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"8-Bit lumbers along like an arcade cabinet on legs. He shoots Blaster Beams and his Super boosts friendlies' damage!"
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8-Bit is a Common Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 6000 Trophies. He has high health and a high damage output, but suffers by having the slowest movement speed of any Brawler. He attacks by firing long-ranged, high-damaging laser beams. His Super spawns a Damage Booster which boosts the damage of him and his allies within its radius. His first Gadget, Cheat Cartridge, instantly teleports him to his Damage Booster. His second Gadget, Extra Credits, triples the amount of lasers his next attack fires. His first Star Power, Boosted Booster, significantly increases his Damage Booster range and damage boost. His second Star Power, Plugged In, increases his movement speed while within a radius around the Damage Booster.

Attack: Blaster Beams

"Shoots a burst of Blaster Beams that damage any opponent they hit. The beams have medium range and a slight spread."

8-Bit shoots a long-ranged burst of six laser beams with a small spread that deals little damage each. If all 6 beams hit, he can deal a high amount of damage. The attack has a slow unload speed, taking 0.75 seconds to complete.

Super: Damage Booster

"Deploys a turret that increases the damage output of all friendly Brawlers in its area of effect."

8-Bit deploys a turret that increases the damage output of himself and allies inside its radius by 35%. This also increases Byron's healing attacks and healing Supers, but doesn’t affect spawnables or other entities (such as Nita's bear, Jessie's turret, the Siege Bot, the IKE Turret, etc.) and doesn’t stack with other 8-Bit’s Supers, nor does it affect Gadgets or Star Powers such. If a Brawler's abilities make them move out of the radius, such as Bull's and El Primo's Supers, and they were previously inside the Booster, then the damage boost is applied. For an allied Colette, Damage Booster buffs are applied after her base damage is calculated.


Cheat Cartridge

"8-Bit instantly teleports to his Damage Booster."

8-Bit instantly teleports to the location of his booster. He has to be within 12 tiles of his booster to be able to use this Gadget. He retains any status effects while teleporting.

Extra Credits

"8-Bit's next attack has the number of projectiles increased to 18."

After activation, 8-Bit's next attack shoots 18 lasers instead of 6, dealing 3 times the damage of his normal attack in a single attack if all of the lasers hit. Since his attack fires triple the amount of projectiles, the attack takes thrice as long to complete. A Gadget symbol will glow above 8-Bit's head signaling this Gadget's usage, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown starts after this attack is shot.

Star Powers

Boosted Booster

"Increases the Damage Booster's range by 50% and boosts damage by an additional 15%."

This increases the radius of the Damage Booster to from 3.33 tiles to 5 tiles, allowing it to cover more ground, as well as boosting the damage boost from 35% to 50%.

Plugged In

"When 8-Bit is near his Damage Booster, he will plug in and have increased movement speed."

When 8-Bit is within 7 tiles of his Damage Booster, his movement speed is increased from 580 points to 720 points. The area of effect from this Star Power covers the damage boost area of effect, so staying inside his Damage Booster’s range boosts both his speed and damage output. This Star Power has a delay before taking effect.


