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Block Party is an official map for the Volley Brawl event.


The center is open with two wall clusters diagonal from it faced by two other bush clusters. Near the spawns are three wall clusters and two bush clusters. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Most throwers struggle with control on this map and are not recommended.
  • Sharpshooters should have crowd control abilities on defense and on offense. The walls might be a hindrance for sharpshooters when trying to aim straight, but wall-breaking abilities should be used to break the wall and bush clusters near the enemy side.
  • Heavyweights should move outwards from the side lanes to attack, since in the center they are likely unable to match sharpshooters.
  • Jacky is a more offensive option in this map. As a tank, she can run through the sides and utilize her Pneumatic Booster Gadget to distract and pressure the enemy team. Her fast speed along with very high health can score for the team.
  • Force enemies to move around the top walls with horizontal passes. This provides more ground for your team to safely progress.
  • Sprout can use its Super to block players from getting the ball. However, don't use its Super against teammates, use it against enemies.


  • On 16/06/21, Block Party was added to the game.
  • On 25/08/21, Block Party was removed from the game.