell im maybe wrong)

Red : Poco (Power 2) XD (Btw troll alert)

The Red team got really Upset

Match has started

Blue ; Jes…

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Boko Gamer Boko Gamer 4 days ago

About me, boko.

Hello, I am a regular Fandom user and gamer. I like playing games and editing Fandom pages/articles and take part in discussions with other Fandom users. I play games like Cubic castles, a Sandbox MMO game where you can craft, build, trade, do adventures, parkours, play with others etc. I play Roblox and Brawl Stars too. Brawl stars is a game where you unlock Brawlers and fight with other players in a specific game mode. If you want to ask me something, ask in my Message wall. Thank you for reading all this. I will add more to my Blog later. Bye!

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Wonderfire Wonderfire 6 days ago


Never actually used this thing until now. And people say we should use these more often...

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Captain GLeen Du Grande Captain GLeen Du Grande 13 days ago

Ranking all brawlers (Mid October-November 2021)

  • 1 NOTE: This may NOT be the finalised version due to the possibility of unpredictable balance changes, however i know many of you enjoyed these posts so I'll still post it and I'll edit it if there's any major balance changes. It will be considered as officially finalised in November
  • 2 51. Shelly (-3)
  • 3 50. Penny (-16)
  • 4 49. Gale (-10)
  • 5 48. Carl (-26)
  • 6 47. Lou (-15)
  • 7 46. Mr. P (-1)
  • 8 45. Bo (+2)
  • 9 44. Squeak (+5)
  • 10 43. Colette (-24)
  • 11 42. Jessie (-5)
  • 12 41. Dynamike (+3)
  • 13 40. Nita (-9)
  • 14 39. El Primo (-35)
  • 15 38. Rosa (-12)
  • 16 37. Darryl (+6)
  • 17 36. Bull (-22)
  • 18 35. Frank (-14)
  • 19 34. Jacky (+8)
  • 20 33. Bibi (0)
  • 21 32. Meg (NEW)
  • 22 31. Nani (+9)
  • 23 30. Gene (-28)
  • 24 29. Griff (-8)
  • 25 28. Colt (+10)
  • 26 27. Bea (-11)
  • 27 26. Max (+1)
  • 28 25. Emz (-19)
  • 29 24. Amber (-11)
  • 30 23. Tick (+2)
  • 31 22. 8…
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HuzNinja Ghost HuzNinja Ghost 20 days ago

My top 15 favourite brawlers

15. Crow

I like Crow because of his poison damage and how his super spreads out everywhere, which can be good for seeing where Brawlers like Leon are and brawlers which are in Sandy's super. My favourite skin of his is his Night Mecha Crow skin.

14. Colonel Ruffs

Colonel Ruffs was a brawler of the Season 5 Brawl Pass. I like Ruffs because of his dual lasers that can bounce off walls, and his super is just plain, GOOD! My favourite skin of Ruffs is his Ronin Ruffs skin because of the special pin, which has a sword ⚔ in it it's just cool.

13. Nani

I like Nani because her name is a meme (is it dead? idk). She has high damage and can control her super, which is a cute little robot named Peep. Peep does a fair amount of damage on explosion and it's c…

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BuzzisOP BuzzisOP 21 days ago

I got buzz rip 169 gems

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Elder Rs Elder Rs 22 days ago

New brawler idea:BRAD

Name:Brad Class: Batter Brawler Rarity:legendary Description- Brad uses his Trashbag to take out the trash but its dangerous,his super will trap you for 10 secs!!!

