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Tickets are a currency used to enter unranked special Events that open every weekend. These events are Big Game and Robo Rumble. To enter a ticketed event, you must spend tickets. The Tokens reward you receive at the end of the match is multiplied by the number of tickets you used to enter. You receive 2 free Tickets when a new ticketed event starts, similar to how you are awarded free Tokens when a normal event starts.


Ticket in the shop
  • Tickets can be found as bonus items in Brawl Boxes, with a 25% chance of appearing alongside whatever you found. They drop in sets of 1, 2, and 3.
  • Tickets can also be bought in the Shop while an event is open.

Next Event[]

{{#vardefine:EndTime|December 22 2018 16:00:00 EST}}{{#vardefine:CountdownText|The next ticketed event is Big Game on the Table Flip map, starting in <countdown/>!}}{{#vardefine:ReplaceText|The Big Game event is currently active.}}{{#vardefine:LeadingZeroes|data-options="no-leading-zeros"}}{{#vardefine:FinalCountdownText|{{#var:CountdownText}}}}{{#vardefine:End|data-end="toggle" data-toggle=".post-countdown"}}{{#vardefine:Replace|}}{{#var:Replace}}


  • On 22/12/17, Ticket drop chance was increased from 25% to 35%.
  • On 19/6/18, Ticket drop chance was decreased from 35% to 25%.