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Brawl Stars Grom Challenge[]

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Brawl Stars Grom Challenge Guide: Maps, Team compositions and best builds

In the December 2021 Brawl Talk, Supercell Games had showcased two brawlers. One of the brawlers is Fang, a chromatic brawler, who is going to be released with the Season 10 of the Brawl Pass. The other is an epic Brawler named Grom. Grom is going to be released on the 22nd of December, 2021 as a part of the 9-win challenge. Players who would win the Grom Challenge in Brawl Stars will get him for free. This will be a week before he is obtainable through boxes. In this Brawl Stars guide, we will reveal the modes and maps for the Grom challenge, which players have to participate in, along with the best brawlers and their builds.

Brawl Stars Grom Challenge Guide: All you need to know[]

The challenge will end if a player loses 3 matches. Players will be able to buy retries for 1 gem each. Draws are considered, which is neither a win nor a loss. Therefore, players will need to play another game in case of a draw. The challenge goes live on the 22nd of December at 03:00 PM GMT and will be available for 120 hours.

Brawl Stars Grom Challenge Guide: Game Mode and Maps[]

1. Bounty – Hideout[]

The first game mode of the challenge is Bounty and will be played on the open map of Hideout. The walls with the grass act as a cover for long-ranged brawlers, as well as, allowing throwers to strive. Piper, Nani, Bea, and Belle are the best long-ranged brawlers, while Leon and Tick are good are the other best options. Piper with her super also grants the opportunity to break the walls for making the map open for easier snipes.

Bounty hideout

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