Trait: This brawler has two supers

Attack: Feel the trash! Brad whacks his trashbag to spread rubbish everywhere(much to anger ash) which slows enemies down for 2 secs Duration-1.5 secs Range:Arc Damage of rubbish: 560

Super1- Get trapped! Brad will throw an extra big trashbag which will trap an enemy for 10 secs

Super2- Brad will pick up the trashbag in which the enemy is trapped in which makes his damage added to the brawler trapped.( Example- if he traps a rosa with thousand damage his attack damage will be 1000+550=1550 damage)

Gadget- Healing rubbish Brad will drop a pile of r…

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Iamnotowowo Iamnotowowo 28 days ago

What I Wish Changed About Fandom

Hi, iamnotowowo here. I don't make many blog posts since I'm more of a poster and commenter than a blogger but here I am. I want to talk about some problems I have about both fandom the platform and this specific fandom (if you didn't know, you are on the Brawl Stars fandom). I made this partially because I want to make my first blog post, try make some change in this community and also to point out some problems that I have with this fandom. I'm going to try offer solutions to the problems if they are relevant to this fandom but I don't expect much change from this blog post.

Selective Categories

I wish that you could select what categories you could see in your feed simply because I don't want to see club recommendations and off topic post…

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Super Taro Super Taro 20 September

MEGA BOX simulator

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A863465 A863465 15 September


Rankings aren’t easy

here are the the rankings bellow

48 barley

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Rynzuhdi Rynzuhdi 6 September

Brawl Stars Skin Ideas

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Prabhu BS Prabhu BS 3 September

We can get 2 brawlers in 1 brawl pass!

Many think that we can only get 1 brawler and 2 chromatic skins.But it is not true you can get 2 brawlers and 2 chromatic skins!! now don't think i am lying it is true now as a example you get buzz in tier 30 and you get born bad buzz at tier 70 meanwhile you get surfer carl on tier 1 . so now if you don't have carl you unlock carl plus you get surfer carl so you see you can get 2 brawlers(carl and buzz) and 2 skins(surfer carl and born bad buzz) now i know if you get 3000 trophies you get dynamic but if you have had brawl pass for lou and king lou.

so in that season in tier 1 you get bellhop mike so if dont have 3000 trophies you wouldint have unlocked dynamic but when you collect the bellhop mike skin you unlock dynamic as well(even thoug…

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01134 07734 e 01134 07734 e 3 September

Brawl stars fnf mod

Brawl Stars Mod is a mod created by Dierelc. The original characters from Friday Night Funkin' are replaced with Brawlers from the mobile game Brawl Stars.


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Speedmaster6670 Speedmaster6670 30 August

Brawl Basics: How to Play

The controls are what you can use to manipulate your Brawler during a battle. All of them can be edited when you go into the Training Cave or in the Settings Menu. You can edit the placements and sizes of the joysticks, the Gadget button, and the emotes menu.

To move your Brawler, drag your finger (preferably your nondominant thumb) on the blue movement joystick. You can edit the movement joystick to be locked when dragging it outside the radius or for it to move with your finger when dragged outside its radius. The speed a Brawler moves at is not affected by how far the joystick is moved; the joystick only affects a Brawler's direction. You cannot control your Brawler with the movement joystick when it is in the air or when a delay or stun…

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Boyboy123456789 Boyboy123456789 29 August

Kittiez argument (blod post cause it broke guidline 11)

Hi I am here to explain about kittiez (I hope he does not mind ;w;)

So as i go on the wiki I always see special posts and all but sometimes I see boring normal posts

If you don't know Kittiez is a very nice person, he has almost never offended anybody and maybe he types weird but is it really so bad that he deserves so much hate? I completely hate it when people offend him saying he's underage and annoying.


His typing is a bit off i will admit but he's really kind if you chat with him

I don't believe for a second he's underage

He's just a silly teenager and I can't blame him, I'm not a mr.perfect either.

Your probably looking at guildline 11 and saying HeY tHiS iS dIrReCtEd To KiTtIeZ sO iT wIlL DeLeTe (it's to protect hi…

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Hello13world Hello13world 26 August

One of my Brawler creations

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Kolyash25 Kolyash25 23 August

Buff n Nerf (Requests open!)

