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"Take down the other four teams. If you are defeated, you will respawn in a while if your teammate is still alive!"
Duo Showdown

Duo Showdown is similar to regular Showdown except that you have a teammate battling with you. When a power cube is gained from a box, it is shared between the two of you, meaning that if you gain 1 power cube, your teammate gains 1 power cube as well. There are four other pairs of Brawlers. Your goal is to take them out and be the last team standing. If your teammate dies, they will have a 15 second timer until they respawn again. Fallen teammates do not carry the power cube that they previously had before death, so all respawned teammates start at 0 power cubes. If both you and your teammate are defeated at the same time before one of you can respawn, the game is over for you.

Useful Brawlers[]

  • Brawlers like Colt, Crow, and Dynamike can be useful to Duo Showdown because of their expertise in regular Showdown.
  • Bo: While Bo isn't the most useful attacker, with his Star Power, he can be extremely advantageous to your teammate as he can see into the bushes from a faraway distance.
  • Poco and Pam: While Poco and Pam doesn’t really do that much damage, they have really high survivability as they have really high HP as well as their super/star power that can give extra survivability to their teammates.
  • Frank: With really high HP and high damage per strike, Frank can consistently defeat enemies easily. His super can also stun them, so they won’t be able to escape, leaving them vulnerable to anything.


  • Even though you can respawn in this game mode, remember to stick with your teammate. Don't abandon them and try to conquer opponents by yourself - one way or another, you're going to get outmatched pretty quickly. Splitting up could very likely get you both defeated.