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Triple Dribble

Triple Dribble is a map for the Brawl Ball Event.


Tripple Dribble is a Brawl Ball map that has a ball on the center of the map, in between the ball there is two short horizontal lines of boxes that acts like walls.

There are some small patch of bushes at the right and the left of the initial spawn points and two more small patches of bushes that surrounds the ball.

At the side of the center area, there are one side of the map there are two 2x2 tiles boxes and the other side, there is a vertical coloum of boxes. This map requires players to move around the boxes often with a small gap between the two "L-shaped" boxes and a short coloum of barrels that is in front of the goal and to score a goal for the team.

As the map name suggests, the player with the ball has to dribble around those boxes. The maps respawn points is surrounded with bushes and the one non-bush tile is where they respawn.


  • There are many walls that Ricochet can use his bouncing attacks on to hit enemies that are behind the walls.