  • The most important thing to do when playing as 8-Bit is to charge and activate his Super. His Super can control a large area and can easily allow you and allies to deal large amounts of damage to enemies. If your Super is taken down, focus on charging up a second Super and pushing back enemies.
  • Other than his very slow movement speed, 8-Bit has all that one would require from a Brawler - high health and a high damage output, long range, a reasonable reload speed, area control, and even some support abilities, so he functions well in most game modes. However, he is most viable in Heist, Gem Grab, Hot Zone, and Siege due to his high damage output and area control capabilities. In Bounty, Showdown, Knockout, Special Events, and speed-based events such as Brawl Ball, his slow movement speed hinders his survivability, but his high health, long range, and high damage output compensates for that, making him still viable in these modes.
  • 8-Bit’s is very vulnerable to fast Brawlers such as Crow and Leon. At the start of Showdown matches, focus first in defeating these Brawlers at a distance before they get closer and can deal higher damage. 8-Bit has one of the longest ranges in the game to compensate for his slow movement, so keep your distance from enemy Brawlers and out-range them, and if an enemy is chasing you, deal as much damage as you can to them from a distance to force enemy retreat. Additionally, you can also escape by using your Cheat Cartridge Gadget to teleport back to your booster and far away from enemies. However, be cautious of airborne Brawlers like El Primo and Edgar who are also fast and can close the distance with their jumps and easily defeat 8-Bit at close range.
  • If you are low on health and someone is chasing you, you can place your booster down to tank some shots so you can escape more easily. Keep in mind, this won’t be effective against Penny, Jessie, Surge, Belle, or any other Brawler with mechanics that can deal damage to multiple enemies, as their projectiles won’t be fully blocked. Also, note that this should be a last-resort action, as he depends on his booster quite a lot.
  • Due to 8-Bit's slow movement speed, dodging projectiles from other sharpshooters like Colt or throwers like Barley is difficult. So dealing damage behind cover or from afar is recommended as the enemies won’t be able to hit him as easily. This can be compensated with his Plugged In Star Power or other speed boosts, as 8-Bit can fight the fast and long-ranged Brawlers with ease that he’s usually prone to in Showdown. It can also be very useful to control, retreat, and reach a target in most 3v3 modes and special events. Though, Boosted Booster is preferred in Robo Rumble, Boss Fight, and Super City Rampage, where speed is less beneficial.
  • 8-Bit's Cheat Cartridge Gadget can be used to rush and surprise an enemy by throwing his booster over the wall towards the enemy before teleporting to attack them with increased damage, since he normally can’t rush an enemy due to his very slow movement speed. It can also be used to escape enemies by teleporting away if you're low on health or if you’re being cornered.
  • 8-Bit's Extra Credits Gadget combined with his Super would deal enough damage to eliminate almost all Brawlers in-game without losing ammo, but it can be easily avoided. Use it on modes with stationary targets like Heist and Siege, with it dealing devastating damage to these above examples. You may also use it in Special Events to deal extra damage to the Bosses in each event, but note that mobility is very important in Super City Rampage and might justify the usage of Cheat Cartridge.
  • Byron can use his healing abilities to further justify 8-Bit's already high health at a range, and 8-Bit's Super can boost Byron's healing, so they have a great synergy together. This can also lead to devastating results in Siege if 8-Bit and Byron can remain concealed up to the corners closest to the enemy IKE. 8-Bit must place his booster down to boost his damage and Byron’s healing, and Byron heals 8-Bit while 8-Bit deals damage to the IKE, especially with his Extra Credits Gadget. High-damaging Brawlers like Amber, Spike, and Colt also work well with 8-Bit and help him get the most out of the booster.
  • It is typically a good idea to place your booster behind a wall (unless attacking where you can tank damage with the booster) because it’ll be harder to destroy and if someone gets there, you can use Cheat Cartridge to eliminate them. This is even more effective with Boosted Booster as it can provide more area of damage boost when keeping the booster behind a wall makes it hard to stay near it. However, this strategy is countered by throwers and Squeak as they can hit the booster regardless of any walls in their way.
  • When on low health and hiding in a bush, try not to place your Super when the Plugged In Star Power is equipped as the speed boost effect indicator coming from the Super can give away your location. However, if your plan is to escape rather than hide, you may place your Super to tank shots and speed you up.
  • In Super City Rampage, 8-Bit's damage booster can be used as a last-resort meatshield to escape from the monster during the anger stages as the monster will attack any turrets and spawnables such as Jessie's turret and Nita's Bear. Unless the monster is distracted, 8-Bit can’t escape because of his very slow movement speed.
  • An effective trap you can use, especially in Showdown, is to place your booster so that one side is behind a wall and a bush and the other is out in the open. When an enemy Brawler comes to destroy your booster, you can use your Cheat Cartridge Gadget to rush in and quickly eliminate the enemy, and if the enemy manages to destroy it, the damage dealt would’ve charged your Super back again, so you can pull off the trap again. If it’s a Brawler with moving abilities (Edgar, El Primo, Crow, etc.), use your long range to your advantage and aim your attack onto them if they do escape with their ability. This ensures them on low health or even defeats them.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus:
Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Virus:
Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Virus:
Virus: Saloon: Virus: Normal: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon: Normal: Virus: Saloon:
Virus: Normal: Saloon: Normal:
Virus: Normal:


  • 29/08/19:
    • 8-Bit and his Classic skin were added to the game. Neutral
  • 18/09/19:
    • 8-Bit's reload time was increased to 1.5 seconds (from 1.3 seconds). Nerf
    • His Extra Life Star Power now respawns with 0 ammo (from 3). Nerf
    • Fixed 8-Bit's Super area enemy effect to be of the correct size. Fixed a bug that caused 8-Bit's Extra Life Star Power to not trigger in Boss Fight if he was the last Brawler alive. Neutral
  • 23/10/19:
    • 8-Bit's main attack damage was decreased to 320 (from 340) per laser. Nerf
  • 05/12/19:
    • 8-Bit's Extra Life Star Power invincibility duration was decreased to 2 seconds (from 3 seconds) after respawn. Nerf
  • 31/01/20:
    • The Virus 8-Bit skin was added. It was featured as a Lunar Brawl 2020 skin. Neutral
  • 19/02/20:
    • 8-Bit's Extra Life Star Power no longer grants invincibility after respawning. Nerf
  • 25/02/20:
    • 8-Bit's Extra Life Star Power now respawns with 1 ammo (from 0). Buff
  • 17/03/20:
    • 8-Bit's Cheat Cartridge Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 13/05/20:
    • 8-Bit's Cheat Cartridge Gadget no longer destroys his turret. Buff
  • 10/09/20:
    • 8-Bit's second Star Power was renamed to Plugged In (from Extra Life) and reworked from making 8-Bit respawn after defeat with one ammo once per match to giving 8-Bit a speed boost when near his turret. Neutral
  • 17/09/20:
    • Fixed an issue where 8-Bit's Plugged In Star Power ground effect area was cut off too early from the screen when moving out of the vision range. Neutral
    • Fixed an issue where 8-Bit's Super sound effect was played every time the booster station came into the field of view of another player. Neutral
  • 22/10/20:
    • 8-Bit's health was increased to 4800 (from 4300). Buff
  • 11/11/20:
    • 8-Bit and Classic 8-Bit received new facial animations. Neutral
  • 27/11/20:
    • 8-Bit's Extra Credits Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 15/12/20:
    • 8-Bit's Super damage boost was increased to 50% (from 30%). Buff
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Gadget symbol to not appear over 8-Bit's head when activating Extra Credits. Neutral
  • 12/04/21:
    • The Saloon 8-Bit skin was added. It was featured as a Power League exclusive skin for Brawl Pass Season 6. Neutral
  • 19/05/21:
    • 8-Bit’s Plugged In Star Power speed boost was decreased to 720 (from 760). Nerf
  • 16/06/21:
    • 8-Bit's Super ability damage boost was decreased from to 35% (from 50%). Nerf
    • 8-Bit's Boosted Booster Star Power now adds a 15% damage boost to the Super ability in addition to the increased range. Buff
  • 28/09/21:
    • 8-Bit's True Silver and True Gold skins were added. Neutral
  • 06/10/21:
    • Fixed a bug where 8-Bit's Super did not apply the correct damage boost. Neutral
  • 07/10/21:
    • The V8-Bit Skin was unlockable by winning the V8-Bit Retropolis Challenge. Neutral
  • 27/10/21:
    • 8-Bit's class was changed to Damage Dealer (from Sharpshooter). Neutral


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