"Five players attempt to defeat the BIG BRAWLER."
Big Game

In the Big Game Event, five players battle one player's "Big" Brawler. The boss has very high health, improved damage output, faster reload, and enhanced abilities, but its ability to self-heal is removed. The Big Brawler attempts to stay alive for as long as possible while the others try to defeat the boss as quickly as possible. The Big Brawler wins the mode by surviving for 2 minutes. Likewise, the normal players win by defeating the boss in under 2 minutes. This is an unranked mode, so Trophies cannot be earned or lost. Brawlers' attacks and Supers are 50% less effective at charging Supers in this mode.

Big Brawler Abilities

  • Health: Big Brawlers have multiplied health depending on the specific Brawler's health with an added bonus of 85000 health. Brawlers that spawn pets/turrets have a slight decrease in total health.
  • Healing: Healing effectiveness from Supers, Star Powers, etc is reduced by 75%. Healing abilities that recover based on maximum health use the maximum health of the Big Brawler.
  • Movement Speed: Big Brawlers move 0.6 tiles faster.
  • Attack: Attack damage is increased linearly by 50%.
  • Reload: Big Brawlers reload twice as fast. This does not effect Carl's main attack speed.
  • Pets: Pets/turrets from Supers have a 50% boost to their attack. Pets/turrets also have a modest increase in total health which is dependent on the health difference between it and the caster.
  • Stun Protection: Big Brawlers can only be stunned for a split second.

Useful Brawlers

  • Jessie, Penny, Nita, and Mr. P: These Brawlers are useful because their Supers spawn either a turret or a minion. They have greatly increased damage and health, and it can be useful for taking out opponents or distracting them for you to take as minimal damage as possible. All of their normal attacks can also hit more than one Brawler at a time, proving useful against crowds. With Nita, she can attack multiple targets at once. Her bear can tank for her if she is in a bad situation. With Jessie, as the boss, she can use her plasma blast to find different targets. With her turret, she can have it tank for her and attack with free will or get away. Penny uses her money bag to hit one opponent and then another if the bag makes contact. Also, her cannon will find where opponents if they are healing and standing still. Mr. P can use his turret to keep spawning robo-porters to distract Brawlers. His main attack can also bounce over walls to damage them.
  • Shelly: If Shelly gets close enough to the boss and charges up her Super, she can consistently chain her Super over again quickly; her damage in close range is high enough to overwhelm the boss as long as she's being supported by other teammates. Shelly's Shell Shock Star Power can slow the boss down so teammates can do more damage.
  • Spike: Spike's high damage allows him to be a consistent damage dealer, he can also use his Super to slow the boss down, giving an advantage for the team to attack the boss.
  • Bibi: Bibi's Home Run ability is able to knock back annoying Brawlers like El Primo and Rosa. Her attack also has a wide range, allowing her to hit all the Brawlers at once if they are in range. Her Home Run Star Power can greatly increase her movement speed, allowing her to pick off pesky ranged brawlers and her Super can bounce back to hit all of the brawlers multiple times. Her knockback can also be good to knockback the Big Brawler into position for the ranged brawlers to attack.
  • Leon: Leon’s Super is useful in allowing him to escape undetected which will confuse Boss Hunters. His Super also allows him to sneak up to the Big Brawler in the case of being a Boss Hunter. Leon also does consistent damage up close which means he can deal consistent damage to short-ranged brawlers like Shelly.
  • Rico: If Rico can get right next to the boss and chain Supers if all of his bullets from his Super hit the enemy boss. This allows him to continuously unload his Super into the boss, dealing massive damage. Also if Rico has his Robo Retreat Star Power as a Big Brawler, once he gets below 40% health, he can run away from Brawlers, making it very hard to hit him and survive longer.
  • Crow: Like Rico, Crow can chain Supers on the Boss Brawler. He can do insane amounts of damage this way. Crow's Extra Toxic Star Power can help by making the boss do less damage, so allies can do more consistent damage. As the Big Brawler, he can survive longer this way.
  • Bull: If a player using him is the Big Brawler, he will ruthlessly deal high damage to anyone close to him and easily charge his Super. If multiple people gang up on him, his Super will likely stun several of them at a time, leading to even more kills. It's best to use sharpshooters or thrower against him. Both of his Star Powers can help him survive longer by killing Brawlers faster or take less damage below 40% health.


  • Attack the Big Brawler from all sides in order to overwhelm them. It's harder for the boss to hit all of you.
  • If the Big Brawler is a single-target attacker, try to attack them all at once. If you just send Brawlers in one at a time, the boss will be able to pick off the individual Brawlers more easily and survive longer.
  • If the Big Brawler is hiding behind a wall, destroy the wall with your Super if possible.


  • On 7/12/17, the Boss Fight event was added to the game.
  • On 18/12/17, Nita's bear, Jessie's turret and Pam's healing station all have a bit less health when these characters are bosses in Boss Fight. The end screen texts were changed from Victory/Defeat to Time Reward.
  • On 5/12/18, Boss Fight was renamed to Big Game.
  • On 13/5/20, the Big Brawler wins if they survive the 2 minute timer. The Big Brawler's health has been adjusted for the new time.
  • On 16/6/20, the Big Brawler's health was reduced by 20000. Fixed a bug which prevented playing Big Game after reaching 20 wins.
  • On 2/7/20, the Big Brawler's pets damage and health, and self-healing were reduced. The Big Brawler's health has now adjusted so that it now depends more on the Brawler's base health.
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