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• 1/2/2019

Editor Appreciation Giveaway (January 2019)

Hello everyone!

As a little thank-you to you editors of the Brawl Stars Wiki, we have a monthly giveaway where you can win Gems! At the end of each month, one winner will receive 80 Gems delivered directly to their Brawl Stars account, and the next month's giveaway will begin.

Last month's winner is Goldfysh24. Congratulations!


Make at least one quality edit on the wiki this month. The edit should at least add a couple of words to a page such as Bull or Coins. Add a tip or expand a table! You will not qualify just by removing a comma or adding a space.

Reply below with your in-game name and player tag (e.g. Dragonhoff #8QQPQUU). Make sure you get this correct or we will not be able to get the Gems to your account.

The winner will be selected randomly from the replies below and announced on the next giveaway's thread.

Thank you for making the Brawl Stars Wiki what it is, and good luck!

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• 1/26/2019


My game name is phil swift

I added a tip for Piper's super.

• 1/26/2019

I updated Bo’s star power seeing range from 6 to 4 as of January Balance changes my username is Chi (in light blue letters) and tag is: UCJCOUU2

• 1/27/2019

I added info on Leons attack.

#2POQVOVY Stros01

• 1/28/2019

Changed a bit of Barley's page that (incorrectly) stated that Barley could be unlocked by connecting a Supercell ID to the game. A skin is unlocked by doing this, but not Barley himself.


• 1/29/2019

I edited Leon



• 1/29/2019

My ID is #20CC9PQPY or maybe #2OCC9PQPY

I fixed some spelling and added a tip to Brock.

• 1/29/2019

My name is Yami and tag is #9P9RYURJ

I added tips to Spike and El Primo

• 1/29/2019

FireShadow64 #JJLGVUV

I made edits on the new brawler, Gene.

• 1/31/2019

In game name:DeepZeroWar

Player ID: #R82RPQG

Added the fact that when Dynamike jumps with his star power, he is completely immune to damage for the duration he is in air. Also, this applies to all brawlers who can go into the air (Primo, Piper, and Crow). I made similar notes for each of them.

Exception: Burn damage like Crow's poison (not the dagger itself) and El Fuego, El Primo's Star Power, ignore this rule. I made sure to clearly state this exception.

• 2/1/2019


Added some more information to Frank, his super can be canceled by other supers

Small adjustment to the Modifiers page, as I've noticed that meteors tend to follow me around