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Power Points

Power Points are items that can be gained through Brawl Boxes and by buying them in the shop. Each Brawler has their own pool of Power Points. Once you get enough Power Points, you are able to upgrade them to the next Level. Below is a graph of how many Power Points and Gold you need for each level.

In the shop a single Power Point's price is 2 coins. Fox example, 10 Power Points will cost 20 coins, 20 Power Points 40 coins etc. The amount of Power Points you can buy varies with the Daily Offer. Each Power Point offer can only be bought once. Power Point offers change every 24 hours and after that they can be bought again. 

Better Brawl Boxes tend to give more Power Points to each Brawler. Once enough Power Points to get a Brawler to level 9 are collected, no more Power Points will be found for that Brawler. When all of the player's unlocked Brawlers have the maximum amount of Power Points, Brawl Boxes will no longer contain Power Points, and more Coins will be awarded instead.

Brawler Upgrades[]

Level Power Points Coins
1 N/A N/A
2 20 20
3 30 35
4 50 75
5 80 140
6 130 290
7 210 480
8 340 800
9 550 1250
10 N/A N/A
Total 1410 3090