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"Throw the ball into the opposing team's basket. You score two points up close, and three points from behind the line. The match ends when one team has 5 points, or the time runs out."
Basket Brawl

Basket Brawl is an Event introduced in the Season 7 update. There are two teams of three players, and Brawlers pick up a ball and attempt to throw it into the enemy team's hoop. The mechanics of Basket Brawl are similar to Trophy Thieves and Brawl Ball. The first team that gets 5 points wins. If the match ends with a tie, there will be overtime, where the first team that scores a point wins. If no point is scored in overtime, the match ends in a draw. The ball spawns in the middle, and after each winning, it’ll spawn on the team whose side was scored on. There is a 6-tile outline radius around the hoops. Brawlers that score inside the line receive get 2 points while Brawlers that score outside the line receive 3 points. Throws with your attack have a range of 5 tiles and consume one bar of ammo (except for Carl, Bea, and Amber), while throws with Supers have a range of 6.67 tiles and use up the Super. Brawlers can auto-aim shots into the basket similar to Brawl Ball, but the hoops move in a pattern that makes a successful auto-aim shot difficult. Most of the time, 3-pointers can only be scored with a Super throw, but in some rare cases where the hoop is more towards the edge of the circle it can be scored with an attack throw.

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Useful Brawlers[]

Shelly: Shelly by herself is very vulnerable to sharpshooters. She serves as a heavyweight counter with the ability to knockback and slow down any Brawler in her path with her devastating Super. Shelly can also handle heavyweights, like El Primo and Bull, though she should be careful of them without her Super because they can defeat her easily without her Super to protect herself from them.
El Primo: The relatively small map makes it incredibly easy to El Primo to get up close to and eliminate enemies. With one Super and his Trait, El Primo becomes an immediate threat to shorter-ranged enemies and can burst them down with the incredibly fast Super charge due to his Trait. His Super can also be used to knock the ball out of an enemy’s grasp, but his Suplex Supplement Gadget is better suited for disarming the ball. Similar to other Brawlers that can move with their Super, El Primo can throw the Ball and use his Super, tricking the enemies and self-passing. With his Meteor Rush Star Power, El Primo can move faster after the Super, allowing him to get past enemies and attempt to score.
Edgar: Edgar has incredible mobility with his Super. He can also charge his Super quickly with his Let's Fly Gadget, which can help him score three-pointers at ease. Edgar also has an extremely fast reload speed and high burst damage, allowing him to attack enemies easily and defuse them from retrieving the ball.
Frank and Rosa: These heavyweights' high health and movement speed allow them to hold onto the ball for a while while tanking enemy fire and providing enough time to shoot the ball into the hoop. They can take advantage of the small map size to deal damage to multiple enemies and quickly charging up their Super for three-pointers, making them a dangerous Brawler to face against.
Max: Max is useful with her attack's long range, her quick Super charge rate, her fast movement speed, and her Super. Max can traverse the small map to the throwing line with one Super, and with her teammates boosted by her Super, they can rush to the other side of the map before the enemy respawns in time to counterattack them or shoot the ball into the hoop.
Stu: His Super can be charged in one attack, adding to Stu's mobility and throwing range. Not only can he eliminate enemies easily with his damage potential and dodge their shots with his Super, but he can also score three-pointers frequently as a result of his Super charge rate, which is quite difficult for enemies to hinder him from scoring.
Gale: Gale's Super is incredibly useful against advancing heavyweights. Gale's greatest asset is to keep close-ranged enemies at bay with a combination of his Super and his Freezing Snow Star Power. With his fast reload speed, he can keep these Brawlers at bay consistently.
Emz: Due to her high area damage at distance and at mid-range, Emz can eliminate advancing enemies and retreating ones. She also has her Friendzoner Gadget which can disarm enemies who are trying to score a point by knocking the ball out of their grasp. Her Super also slows down enemies, and combined with her lingering attack and Friendzoner Gadget, she can control a large portion of the map.
Surge: Surge's ability to outmatch close-ranged Brawlers easily is noticeable in this mode. The small map size, the possibility of heavyweights, and Surge's relatively quick Super charge rate means that he can simply keep enemies at bay with his relatively long range, and if he finds himself too close to a high-damaging enemy, he can teleport away with his Power Surge Gadget and attack them at a range or use his Super to dodge projectiles, distance enemies, or both.
Bibi: Bibi's Home Run knockback can be used to halt the enemy from going anywhere near your team's hoop, along with her good damage output. With a very fast movement speed, decently high health, her Vitamin Booster Gadget and Batting Stance Star Power, she can head move through low-damaging Brawlers and score easily.
Colette: Colette can take out heavyweights easily with her teammates' support, and with her Push It Star Power, she can push back enemies who are currently holding the ball or are close to her side's hoop. She also can charge her Super very quickly (4 hits) so she can get more 3-pointers easily.
Lou: Lou's Super can cover a large area, controlling the area easily. He also has the ability to freeze enemies with Frost and coupled with his Supercool Star Power, this can massively disrupt enemy progression.
Buzz: Buzz's Super can allow him to move around the map quickly, and the stun from the Super can be used both offensively and defensively. His high health makes him a viable ball carrier as well, and, when activating his Reverse Buoy Gadget, Buzz charges his Super instantly, so he can get 3-pointers more frequently.
Fang: Fang's Super can chain onto multiple enemies, deals a good amount of damage with his main attack, and can effectively deter enemies with either Gadget from approaching with the ball, stunning them or damaging them as they try to make it past him. His high health makes him a viable ball carrier as well.
Otis: Otis' Super can avoid enemies from passing the ball or making a basket.
Sam: Sam's Trait makes him very useful, since he starts the match with his Super charged up and - unless he uses his Super - can use that to get the ball and have a three-pointer ready to go. His high health makes him a viable ball carrier as well, and his Hearty Recovery Star Power is particularly useful on this mode, as it heals part of Sam's lost health when picking up his Knuckle Busters.
Buster: Buster is a great aggressive Brawler for this mode, being able to pressure enemies with his high health and damage output, defend allies with his Super that blocks projectiles and converts them into a counterattack projectile, and passively charge his Super if an ally is within a radius of him, thanks to his Trait. Additionally, his Slo-Mo Replay Gadget is handy for disarming the ball carrier.
Gray: Due to the relatively small map, Gray's Super can be used to cover a large portion of the map and give an advantage to him and his teammates. His Walking Cane Gadget can be used to knock the ball from enemies and can also be used to break walls if necessary. His Gran Piano Gadget can be used for a similar purpose. The knockback will remove the ball from enemies' hands while also being able to destroy walls.
Willow: Due to the relatively small map, she can hit enemies easier in order to charge her Super which can then be used to make an enemy self-score.
Chuck: Chuck can be used to travel across the relatively small map while also utilizing he very fast Super self-charge rate to score three pointers with ease. His Super posts landing can also remove the ball from an enemy's hands.