Health Nerf: Decreased from 6000 to 5600 ( + 280 each power level)

Attack Damage Buff: From 360 to 380 ( + 19 each level

Super Damage Buff: From 800 to 820 ( + 41 each level)

Health Nerf: Decreased from 3800 to 3600 ( + 180 each level)

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BS Gamerz BS Gamerz 23 August

Strategy For New Edgar

I Have Played Brawl Stars For More Than A Year . I Am Going To Tell Some Tips For My Favourite Brawler : EDGAR

(TIP: I Have A Rank 10 Edgar with power 6 . This Is What I See)

Edgar Is Fairly Powerful . He Uses His Super To Jump On Enemies . Use This To You Advantage in solo showdown -

1) In Solo Showdown , It Is Best For Him To Stay In A Bush For Nearly The Whole Game . After Getting a good few power cubes , of course :) Then , When The Final Enemy remains , Check What Brawler he is . This will Describe the strategy . He Can Beat all Brawlers except - Mortis , Surge , Buzz , Frank And Shelly(with super) . So -

Shelly- Jump Next To Her , She Will Use Her Super , but as you are out of range , she will waste it .Then , With The increased moveme…

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Tired sandy Tired sandy 13 August

first blog

idk what to put here but umm idk i like pugs

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Marvoronc345 Marvoronc345 9 August

chastnye domashnie foto devushek nyu

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Bloomin' Cacti Bloomin' Cacti 7 August

Anyone got new Fan Kit link?

Old one has expired

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1900Phoenix 1900Phoenix 3 August


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TheBeastEthan TheBeastEthan 1 August

July 2021 3v3 Tierlist

Edit soon :D

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Niku1111 Niku1111 1 August

Dynamike II

As a Dynamike main for a very long time, I've noticed some interesting juking trends that I wanted to share here! However, I think that these might only be true for Dynamike/throwers, because I absolutely suck with sharpshooters. Still, it might mean something for other Brawlers. I'm going to call Dynamike by the name of "Dyna" for now on. Also, the only mode where I can truly shine with Dynamike is Brawl Ball, which is something that I might need to work on, and I'm still ok with him in other modes.

Classifying Brawlers

Now, different types of Brawlers juke differently, and some Brawlers (namely Sandy) have their own unique juking pattern. I believe that they all follow a similar, common trend, but when a Brawler can attack you, the player focu…

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Ranking all brawlers (August 2021)

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 49. Squeak (NEW)
  • 3 48. Shelly (-2)
  • 4 47. Bo (-9)
  • 5 46. Edgar (-7)
  • 6 45. Mr. P (-12)
  • 7 44. Dynamike (-1)
  • 8 43. Darryl (-13)
  • 9 42. Jacky (-13)
  • 10 41. Pam (-26)
  • 11 40. Nani (-16)
  • 12 39. Gale (+3)
  • 13 38. Colt (-2)
  • 14 37. Jessie (-18)
  • 15 36. 8-BIT (-28)
  • 16 35. Brock (+2)
  • 17 34. Penny (+6)
  • 18 33. Bibi (-5)
  • 19 32. Lou (-6)
  • 20 31. Nita (-6)
  • 21 30. Mortis (-8)
  • 22 29. Leon (+12)
  • 23 28. Byron (-18)
  • 24 27. Max (-22)
  • 25 26. Rosa (-5)
  • 26 25. Tick (-8)
  • 27 24. Barley (-22)
  • 28 23. Sprout (-19)
  • 29 22. Carl (-10)
  • 30 21. Griff (NEW)
  • 31 20. Frank (+7)
  • 32 19. Colette (-5)
  • 33 18. Piper (+5)
  • 34 17. Poco (-11)
  • 35 16. Bea (+4)
  • 36 15. Buzz (NEW)
  • 37 14. Bull (+31)
  • 38 13. Amber (0)
  • 39 12. Spike (+22)
  • 40 11. Colonel Ruffs (-2)
  • 41 10. Crow (+6)
  • 42 9. Surge (+9)
  • 43 8. Tara (+23)
  • 44 7. Sandy (0)
  • 45 6. Emz (+26)
  • 46 5. Rico (+30)
  • 47 4. El Primo (+40)
  • 48 3. …
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AloeVera0 AloeVera0 30 July

How to Nani

In this blog I'm making, I will tell some tips on how to use Nani. Nani requires a ton of skill, which is something I lack so I have no idea why I main Nani.

