Acute Angle is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


The map's walls shift right to left with walls set into geometric formations. Near each team is a lake with walls facing towards its team.


  • There are not many bushes but sharpshooters and throwers should hide behind walls and bushes whenever they can. This allows them to merely evade attacks. They can try to destroy the enemy team's obstacles if there isn't a beneficial strategy to them.
  • Assassins and heavyweights can try to hide in the opposing bushes without being seen and attack enemies coming near the gem mine.
  • Carl should shoot enemies that are in the bushes since his pickaxe will return faster if it hits walls.
  • The walls near the lakes provide the most protection once your team starts a countdown.
  • The left an right lane provide more open space than the center lane. The right lane also provides a wall that medium-ranged Brawlers can benefit from.
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