"Amber has always been a firebug. She loves to light up the world and any opponents that come at her!"
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Amber is a Legendary Brawler that attacks by firing a continuous stream of fire that can pierce through enemies. She has a long range with a reliably high damage output. For her Super, Amber lobs a flask full of fire fluid, which can be ignited and cause nearby enemies to be set on fire. Her Gadget, Fire Starters, increases her movement speed and leaves behind a trail of fire fluid for 3 seconds. Her first Star Power, Wild Flames, allows her to have two fire puddles simultaneously, as well as passively charges her Super when standing on them. Her second Star Power, Scorchin' Siphon, allows her to reload faster while she is near a fire puddle.

Attack: Dragon's Breath

"Amber blows a flaming inferno at her opponents. It looks awesome, but watch out or you'll get seared!"

Amber fires a continuous burst of flames. Each flame is shot at a tenth of a second, and each flame can pierce through enemies. Her one large ammo bar can hold up to 40 flames. The attack will automatically be shot when aimed, and her ammo will "drain" while Amber attacks. She automatically reloads and the bar fills up when not attacking.

Super: Torch 'Em!

"Amber throws a flask of her fire fluid that she can then light up with her firebreathing. Bushes and opposing Brawlers will be toast! (One flask at a time!)"

Amber tosses a bottle of fire fluid over walls, dripping down a trail of black fire fluid as it travels. When it lands on the ground, it creates a 2.67 tile radius puddle of fire fluid. The puddle stays indefinitely until it becomes ignited or another Super is used, and does not affect the enemies in any way. If Amber's flames come in contact with the fluid, however, the fluid will become ignited and burn any enemies that are in the puddle, taking damage over time. Bushes will also become burnt if they are in the puddle upon ignition.

Gadget: Fire Starters

"Amber runs fast for 3.0 seconds while spilling her fire fluid, which she can then ignite."

Amber gains a 14% movement speed boost for 3 seconds, while leaving a trail of fire fluid behind. The fluid acts identical to her Super, which can be ignited and will stay until ignited.

Star Powers

Wild Flames

"Amber can have two fuel puddles on the ground simultaneously and she will recharge her Super automatically when standing near one."

Amber will be able to have two fire fluid puddles from her Super, and the first puddle will only be removed if a 3rd Super is used. Additionally, whenever she is standing in a puddle of fluid from either her Super or Gadget, her Super will passively charge 5% per second.

Scorchin' Siphon

"While being near a puddle of fire fluid, Amber uses it to reload her firebreathing 50% faster."

When Amber is near a puddle of fire fluid, she turns red and reloads 50% faster. This only works near a puddle generated by her Gadget or Super. She has to be a maximum of 0.67 tiles away from the outside of the puddle in order for the Star Power to trigger.


  • Amber is an excellent cover destroyer that can both burn down 18+ tiles of bushes from her main puddle alone while also being able to inflict burn damage, restricting a Brawler's ability to heal and retreat.
  • Trails from Fire Starters should be used as firewalls protecting sharpshooters as they fall back. However, fires do not ignite simultaneously. Keep trails contained to make sure Brawlers get damaged as they pass through.
  • When playing Amber, it is best to aim her attack rather than auto-aim. She can deal more damage by doing this and has more control over the fire-spray.
  • Amber’s Super ability can be used to block off choke points, making it harder for enemies to move around the map. If an enemy Brawler attempts to traverse her fire fluid, she can ignite it from a distance, dealing significant damage over time and making the affected enemy vulnerable and weak.
  • Amber's Super and Gadget can be connected to make a larger puddle of oil, and when combined with her Wild Flames Star Power, can control massive areas of the map.
  • Players should be cautious as to how they position Amber's Super. If thrown in an unfavorable position, like when laning in Gem Grab, it may be inadvisable to attack for fear of lighting a Super puddle at an unfavorable time. It's better to be used to control an area separate from where Amber is doing most of her fighting.
  • In order to land more shots, try and predict the enemy's movement, as there is a small delay between aiming and firing. By aiming where the enemy is likely the move, you will most likely be able to deal maximum damage. If you aim where the enemy currently is, the enemy will not take any damage, as by the time the attacks reach where you have aimed, the enemy probably moved away from that position.
  • Amber's Wild Flames Star Power and Fire Starters Gadget are extremely useful in helping Amber regain her Super quickly. With her Gadget, she can create a large area in which her Super recharges and can never be destroyed by enemies. This will help Amber regain her Super at a ridiculous pace even when fighting other Brawlers.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Ha ha! Wow, so much heat!"
"Woah! Guess I'm flamous now!"
"You're playing with fire."
"Ha ha! Sick burn!"
"Time to hibernate."
Amber scoffs
"Fire fuel!"
"Does anyone have a fire extinguisher?"
"Who's flamous now?"
"Hah! Apply cold water to that burn! No seriously, get it checked."
"I'm burnt out."
Amber laughs
"Fire starter!"
"And the burning continues."
"Ah! I'm a-blazing!"
"You wanna play the flame game?"
"Ha ha! You got roasted. Yikes!"
"Found the fire exit?"
"Feel the heat!"
"Ignite this!"
"Hot hot hot hot hot! Hoo, ha, hot!"
"I'm on fire! Hoo! Hoo! I'm-I'm actually on fire!"
"I'm flaming furious!"
"Burn voyage!"
"I will re-amber you!"
"This is lit!"
"Hoo hoo, I flame to please!"
"I'm still on fire over here!"
"Finally! My fifteen minutes of flame!"
"This is fine."
"Ya burnt!"
"¡Woah, muy caliente!"


  • 22/10/20:
  • 23/10/20:
    • Amber became available to play in matches. Neutral
  • 29/10/20:
    • Amber's health was decreased to 3000 (from 3300). Nerf
    • Her Super damage was decreased to 1800 (from 2000). Nerf
    • The number of hits necessary to charge her Super was increased to 22 (from 17). Nerf
    • Her Super recharge rate from Super Attack decreased by 16%. Nerf
    • Fixed an issue which caused Amber to gain increased Super charge rate from Super Attack with increased Power Levels. Neutral
    • Fixed an issue where Amber's super only dealt 1 damage if she was defeated right before igniting her super. Neutral
  • 11/11/20:
    • Amber's movement speed was decreased to 720 (from 820). Nerf
    • Her main attack damage per second was decreased to 2000 (from 2400). Nerf
  • 13/11/20:
    • Amber's Star Power Scorchin' Siphon was added. Neutral
  • 27/1/21:
    • Amber's health was increased to 3200 (from 3000). Buff
    • Her main attack damage per second was increased to 2200 (from 2000). Buff
  • 15/3/21:
    • Amber's main attack damage per second was decreased to 2000 (from 2200). Nerf
    • Her Super damage was increased to 1920 (from 1800). Buff
  • 7/4/21:
    • Amber's reload time was increased to 8.8 seconds (from 8 seconds). Nerf


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