Before I list any tips here I will say some stuff (I am really bad at this) I am a quite good Nani player with a maxed out Nani and a r25. I feel like I have the skill in order to get a r30 but I am too scared to tilt plus I don't have friends.

Some of this is based on my experience.


  • 1 General Tips That You Should Know
  • 2 How to Use Return to Sender
  • 3 How to Use Warp Blast
  • 4 How to Use Tempered Steel
  • 5 How to Use Autofocus
  • 6 What maps Nani is good on
  • 7 r25 Guide
  • 8 How to Use Nani in Gamemodes
    • 8.1 Gem Grab
    • 8.2 Showdown
    • 8.3 Duo Showdown
    • 8.4 Brawl Ball
    • 8.5 Bounty
    • 8.6 Siege
    • 8.7 Heist
    • 8.8 Hot Zone
    • 8.9 Knockout
  • 9 Non-Competi…

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AloeVera0 AloeVera0 29 July

test blog post delete this soon after i make this

mods delete this lol just testing if making a blog post works

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Sampro22 Sampro22 28 July

Valutating Griff

So Griff is a strong brawler, and his damage is very good. His super, could be better, but does very big damage and is territorial. His gadget is a bit like Dinamike’s super, exept it takes a little longer to explode, and does a rough 2000 damage. I think he is very good, but should be in chromantic rarity. (Also this is a personal opinion so write anithing about it in the comments)

P.S. Speedmaster wrote this:


Griff is very strong - stronger than Buzz, in a sense. Especially his Super.

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Instead of making a new page for the meta, i made a blog post. This is for if a player comes to this wiki to see which brawlers are good or which are bad. Ill edit this when i feel like it. U can edit it too

Meta Of August 2021!

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Imabot1111 Imabot1111 26 July


this page was made to tell you what brawlers are good in the current meta and which brawlers you want to avoid using. I made this page according to two of the best brawl stars youtuber's opinions from experience. if you haven't, i recommend subscribing to tom brawl stars and spenlc brawl stars. if you see this page right now, please be patient with me for i will be working on getting the facts in here as soon as possible

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Mr. Bat 110 Mr. Bat 110 25 July

BSS The full cut so far

Part 1: Emz and the Secret Room

Emz was running frantically from something. She didn't know what she was running from, but she didn't want to look back. She looked at her hands and realized that they were weirdly humanoid even though she knew that she had always been undead. But her mind told her otherwise. Then Emz´s leg stopped working and she fell unconscious.

Emz woke up sweating and with tears going down her face. She was almost instantly relieved to find that the horror she experienced was just a dream and she was still undead. After getting ready for the long day ahead of her she went out of her house and ran to greet all the other brawlers. However, no one was there except for Sandy who was always 50% asleep. ¨Hi Sandy!¨ Surprisingly…

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Kaiserhuman Kaiserhuman 22 July

If brawl stars was realistic (extended)

They can't regenerate health or respawn.

Brawlers will have less health

Brawlers can't survive a point blank shotgun blast especially from Shelly's super

Colt must have strong wrist, especially if he is shooting a .357 Magnum revolver for the increased range and

speed star power (hence the name magnum special)

Brock will have 4 ammo and he will obliterate all brawlers and destroy walls with his attack.

Squeak can't exist he is only dog drool

Byron will instead poison his team mates.

The US Army would have invaded Amber's home because she have so much oil

Carl's pickaxe will not come back.

