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Bone Box

Bone Box is a map for the Gem Grab game mode.

Terracotta Square is an identical replica of this map for use in the Bounty game mode.


Bone Box is a map that has 1 main entrance point towards the center large compartment where the gem mine which is inside. The center box like shape walls has 4 entrance points from each side of the box and there are many bones surrounding the center walls. There are also two entrance points that leads to a long edges of bushes which allows brawlers to hide in the bushes to flank on the opponent team.


  • In high trophy games, its common for many close to mid range brawlers to enter from the edge bushes, so its a good idea to shoot into the edge bushes to check if they are there.
  • Throwers like Dynamike and Barley is good on this map because the center compartment has walls that is near the gem mine area and they can keep lobbing attacks on the opponents while hiding behing the walls.