  • If a teammate has a Super and you don’t, pass the ball to them so they may attempt to make a three-pointer.
  • To make baskets easier, throw balls vertically while the basket is moving towards you. Making shots on the y-axis reduces or completely removes the requirement to take into account the x-axis, which is much harder.
  • Three-pointers can be made by standing directly outside the outline without a Super, although it is much more difficult to score a point with your attack. You should only make shots here if there aren’t any enemies nearby.
  • The best area to score is the area near the sides of the semicircle, not in front of it. This increases the accuracy to score easily.
  • It is much easier to score when there are less enemies. Therefore, a viable strategy is for two of the teammates to attempt to eliminate the entire enemy team (or at least two of them), while the last ally attempts to sneak the ball to the other side of the map through the top or bottom and attempt to score. The ally should score quickly and precisely to avoid the enemies respawning and interrupting the attempt to score.
  • If the enemy is alive and your team has only one or two players alive at any time, throw the ball in the enemy corner. This will distract the enemy and allow you and your teammates to regroup for a full on push.


  • On 28/06/21, Basket Brawl was temporarily added to the game in Brawl Pass Season 7.
  • On 02/07/21, the number of points needed for a win was decreased to 5 points (from 10).
  • On 25/08/21, Basket Brawl was removed from the game.
  • On 11/03/22, Basket Brawl was temporarily added back to the game.
  • On 29/06/22, new voiceovers were added for Basket Brawl.
  • On 28/02/23, Basket Brawl was featured as a Community Event for Brawl Pass Season 17.
  • On 08/03/23, the unbreakable walls were removed from Basket Brawl, and were replaced with crates.
  • On 25/04/23, Basket Brawl was removed from the game. It was no longer featured as a Community Event for Brawl Pass Season 18.
  • On 27/02/24, Basket Brawl was added back to the game. It was featured as a Community Event for Brawl Pass Seasons 24 and 25.
  • On 23/04/24, Basket Brawl was removed from the game. It was no longer featured as a Community Event for Brawl Pass Seasons 26 and 27.