Piper will have so much more range and she will lose damage over distance ( like in real life)

Talking of Piper, she would be a war criminal because she use expandi…

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Star-BrawlStars Star-BrawlStars 14 July

Skin Tier List! I /tried not to be biased\

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Bloomin' Cacti Bloomin' Cacti 14 July

Draft Skins page

I'm still working on this draft page

Skins are cosmetic items that customize the appearance of Brawlers. Apart from changing a Brawler's model, some Skins can also alter animations, projectiles' appearance, sounds, voice lines and VFX.

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John Stratis John Stratis 7 July

My favorite skins!

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Jun4888 Jun4888 1 July

How to use Brawlers correctly

Hello, this is Jun4888. This blog post is about how to push certain high-skill cap Brawlers.

Let’s start with Tick. Tick is honestly a mixed difficulty with Tick mains like me, but in the hands of a bad player, he’s absolutely unplayable. Thankfully, after much playtime with him, I’ve uncovered an abundance of tips and strategies.

When pushing Tick, be stingy with Last Hurrah as it can help more than saving your life from close-ranged Brawlers. It can be used to push enemies into dangerous entities such as the gas or meteors or can push enemies away from vital items EDs or Gems. It can be used in Brawl Ball to halt a goal or to knock the ball/trophy out of an enemy’s grasp in speed-based events, which again, includes Brawl Ball.

Tick fares be…

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Niku1111 Niku1111 29 June

A Brief Experiment on Matchmaking

Experiment 1:

I found a way to match many of my accounts with each other in an actual Brawl Stars match. I am not explaining how it was done, but in short, I did it in a mode and trophy range where, at most, there are 2 people in a matchmaking queue.

Here is what I did:

I had 5 accounts set up on 5 different devices, each ready on the same mode. From prior testing, I found that it was not possible for accounts in the same club to match with each other. However, accounts that are friends can match with each other.

I started a screen recording at 9:43 PM. At 00:53, the matchmaking queue was started (53 seconds into the recording). The matchmake was done in a 3v3 game mode, requiring 6 players. Therefore, the matchmake was started around 9:44 PM. …

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Niku1111 Niku1111 23 June

Power League Season

Hello! I consider myself a decent Power League player (though I've been tilting recently) and just wanted to share some tips!

Notes for Juking (Mainly for me):

Switch Targets Use Special Abilities (Hide behind walls, use long range)

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FlumpyYT FlumpyYT 21 June

Gadgets and Star Powers

Hmm…Let’s see here, Shelly’s gadget. Really? Wow! Then let’ take a look at 8-Bit’ Star Power real quick. Gosh this is a annoying, having to go from page to page to find all the gdagets and star powers. Well now, we have all that in one page! No more hassle! Lets’s begin! Please note: I created none of this! All this information comes for the Brawl Stars Fandom!

Shelly: Gadget #1-Fast Forward: "Shelly dashes ahead, skipping a few unnecessary steps!"

Shelly dashes 3.33 tiles in the direction she is facing when she uses this Gadget. Dashing into walls or water will cut the dash short.

Shelly: Gadget #2-Clay Pigeons: "On activation, Shelly's next main attack focuses the fire to a smaller area and increases the range."

Shelly's next main attack will …

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1900Phoenix 1900Phoenix 21 June

Brawler Concept

"Bubbles, well you guessed it, likes bubbles! It may get annoying for others, but she just won't stop. Bubbles am I right?"

Name: Bubbles

Rarity: Mythic

Class: Bubbler

Offense | 0 0

Defense | 0

Utility | 0 0 0 0 0

Attack | Bubbles!

Bubbles' blows a swarm of bubbles around her dealing a small amount of damage. The bubbles charges teammates supers!


Her attack is like Jacky's but a tile bigger. She throws 2 bubbles around her each dealing 420 damage. She must be close to deal some actual damage. The bubbles charges teammates super. 1 Bubble: 10% of they're super. Being more specific, she throws 16 Bubbles around her. Those bubbles would only last for 5 seconds if not touched by an enemy.


