Best Kind Of Gift is a community map for the Present Plunder event. It was added in the Pirate Brawlidays update.


The map has diagonal pathways connected by several bush segments. Near each base are two lakes with walls Brawlers can hide themselves in.


  • It's easy to get trapped in the confined lakes near the edges of the map. If you're waiting for an opportunity to snatch a present head behind the enemy team's central walls.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers work well in virtually all sections of the map.
  • Short-ranged Brawlers should be prepared to be on defense if an enemy ever gets close to their base.
  • Supports should have an adequate damage output. Max and Pam can help protect teammates while they go to snatch presents.
  • The bush segments near the side lanes have access to some of the most open areas of the map which high spread Brawlers can use to pressure enemies to switch lanes.
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