Bandit Stash-Map

Map of Bandit Stash

Bandit Stash is a removed official map for the Heist event.


Name Count
Barrel 2
Wooden Box 4
Wooden Fence 51
Lake 4
Green Bush 72


  • Generally, Brawlers that have some sort of "block-destroying" super power, are better for Heist maps. This is because of the fact that the safes are surrounded by a wall of some sort. So, if you break through the wall, it will boost your win chance considerably.
  • Bull can be very useful in Bandit Stash. Because of his block-destroying Super, he can charge right through the fence and open it up for your teammates to attack through.
  • El Primo can be useful for this map, because his Super allows him to launch himself straight to the enemy safe. A good strategy to use with him would be to launch yourself at the fence right in front of the safe, and open up the entire front barrier for your teammates.
  • Barley is a great brawler to have in this map, because of his wall-defying attack. He can stand in the bushes to the side of the enemies safe, and bombard the enemy safe with bombs. When your Super is all charged up, run to the enemy safe and drag the attack in close, then focus all fire on the safe. It will do MASSIVE damage and will likely win you the game.
  • Penny is a good choice for this map, given her ability to place down her Old Lobber. When your Super is ready, place the bomber in the bushes of the small, fenced in area over by the upper-right lake. since it has a very high range, it can bombard the enemy team, and their safe. It is also a good place to put it, because since there is only one way in, it makes it harder for your enemy to get to it.
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