Super | Bubble B…

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Niku1111 Niku1111 20 June

Brawl Stars Championship - June 19

I did pretty well in this Championship getting 15, so I decided that I may as well make a page on it, right…? I’d rather make a Blog where hopefully no one sees it…

Credibility (definitely not me bragging):

15 Wins, 2 Losses on Main Account

15 Wins, 2 Losses on Mini Account (0 Trophies)

15 Wins, 2 Losses on 2nd Mini Account (0 Trophies)

14 Wins, 3 Losses on Mini Account (0 Trophies)

Do note that mini accounts usually have easier matchmakes, though I did go against some players with 30k+.

Anyway, the maps are:

Double Swoosh

Some Assembly Required


Hot Potato

Canal Grande

For Map 1 (Double Swoosh)

I’m not great at this map and I proved it by, in almost all my accounts, getting at least one loss. I recommend using Rosa here anyway, with the SP that he…

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Jun4888 Jun4888 18 June

Reworks to Brawlers and my own Brawler

Hello, this is Jun4888. This blog post is about balance changes and Brawlers ideas.

Brawler Reworks:


Health: 2800-3920->4200-5880(Bibi‘s health)

Movement Speed: 820->720 points

Attack: Range increased to 3 tiles and healing is removed from the attack.

Damage per punch: 900-1260 (Mortis’s damage)

Super: His jump now stuns enemies for 2 seconds in a 3-tile landing radius.

Fisticuffs->Comfy but Evil Scarf: His scarf now steals 50% the damage of an enemy to heal Edgar for that amount.

Let’s Fly->Scarf Slam: His next attack makes his scarf slam the ground, stunning and applying damage over time to the enemy, but not damaging the enemy regularly.


Movement Speed: 720->770 speed points

Super: Scrappy’s health decreased to 2600 (Belle’s health), I…

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Galaxywarrior25 Galaxywarrior25 17 June

Current Meta

While I'm no expert, I believe those who add to this page will offer valuable insight to the current ever-evolving meta. Feel free to edit it and add what you believe the current meta is.


  • Tanks, to be specific Primo, Frank, and Bull to an extent. They now charge supers from damage and will almost constantly have their super.
  • Tank counters since tanks are meta. Colette, gale, primo, emz, shelly, etc
  • Belle
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Speedmaster6670 Speedmaster6670 17 June

Style Guide

  • Always capitalize the first letter of a sentence, and always capitalize proper nouns, like the names of Brawlers and the names of events.
  • Always end a sentence with a period regardless of context (even if something in-game does not, such as a Trait description). Phrases or dependent clauses do not need an end period. Question marks and exclamation marks are best avoided.
  • Never put two spaces together, and put a space before the first letter of a sentence (there are exceptions, including the first sentence of a page, header, bullet point, and list.)
  • Do not overuse commas, but do not sparingly use them either. Use them to separate similar clauses.
  • Use quotation marks to denote in-game text and to denote custom naming. Do not use them regularly. …

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FlyingNago FlyingNago 10 June

Anniversary Challenge

If you have seen the previous wiki post, there are more details here.

Try to follow teams that have been proven to have high win rate. Don’t mute the text chat as communication is required. Before the challenge, we will do a couple of practice runs in the maps so we can get a good hang of the challenge. Afterwards, I can help some people with their own problems (quests, votes, and more) and can help push brawlers.

Requirements (In case you forgot)

Trophies: 18.5k trophies and above

3v3 wins: 1.5k wins minimum

Showdown wins: 1k wins minimum

Message on my message wall to request, and leave your profile as a link (BrawlStats, Brawlify, and BrawlTime)

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JayTVStudiosYT JayTVStudiosYT 7 June

Voice Actor and Trivia Drafts

This is a draft for a trivia section for Brawlers - for convenience, I've used Shelly as an example.

