"Bea loves bugs and hugs. She shoots her mechanical drones at range, and her Super sends forth an angry army of swarming bees!"
Bea Portrait

Bea is an Epic Brawler with low health but relatively high damage output. Landing her attack supercharges her next attack, allowing it to deal 175% more damage. Her reload speed is quick, but she only has 1 ammo slot. Her Super shoots 7 drones that damage enemies and slow them down. Her Gadget, Honey Molasses, deploys a hive that creates sticky honey around itself, slowing down enemies who step inside. Her first Star Power, Insta Beeload, supercharges her main attack instantly when she misses it. Her second Star Power, Honey Coat, gives her a brief immunity shield at 1 health point when she is defeated.

Attack: Big Sting

"Bea sends out a long range shot that, upon landing, supercharges her next shot to deal epic damage!"
Bea launches a long-range bee that deals moderate damage. If the shot hits an enemy, her next attack becomes supercharged and does 175% more damage. She does not supercharge her next attack when hitting non-players like Nita's Bear or the Heist Safe.

Super: Iron Hive

"Bea deploys a swarm of drones that move and turn like jets. They slow down any opponents caught in their path."
Bea releases 7 drones that spread out as they travel and slow down enemies they hit for 3 seconds.

Gadget: Honey Molasses

"Bea drops a beehive with a splash of sticky honey around it. The honey slows down enemies that step in it."
Upon activation, Bea creates a beehive at her position that creates a large honey puddle around itself that slows down enemies that touch it. The puddle has a radius of 3 tiles and spreads past any walls. The beehive has 1000 health and will be destroyed if Bea uses her Gadget again.

Star Powers

Insta Beaload

"Instantly supercharge Bea's Big Sting one time if she misses a supercharged shot."
Bea can regain her supercharged shot if she misses it, giving her a second chance to use the supercharged shot. However, she will not get a third chance if she misses it again.

Honey Coat

"Bea escapes certain defeat with 1 health, and gains a momentary shield once per match."
Bea retains 1 health when defeated and gains an immunity shield that lasts for 1 second. This ability can only be used once per match.


  • Bea has only 1 ammo slot and low health, so she can be ambushed easily. It is advised not to stay too close to bushes that cover a large area like in Cavern Churn because close ranged Brawlers that can inflict lots of burst damage, such as Shelly, Bull, or Darryl, may be hiding in it.
  • Since Bea's Super can slow down enemies, she can use it to escape from enemies who are chasing her. She can also use it to slow down enemies who are trying to escape from her.
  • Since Bea's Super spreads out, it is great for checking bushes. However, since she has to hit other brawlers to charge her Super, only use it to check bushes when you know someone is in the bush, or when you need to enter the bush and it is too big to check with her normal attack.
  • Note that Bea's shot will only supercharge her next shot if it hits an enemy Brawler; hitting anything else, such as Showdown crates, the Heist safe, the Siege IKE turret, the Takedown Boss, and Brawler Minions (Scrappy, Nita's bear, etc.), will not supercharge her next shot.
  • Take into consideration that while it is easy to charge Bea's Super (3 shots only), her normal shot and supercharged shot charge the same amount (1/3) to her Super.
  • Usually, most Brawlers are fast enough to be able to dodge Bea's shots. However, upon hitting a Brawler with her Super, it is possible to auto-aim them down very quickly without aiming manually, as the Brawler is slowed down and unable to move fast enough to dodge her shots.
  • It is advisable to place Bea’s gadget behind a wall in order to make it harder for enemies to destroy the beehive, since it only has 1000 health (this will not be the case if a thrower is among the enemies, as they will be able to shoot over the wall).

Voice Lines

Start Of Battles When In The Lead Once Hurt Getting A Kill When Dying When Attacking When Using A Super
Bea start vo 01
"Let's go explore!"
Bea lead vo 01
"I feel like the queen bee!"
Bea hurt vo 01
"Buzz off."
Bea kill vo 01
Bea die vo 01
"Think of the ecosystem!"
Bea atk vo 01
Bea ulti vo 01
"Bee free!"
Bea start vo 02
"Let's see what's buzzing!"
Bea lead vo 02
Bea hurt vo 02
"Mind your own beeswax!"
Bea kill vo 02
Bea die vo 02
"This is most unfortunate."
Bea atk vo 02
Bea ulti vo 02
"Don't call me honey."
Bea start vo 03
"What a fascinating biosphere."
Bea lead vo 03
"I'm buzzing!"
Bea hurt vo 03
"Can you bee more annoying?"
Bea kill vo 03
"Sweet nectar!"
Bea die vo 03
"The hive never forgets!"
Bea atk vo 03
Bea ulti vo 03
"For the colony!"
Bea start vo 04
"Bee cool."
Bea lead vo 04
"Bee-lieve in yourself."
Bea hurt vo 04
"Let me bee."
Bea ulti vo 04
"Hope you like bees!"
Bea start vo 05
"So many specimens to discover!"
Bea lead vo 05
"I'm the bee's knees."
Bea hurt vo 05
"That stings!"


  • 18/12/19:
    • Bea was added to the game. Neutral Image
  • 4/1/20:
    • The Ladybug Bea skin was added. Neutral Image
  • 23/1/20:
    • Bea's Honey Coat shield duration was decreased to 0.6 seconds (from 1 second). Nerf Image
    • Her class was changed to Sharpshooter (from Sniper). Neutral Image
  • 19/2/20:
    • Bea's Honey Coat now triggers only once per a match. Nerf Image
    • Her Honey Coat shield duration was increased to 1 second (from 0.6 seconds). Buff Image
  • 17/3/20:
    • Bea's Gadget Honey Molasses was added. Neutral Image
  • 7/4/20:
    • Bea's main attack projectile speed was increased by 5%. Buff Image
  • 13/5/20:
    • Bea's Gadget Honey Molasses slow area was increased by 20% and now always dropped above Bea. Buff Image


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