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Arctic extraction is an official map for the 5v5 Gem Grab event.


All five players will spawn slightly off to the left where they are met with a large cluster of bushes partially surrounded by walls. The left corner of each side has a right triangle-shaped bush cluster. Running horizontally slight below the middle of each side is a large cluster of bushes, a row of fences, and two small rows of unbreakable walls. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Sharpshooters, such as Piper, are good on this map due to the large side as well as the map being fairly open.
  • Brawlers whose attacks can pierce multiple targets, such as Nita or Amber, are also great choices due to the semi-open map and having five enemies to deal with.


  • On 27/02/24, Arctic extraction was added to the game.