  • 1 Trivia
  • 2 Voice Actor
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 External links
  • 5 Other pages that need to be made

  • She is the first Brawler given to starting players.
  • Her name is a play on the word "shell," referring to shotgun shells.
  • She is part of the "Western Trio" along with Colt and Spike.
  • Her "Clay Pigeons" gadget is a reference to "clay pigeons," which are used to practice aiming.
  • Her voice actor, Sandra Espinoza, voices two other Brawlers, Emz and Jacky.
  • In beta, she was named Shotgun Shelly and wore a hat.

This is a draft for a voice actor page. I'll use Kai Strotski as an example. [template/image] Kai Strotski is a Canadian voice actor. He portrays Stu in Brawl Stars.

  • He voiced t…

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Niku1111 Niku1111 6 June


I am a Dynamike main, and from what I remember, always have been. I am making this page, regardless on if anyone else sees this, because Dynamike is considered to be a very high skill cap brawler. I find some of the things I have to do with him interesting and wanted to document it here. From henceforth, I will be referring to Dynamike as Dyna.

As a Dynamike main for a long time, I just wanted to make some history on it, as there's been a special connection between me and this brawler. Whether anyone reads this or not does not matter to me, I just like making notes.


I was not a prodigious Dyna; I remember in my first game, I was taken out by a Rico in Thousand Lakes, on a fight over a box. However, I just decided to continue using Dy…

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Happy Frog 13 Happy Frog 13 30 May

Brawl Stars Herald Ep2

Brawl News - New Skin For Amber Released In Shop

A new skin for Amber has been released in the Brawl Stars shop. Amber de la Vega comes with a custom Brawler model, custom effects, custom animations and a custom texture.

Amber de la Vega is Amber’s first skin and has been praised for its unique design and its reasonable price. It is available in the Brawl Stars shop now.

Exclusive - Who is Brawl Stars’ New Community Manager?

A while ago, it was announced that PdePaula would be taking over the role of Brawl Stars’ community manager after Ryan announced he was stepping down. But who is she? After a series of investigations, the Brawl Stars Herald can bring you the following information:

Paula was born in Barcelona, Spain, but is currently based i…

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Kittiez Kittiez 27 May

The Official "If Colette Had A Diary" Series!

Part 1 (Shelly)

Dear Diary,

Hi Diary! This is my first time writing on this thing. And that thing is you!

I met a brawler today! She was really cool! Her name is Shelly.

I was so excited to meet her!

I went to her house, with my scrapbook in my hands. But she wasn't there. I waited a long time until she came! I was so excited! Her hair was purple but some reason, but who cares! Then Shelly and I went to her house to do some stuff!

She had a lot of stuff in her room. She has a lot of bandaids for some reason.

Wonder why.

Then I noticed a bandaid on her face and she took it off, and went to the garbage can to throw it away. I followed her quickly and grabbed her bandaid right before it got into the garbage can and slammed it on my scrapbook! One for …

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Speedmaster6670 Speedmaster6670 24 May

Change Concept

Note: All variable statistics are for Power Level 1

Brawler Balance and Tweaks


  • Reload time decreased to 1.5 seconds


  • Silver Bullet now deals as much damage as 3 of Colt's regular bullets


  • Attack splash radius now no longer goes through walls


  • Attack projectile speed increased to 3000
  • Super Totem health removed (totem still gets destroyed after 20 seconds)


  • Increase movement speed to 770 (Fast)
  • Decrease attack range to 6.67 tiles
  • Zero Drag range boost decreased to 43%

El Primo tweaks:

  • Increase attack Super charge rate to 7.2%
  • El Primo can now move while using Suplex Supplement

Darryl tweaks:

  • Attack unload time decreased by 37%
  • Increase bullets fired by Recoiling Rotator to 20 (spread decreased from 24° to 18°)
  • Tar Barrel radius increas…

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