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"Working at Mandy's Candy Shop, what could go wrong? EVERYTHING! Luckily, Berry has the patience and toughness of a workhorse. He seems to hate every second of his job, but at the end of his shift, you might catch a brief smile."
Berry Portrait

Berry is an Epic Brawler who has low health, a potentially high damage output, and can provide consistent healing to himself and allies, at the expense of having a very slow reload speed. His Trait also allows him to charge his Super by healing himself and allies. Berry attacks by lobbing an ice cream cone that splashes onto the ground and creates a melted ice cream puddle on the ground that lasts for a period of time, dealing damage to enemies/healing allies splashed and inside the puddle over time. For his Super, he dashes forward, momentarily sending him into a crazy spin and leaving behind melted ice cream area on the ground that behaves identically to his main attack. His first Gadget, Friendship is Great, pushes back all nearby enemies, healing him and his allies a small amount. His second Gadget, Healthy Additives, doubles the duration of his main attack. His first Star Power, Floor is Fine, increases his reload speed standing on his melted ice cream puddle. His second Star Power, Making a Mess, increases the damage of the first tick of his main attack if it's not thrown on an existing puddle.


"This Brawler charges Super from healing done."

Berry can charge his Super by healing himself and his allies.

Attack: Meltdown

"Berry throws melted ice cream at a targeted area, damage enemies and healing allies on impact and over time."

Berry lobs an ice cream cone over walls that deals damage and creates a melted ice cream puddle where it lands for 6 seconds, dealing damage to enemies who are splashed and standing. However, if Berry or allies stand in the puddle, it instead heals them for health that is 50% of the damage dealt to an enemy. The damage and healing of multiple puddles doesn't stack, meaning it will only do one tick of damage unlike Barley's attack. If a puddle is placed on an already existing puddle, it will stay for 6 seconds after the last puddle was placed.

Super: Sweet Swirl

"Berry dashes forward, spinning and dropping melted ice cream around him, damage enemies and healing allies on impact and over time."

Berry spins forwards, dealing high damage to enemies he hits, healing allies he hits, and creating ice cream puddles following the Super's path. These ice cream puddles behave identically to those of his main attack. Berry can't use his Super to dash over walls or water, and if hit by a stun or knockback while his Super is active, it is cancelled.


Friendship is Great

"Berry swipes his tail, knocking back enemies and healing nearby allies for 1000 health."

Upon activation, enemies around Berry are knocked back while simultaneously healing himself and teammates around him for 1000 health.

Healthy Additives

"Berry's next main attack area lasts for 100% longer."

Activating this Gadget allows Berry's next attack to stay on the ground for 12 seconds. A Gadget symbol will glow above Berry's head signaling this Gadget's activation, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown begins after the attack is used.

Star Powers

Floor is Fine

"Berry gains 50% increased reload speed when standing on his own melted ice cream."

This Star Power increases Berry's reload speed by 50% when standing on an ice cream puddle.

Making a Mess

"Berry's basic attack gains 20% extra damage on impact when painting an unpainted area."

This Star Power increases the damage of the first tick of Berry's main attack by 20%, unless it is thrown onto an existing puddle.


  • Berry's attacks may seem similar to Barley's, but you should not use them in the same way, because they have fundamental differences. Berry is better at covering a large area for a long time, but does not have Barley's ability to deal stacked damage.
  • Throwing Berry's ice cream on an existing puddle will only lengthen the puddle's duration without inflicting any extra damage (or healing), besides the initial hit. Because of this, throwing all your puddles in the same spot is a waste of ammo. It is best to spread out your attacks and focus on area denial.
  • Berry is perfect for Hot Zone, or for controlling the center of the map in any mode. If you cover a large area with his long-lasting attacks, it will both prevent enemies from advancing into it, and create a space of constant healing for Berry's team.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Let's melt your hopes and freeze your dreams."
"Crushing dreams and candy coating nightmares!"
"Time to turn that frown...further down."
"Prepare for a bitter dose of reality with a dash of... Berry."
"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."
"Here comes an extra scoop of Berry sugar."
"Taking the sour of the sweet, getting back on my feet."
"Time for candy. Ugh, gotta watch out for Mandy."
"The sound of salty tears brings sweetness to my ears."


  • 25/06/24:
  • 27/06/24:
    • Neutral Berry could be unlocked early as a bundle for $14.99.
  • 03/07/24:
    • Neutral The Dark Horse Berry skin was added. It was featured as a Starrs of Brawlywood skin.
  • 04/07/24:
    • Neutral Berry became available in the Starr Road.


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