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Beach Ball is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The map has two large and long bush pathways guarded by walls in only two corners. The sides have a similar style of bush clusters but are more elongated and less rectangular. There is more open space for the goal entrances; however the entrances themselves are only two tiles wide. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Medium-ranged Brawlers such as Nita work extremely well on this map because they can target close-ranged Brawlers from a distance and they can dominate against long-ranged Brawlers by utilizing their relatively strong health to get closer to long-ranged enemies, making them extremely versatile and strong against most types of Brawlers.
  • Jacky will be less reliant on her ability to attack around walls on this map because of the relatively small number of walls, but overall her attack style is viable. She can position herself behind the enemy goal barrier if it is still intact, making it easier for teammates to take out any remaining enemy Brawlers as they advance towards the enemy goal. Her health also allows her to be more aggressive when in combat situations, making her a real asset in offensive situations.
  • Close-ranged Brawlers such as Rosa should use the bushes on either side of the map to advance towards the enemy goal undetected. They can also use bushes to ambush unsuspecting enemies if they get too close, giving them a major advantage in combat situations.
  • Wall barriers on this map do not provide much value and are safe to be destroyed with Brawlers such as Frank. However, if you have a Jacky teammate you could be potentially weakening them by destroying these walls.
  • Brawlers are more confined to the bush pathways than the open areas of this map. Try using high-spread Brawlers such as Pam and Emz to pressure enemies into leaving their position.
  • Heavyweights should head into the left lane, fighters into the center lane, and sharpshooters/support Brawlers to the right lane. Heavyweights should carefully move around the bushes and move forward into the barrier bushes if the enemies there are already taken care of.
  • Sprout can use his Super to block the enemy grass. This will force them to go around, making it harder for them to score. This also removes the bushes from the enemy side, taking away their chances of successfully ambushing you.
  • Throwers like Tick or Dynamike can push enemies out of the grass and away from their goal, helping your team advance to their goal.
  • Squeak's Residue gadget can be placed in front of the grasses near the ball to make enemies harder to take the ball and your teammates can easily kill them. You also can place them in other choke points to make enemies slower.


  • On 26/06/19, Beach Ball was added to the game.
  • On 10/09/20, Beach Ball was removed from the game.
  • On 01/03/22, Beach Ball wad added back to the game.